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  1. Yess!! was waiting for this gameplay trailer and it was absolutely worth it!! Chandelure is a really unique choice for a fighter and his fight-style is unique too! Very nice stuff! I love how he can hang as a chandelier to evade attacks! The attacks are cool too! it's not just him "standing" and shooting flames, it's very dynamic, the fire spew that hits airbone enemies, the grab that hits from afar that looks like will-o-wisp and that sinister ultimate. Lovin' it!!
  2. Yeah I'm with most of you guys in just how weird and bizarre this looks and feels, but not in a negative way, it's charming and fresh at the same time. The premise sounds fun, sure it's not what you'd usually think for Pokémon. But it's just a spin-off, I like how it's described as a cinematic adventure game. It really looks like a movie with all the cutscenes. The promotional image even kinda looks like a movie poster. And yeah that smexy voice lol. It kills me everytime. It's so cool but hilarious xP Btw if you haven't already check this screenshot: A lady with a furfrou , and oh...what an interesting expression Detective Pikachu... what are you looking at buddy? ...sorry couldn't resist.
  3. Remember Serebii said something about seeing some footage of Chandelure at a special fighting competition ? It was on the 31st I think. So we should get some footage of Chandelure and maybe...just maybe of some of the other revealed characters. Dunno what the competition is but we should be seeing the video on Pokken's site / PokemonCoJp's youtube xD Also cool to have Pokken at EVO, although by then we'll probably know all about it since it releases on March 18 right?
  4. Even back when we first heard of it, it just felt so out of place / odd. And seeing it finally ... it's still super weird lol, but also interesting and unique! Seems like a mix between Professor Layton / Ace Attorney / Sherlock with Pokémon aesthetics. I can accept it's weirdness since it's just a spin-off, but I'm liking the concept at the same time. Not sure whether "Sherlock" turned into Pikachu hence the comparison when both are walking, or if it's literally a talking detective Pikachu that that worked with a detective and now the detective went missing? Also the way he teams up with a kid is cliché but kinda cute too. Pikachu's sexy voice kills me though . Either way this particular picture is interesting: This one is interesting as well : Shows that they're in the pokémon world ( duh ) only it looks a tad more realistic. We can see a building with the pokeball logo, as well as a lady with a Furfrou. And only now that I take a closer look at this screenshot I notice how wrong it looks..on so many levels xD
  5. Ahhh...very interesting indeed!! "My Town" almost sounds like an in-game hub (to a much much lesser extent) but I doubt it. Or perhaps it could be a miiverse central of sorts? with friends walking around, miiverse messages displaying and such? I dunno... it's kind of unlikely but I can't think of something else. This game seems to focus on the actual battle mode and hopefully an array of single player / multiplayer / online modes, so I think it's nothing too huge. Although the idea of customizing a town of sorts and walking around it with your pokémon would be neat xP
  6. Wow, I don't remember seeing that, only mega dark mewtwo X....man that sounds silly lol. Those are some awesome moves!! But we haven't seen the actual original Mewtwo trailer or moveset right? he could possibly have the same attacks. If not that'd be cool, even without Mega Mewtwo Y, to have original moves for Mewtwo and different, more devastating attacks for Dark Mewtwo would be pretty nice!! ...did I say those moves look fantastic? specially those blue and red/orange fire blades.
  7. Meh that's crappy, I really wanted Mega Mewtwo Y for regular Mewtwo, but whatevs, in a way it's just a bonus since it's a regular Mewtwo for those who don't like the dark version or want to play as the original one. So I guess it's okay, it's a lot of work to do another model and of course new attacks and "ultimate attack". I'm still very happy about Garchomp, Braixen and Chandelure. And after seeing the screenshots I think I'll enjoy Braixen a lot. I thought it was just gonna be a fire spamming type of character with perhaps a kick or something, but nope! it uses the magic twig for projectiles and it even uses it to fly like a magic broom~ I love it <3. It's obviously gonna have some fire spammy moves too but this makes Braixen a lot more unique to me.
  8. Woah ton of news huh? I'm definitely liking the inclusion of Chandelure! ~ And we got new supports too? Oh man please tell me Magikarp splashes and eventually turns into Gyarados for massive damage *crosses fingers* The others are good inclusions too, hope they do something unique. Other things are modes: Single Battle: 3 difficulties Local Battle: Gamepad and other controller, plays at 30fps sadly. Online Mode: Ranked Matches and Friendly Matches, the latter allows to play with friends, anyone or people who got your battle code (I don't know if this is like a private room or ...idk). Ranked matches is where you gain... rank points based how well you perform. plus the LAN cable thing. Oh and yeah March 18th release ~ Can't wait!
  9. Roster is lookin good! I also hope it doesn't take Greninja's spot. Also I made this in a minute, so it's rushed and crappy lol. But it's a chart to see gen reps and types so far, for those curious: I guess you can count Dark Mewtwo as a Pokken character but whatever xP I'm impressed Gen 2 still has just one rep. And this is pure speculation, but looking at the ones so far I think a pattern could be Gen one: 6 Reps. Gen two: 3 (or 4) reps, Gen three: 3, Gen four: 3 and 1-2 for Gen 5 and 6. Once again just pure speculation of course : P
  10. Oh I just noticed we do have a water Pokémon, Suicune xP I keep forgetting that he's not ice. But yeah I think Blastoise or another water starter will be there. My guess would be since all Pokémon look like a hybrid of their usual selves with a touch of realism, such as fur in suicune, lucario and more, and muscle looking... muscles in Machamp. Since he isn't furry but rather like a gigantic embrio... they made him a bit like Machamp but more ...oily? xP I dunno.
  11. Woah once I saw the scan I thought it was gonna be the hint Pokémon. But other 3 before that? That's awesome! Mewtwo is a given, although I hope he at least has Mega Mewtwo Y as burst. Garchomp is awesome and very welcome, I thought he was one of the few who were very likely to enter. Braixen however is a weird inclusion but a nice one. I don't really like Delphox that much so sticking to the cuter mid-stage is nice. Though this makes the roster even more unbalanced. There's 0 water starters, Greninja would've made more sense, but oh well... considering the multiple reveals it seems we might get a bigger roster overall than we expected. So if we get even more reveals balancing it a bit it's gonna be much better!
  12. Yeah I noticed my bad. xD Thought you just included the english names. But yeah, nice of you to post that chart. I'd also love Tyrantrum. I agree with the idea of a serpent Pokémon it'd be pretty unique. I'd go with Serperior c:
  13. Yeah... it's most likely not a starter. Umbreon would be nice, but I'm mostly hoping for Flygon, Tyrantrum, Tyranitar, Aggron and both Hitmon Lee/chan are good options too. So yeah if you wanna check em all, here's the list of all pokémon and japanese names: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Japanese_Pok%C3%A9mon_names so you can ctrl + f (find) and insert the " ラ " character.
  14. Interesting so at least it shouldn't be a pokémon that's very popular or that anyone expects. But guys don't jump the board yet, that list has english names, remember in japan the name changes. So Some of this might change, unless the guy actually looked up in japanese. Anyways I'm excited.
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