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  1. You think this is influenced by Sonic 2? Sorry if I'm not following here but this has nothing to do with Sonic 2. This is clearly influenced by Sonic Rush 1 and 2 which were very well received critically.
  2. Sonic CD is on a higher pedestal because it's just been re-released. Up until the re-release its' existence was barely acknowledged. What are you referring to in this regard? The DIMPS games? Because their poor design is primarily because of an overall incompetence and to please the critics who need speed adrenaline junkie rushes. The critics adore Dimps' games.
  3. Originality in level themes do exist when other franchises haven't capitalised on them yet. How many games, until this point, had levels like Chemical Plant. Mystic Cave, Wing Fortress Zone and Casino Night? They are clearly original and easily outclass Lava Reef, Ice Cap and Sandopolis-type levels in the originality stakes. S3AK outshines their merits mostly but not always. It's not this holy grail of gaming that people think it is. Sonic 1 and 2 are better in ways and they deserve to have their merits discussed. Nah I'm not going with it being easier. It's clearly nostalgia-driven for the mass public and trying to get the critics' approval.
  4. I think my point has been misinterpreted so I will attempt to reiterate with more clarity this time. I said that Sonic 1 and 2 are under-appreciated, among hardcore Sonic fans like you lot, because Sonic3AK is virtually idolized. I wasn't saying that this ipso facto places Sonic 1 and 2 above Sonic 3 in terms of quality. Actually, the fact I made this thread and most responses where 'S3AK gets more attention because it's better' kind of shows my point in that Sonic 1 and 2 are under-appreciated . I'm aware that SEGA keeps recycling Sonic 2's elements but that is because the game is critically acclaimed and commercially popular and has nothing to do with fan opinion. You are right to point out that Sonic 3 has been ignored by SEGA but that is because it is underrated by critics and under-appreciated by the public. Do you get my point now? I hope this clears things up S3AK is great. I'm a massive fan of the game but I'm aware that Sonic 2 is better in some ways. For example, the level themes in Sonic 2 are far more original. It doesn't help original discussions to be living in a fairyland where Sonic 3AK automatically negates the brilliance of Sonic 2 and 1. Why should Sonic 1 and 2's merits, that may outclass Sonic 3AK, be outshined.
  5. - Casinopolis is open for Sonic in the sense you can pick which pinball machine you can go in. The rest of the level is literally a corridor. There are seperate corridors you can pick when you go up the fan. Otherwise, aside from the hub, this level is linear. - Twinkle Park is a wide corridor. Yes there are areas where you can jump around but it's still A to B in a very clearly set path - Ice Cap is a more open level - Speed Highway is only open in the sense that you can glitch the game and jump on top of buildings. Outside of the At Dawn section the level is very linear. - Sky Deck is an open mess of a level design that is easily the worst level in SA1 with its crazy camera and terrible gravity physics that mess you up. Yes, the levels in SA1 are more open than SA2 but many people are living in a delusion that SA1 had these amazing open levels where you could run off and explore and if I'm honest I'm fed up of it. Especially when these people often pick out Sonic Generations, which some of the levels (Sky Sanctuary and Seaside Hill for example) blow SA1's levels out the water in regards to openness. That's what I have an issue with. I will concede that SA1 had more open levels but nowhere near to the extent people seem to think. SA1 is still extremely linear and especially when compared to the Genesis games.
  6. I think Sonic 3 is great guys but Sonic 1 and 2 is still excellent is my point. I know Sonic 2 is the most emulated, because it's the most critically acclaimed but it's not widely discussed in Sonic Fan Communities is what I was getting at.
  7. I don't think most fans actually have a problem with the Modern Sonic design. I don't think most Classic fans do either. I'm a massive classic fan and when Sonic 4 was announced I hadn't even noticed Sonic's design change. Basically, there were some demented and obscure fans who raged about the eye change during Episode 1's development who threatened a boycott. None of us Classic fans said a thing at the time. And now, we have to put up with 'Ba'ww green eyes!!!11' if we ever make a Classic Sonic game statement.... Sigh...
  8. Sonic 2 is under-appreciated by forum-users was what I was getting at. I know the public adore the game.
  9. - I've addressed this above. As for the Tikal orbs it's a matter of consistency. The game either tells you nothing or tells you everything. - Well I've run out of time on Hot Shelter before. I also don't like the way the game makes you run breakneck speed through the levels. There is literally no exploration in Gamma. - Final Chase is terrible too. SA1 still vastly outweighs SA2 with the terrible speed levels though. - SA1s levels are basically wide corridors and let's be honest about that.
  10. And by other classics I am specifically referring to Sonic 1 and Sonic 2. Sonic 3AK is hero-worshipped and Sonic CD has it's hero cult thing. Sonic 1 The most clearly underappreciated Sonic game is the first one. Not only did it introduce the entire concept of the series but it is still a solid game in its own right. For a start, the music is incredibly good. Listen to Labyrinth Zone. Isn't that beautiful? The levels are also very unique and interesting. I would like to see some of the tropes like Starlight Zone and Spring Yard Zone be re-examined in some way. In a way that is original, not a Sonic 4:Episode 1 rehash job. I also liked the fact the game wasn't so heavy on the speed. There was a lot of interesting plat-forming going on and it is all engrossing stuff! Ok, Marble Zone is iffy but all the other levels are great. There are clearly problems seeing as it's so experimental and the game isn't quite defined yet. Also the Spindash is sorely missing. Still I think the game is really good. It's a shame people never really discuss it's merits. Sonic 2 This one is quite unappreciated by the forum fans. Ok, most casual fans like this one the most but I still think it's overlooked. For a start you didn't need to pay for two games to play it properly . The game is much more substantial than Solo Sonic 3 was. As for the game itself I think in many ways it is superior to Sonic 3. I prefer the sprite and art style and I specifically much prefer the level art design. Oil Ocean,, Mystic Cave, Chemical Plant and Wing Fortress are much more original than Sonic 3's cliched zones (Lava Reef - fire, Ice Cap - snow, Sandopolis - Desert e.t.c). I think the series got a lot more cliched with it's level tropes post-sonic 2. I also think that Sonic 2 was more challenging and was faster paced than Sonic 3. Obviously this is down to preference but I totally dig Sonic 2. Sonic 3AK is a great game and Sonic 3 is my favourite Sonic game of all time. But still, aren't we overlooking the other Sonic gems. I mean, Sonic 1 in particular is massively under-appreciated.
  11. It takes 2-3 minutes when you have played it over and over. When I was first trying to find out what to do with the stones it was annoying because of the vagueness the game presented. It took ages, Also you have to factor in the useless loading screen after loading screen.
  12. I'll try to answer everything here fair and well! - The hubs in Sonic Adventure were stupid. They were pointless, boring and added nothing to the game. I would be so annoyed having to trudge around any hub world to get to the next action stage. To get to the game part of the game. Admittedly, the one in 06 is far worse but Adventure's is still not good. I would honestly prefer a warp zone over a stupid map where you have to run around collecting stones and figure out what you do with them with hardly an instructions or guidance. And then, sometimes, the game is so obvious with the Tikal orbs (who don't help much with the stones) that the whole thing seems like a waste of time. - I think the mech levels are are far better than Gamma. The time limit was just annoying and a pain and Gamma's levels were basically just shooting galleries. In SA2 the mech levels actually have platforming sections and are much better designed overall. As for the speed sections, I think they are better too. Ok, Crazy Gadget is terrible but every other level is great and functions brilliantly. There are no Lost World with its terrible and glitching mirrors and snakes and no Sky Deck with it's glitched gravity sections (as examples). The levels are linear but so were SA1's. Sure Twinkle Park is slightly open but none of the others are. Is Emerald Coast, Final Egg, Wind Valley and Lost World really that expansive? The emerald sections...ugh. They are awful and worse than SA1 I would agree.
  13. Is Sonic Adventure 2 Xbox Live worth buying. I never played Battle either just DC SA"

  14. I'm training to become a teacher and I think this is ridiculous. The teacher should have received disciplinary action and the students should have been apologised to not suspended. This kind of stuff makes me embarrassed.
  15. I thought Sky Fortress and Vs.Metal Sonic were good tunes (for Episode 2 anyway). Oil Desert is atrocious though. ESPECIALLY Act 2: Good Lord
  16. Now before you go 'oh dear Sonic 4 was terrible' and leave this thread let's try to have a serious discussion here. I think this is an interesting question because I believe the two games had some uppers and downers on each other. I think Episode 1 trumps Episode 2 on the level design and the originality of some of the gimmicks (Casino's Cards, Labryinth's torchlights) whilst I think Episode 2 betters Episode 1 with the atmosphere, graphics and better originality of the zones. I personally prefer Episode 2 because the atmosphere of a game means a lot to me and I actually liked the co-op gimmicks of Episode 2. I would admit that Episode 1 had better levels than Episode 2 though. To be fair, I'm going to replay both episodes to form a definitive conclusion.
  17. I've done some very embarrassing things on drugs. One of said things is Sonic related. Oh dear... Rolling along the University common room as Sonic..not good..
  18. I've found this guy who's mad on Sonic! I should totally date him! What say you?

    1. Lady Soniko

      Lady Soniko

      seems pretty shallow to date someone for one reason alone

    2. GenesisCodeX


      If you can other things you like about the person and aren't getting blinded by the Sonic factor then yes xD

    3. Bright Eyes

      Bright Eyes

      Well it was a semi-joke! I wanted to get opinions!

    4. Chaos Warp

      Chaos Warp

      If you like other things about him then yes, you should.

  19. I think all of the classics had some dud zones. Sonic 1 - Marble Zone Sonic 2 - Chemical Plant 2, Hill Top Sonic 3 and Knuckles - Sandopolis Sonic CD - Wacky Workbench oh dear Lord Outside of the uninspired acts the classic games did have some noticeable flaws: The timeout was pretty silly and especially on levels like Sandopolis it was just downright annoying. It never made any real sense why you were stuck to a ten minute time limit either. It was ok in Sonic 1 and 2 because no levels took ten minutes but come S3AK and it was a mild irritation The placement of badniks in Sonic CD was outright obnoxious..easily the worst part of the game. You will be running and having fun and then this enemy will either jump at you from nowhere or fall from the sky. Even great levels like Quarts Quadrant are guilty of this. To be fair, this is a problem with all of the classic Sonic games: the way you can't see where enemies will be coming because you move so quick. There was also the fact that besides the spindash the games were not that radically different between sequels. They improved on their concepts in Sonic 2 and 3 but there was no groundbreaking changes. Just more characters, moves e.t.c A huge problem with the classics: the lack of saves. Nowadays it's ok because of savestates but on Sonic 2 Genesis it was a fatal flaw with Super Sonic. If you turned the game off you lost all Chaos Emerald progress. There was a cheat code but that kind of takes away from the point. You could argue that this isn't valid anymore but you have to place the Classic games into their original context and when I played Sonic 2 on the MegaDrive I was not a happy girl when I lost my super Sonic :@ So yeah the classics had problems. I think they are kind of ignored because the games were and are still very good games.
  20. Well it's a general point about media-art relationships. If films had people who were friends with similar interests and nothing happens...well it's not interesting from a viewer perspective. Of course the relationships still need to be relatable. You need drama to mix the story up.
  21. Lol this is too similar to the real world ! Media is far more dramatic so it is more interesting
  22. Well that's good with Colours then! They should continue down that route!
  23. Well I agree with you. I stated in my original post they do not have properly established roles either !
  24. They are missing a role, as I stated in the original post. They are also missing development too.
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