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  1. I have to say that people exaggerate the amount of story the classic games had. There was a theme running through the games of Sonic needs to defeat Robotnik and save his friends. This was obviously symbolic of nature vs machinery but beyond this the games barely had a story. Sonic 1 - Play as Sonic, save friends and defeat Robotnik. Sonic 2 - Exactly the same as Sonic 1 except Robotnik has built a Death Egg Sonic CD - Sonic travels to little planet, has to save amy from Metal Sonic, and free his friends from Robotnik Apart from Sonic 3 which had a more substantial storyline (although that wasn't so big really) the stories in the classic games were barely there. There was a constant theme but the stories were wafer thin seeing as the games were designed with speed-running in mind and not for deep story-telling. I also feel that the vast mythology Sonic has is a burden on him now. There is so much canon to keep in mind the games get bogged down in this huge over-reaching chronology. That's part of the reason Sonic Colours actually looks interesting (seeing as it mainly ignores the canon). I think Sonic suits themes that call you to use your imagination rather than explicit stories with deep narratives.
  2. That would be a great idea! It isn't a massively complex storyline though which is what I'm trying to get at.
  3. In all honesty Sonic is a children's game. There's nothing wrong with adults playing children's games in the same way that there is nothing wrong with adults watching Toy Story. The way Sonic was getting more mature was frightening (because it is a kid's game). I think that it is difficult to make a well crafted storyline without making it mature. That's why I think the stories should be light.
  4. I agree that Sonic has a great mythos and there should be direction in the level art design and some small cutscenes to bridge the levels. That is a great idea. Do we really need deep and complex storylines though? I always thought Sonic stories were always so hard to take seriously.
  5. To be honest they don't have big stories. Sonic 1 and 2 virtually don't have one, Sonic CD has a very light rivalry with Metal Sonic that consists of about 2 scenes and Sonic 3 has a more substantial story but still very light.
  6. I have just replayed Sonic 1, 2, 3AK again and was rather surprised by the lack of storyline in the games. It was all very simplistic and, to be honest, I prefer it that way. Part of the reason I temporarily ran away from this franchise was because of the terrible stories in Shadow and Sonic 06. One of the main complaints with Sonic Generations was how terrible the story was (which I have just completed now fun-illy enough). But would you rather have the outdated moody story Adventure 2 had? Which let's be honest was a bit naff. So does Sonic really need a story?
  7. I love this topic title. And to be honest, I would rather not have the hub worlds and abundance of NPC's to talk to. I liked the way Generations did the Hub.
  8. Haha it's ok! You're just wrong! Morally wrong
  9. What about Sky Fortress 3? That was really automated to be honest.
  10. I've never played Episode 1 because I've been out the Sonic scene a few years (Sonic 06 scarred me). In fact I only got Generations and Episode 2 because the SEGA Forum recommended it to me (before they decided I was an evil James Bond Villain troll). As for Episode 1, I only played the demo and it was terrible: Sonic jumped like he was on the moon.
  11. Yeah I think Oil Desert is a bad stage too. It has that horrendous obnoxious music in Act 2 as well.
  12. Which Metal Sonic stage in particular? I felt let down by the Sky Fortress boss personally.
  13. Hello everyone . I am Bright Eyes and I used to be in the SEGA Forums but I got banned because everyone from the forum thought I was an alternative account of an old troll at the forum (no, really). So I hope this place will be a bit friendlier! What's your favourite level from Episode 2? I just got my copy yesterday and my favourite level is Sky Fortress EDIT: Wow this forum has a way better design than the SEGA Forum
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