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  1. Thats how I do things, barely a drawer myself anymore As for characters.... Im better at Hardsurface modeling than organics myself, more for robotics or environment, or even armour
  2. Played "The Unbeatable Egg" but thats my own game so... ... if you have an ouya then I could allow you to try it
  3. Help! Help! I've made a thing for 3ds! dafschickenworld.tumblr.com/post/70380437240/a-3d-printed-classic-3ds-cover-inspired-by

  4. Cryengine is a very good yet underlooked engine for games. Not to mention looks sooooo damn pretty before you even put your own assets in Me being mainly a Maya user, I LOVE the fact you can transfer your materials and Shader networks from Maya to Cryengine. Hopefully similar with 3dsmax though. It also comes with a visual script editor... My dream complete right there. if you really want then I can have my hand up to assist in asset creation or in-engine/games design work. Won't promise being full-time, especially after beginning February when a course starts up. Just noticed in your asset image of the plane... is that a sculpt? it looks veeeeery high-poly, possibly too high poly for the job unless you plan to lower that.
  5. Added another, here ya go... with two of the pokemon ones. one has Combustible Lemons
  6. So, been freaking around in UDK and GDK once again. Been so engrossed in Unity that I had almost ignored it... Then remembered one reason I love UDK so much It is quicker and easier to bash out stuff like this More sonic-based ones to come, but have made some non-sonic ones that might not fit here... unless you guys accept pokemon but I won't try it ADDED01:
  7. Hey all, TheChickenLobster/Dafini here. Got something to share that I finally made and made usable. For any Team Fortress 2 players here, I made Sonic and Others playable for the game. Should be viewable of most servers you hop across. Here is the video to show (Download link is in the youtube description)
  8. Heh, thankyou as well as that, made a print to do with a certain mod I have created for a game, that is based off another game. This thing http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e351/Kirbypop/IMGA0158_zps505aa14d.jpg The 'SpyCrab' from Team Fortress 2. Originally in Team Fortress 2, but made this since a certain Skyrim mod of mine got weirdly popular.
  9. Mine can only do single colours from the spool itself. Planning to paint it with Warhammer paints. Personally love the enamel of them.
  10. Thought I should make a thread dedicated to the things I create that even I have no explanation for, and this happens a lot. These are videos, renders, animated GIFs, and even some games/demos I slap together in Unity3D Anything with blood, sexual references, or harsh language I will be putting behind spoiler tags just for notice. Okay, first off, a pair of gifs I have made for forum reactions (maybe a third), but haven't had the heart to use. Ready? I suppose not, lets go! That was the first, and bound not to be the last amount of spoiler'd content. Then we have a couple from Augmented Reality, which is a lot of fun may I say After playing with this program named 3D-Coat for a bit, I had made a LOT of horrors... Some examples include a couple of things in Team Fortress 2 currently, skins. that IS Nigel Thornberry's head, yes. 3D-Coat has caught a lot of madness from me, so here are some more things I concocted That last one is Creepy Faced Woody, from the meme. Before I lay off this post for now, one last thing. For those who have seen/been scarred by my Amy Rose video... I have made a 3D Version of the mask/outfit.... Okay, that is all for now. Sorry for the incoming nightmares
  11. That is an amazing style in your paints! Honestly thought I saw a couple of 'polygons' because my eyes tricked me from how much depth they have. Those are honestly amazing!
  12. Heh, thankyou. Got the arms and wings left but that should be quite quick in comparison to the rest of the body. Relating to the finish on the model that I have planned, I will actually be using Warhammer paints for the Enamel look, and I got a lot of those. Anyhow, this is my last post for the night. I'll be seeing you guys later! [EDIT]: Rouge now has arms! one got a bit globby at the very end, but that can be fixed by being sanded. This means wings are next, after my current print
  13. Having used Maya and Mental ray I can see what goes behind renders like those. Also used 3dsMax for a long time too, which can make some pretty... well... pretty renders. Those are some neat renders by him too, must say. Can be a lot of fun to play around with things like that, especially if you touch the wonderful world of HDRi Renders.
  14. Well, got a bit of a treat for you guys for your games of Team Fortress 2 You see, I have the main Username of TheRunningDafini, have played this game for over 1600 hours, and another half of that is how long I have been making skins for it. The treat is that I have been working on a Sonic Pack for team fortress 2, combining the designs of the Team Fortess 2 characters with Sonic Characters rather than just slapping them on. Here are the screenshots, but in links to avoid spamming the entire thread with quite large imagery http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=100872557 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=100870829 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=100872523 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=100870124 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=100870116 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=100870098 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=100870057 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=100870081 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=100870043 That is right, over all 9 classes. Only one issue, they are all red-teamed. Still struggling to figure out this annoying colour-coded system for teams. Hopefully it is alright for me to drop a Mediafire link. if not then let me know: http://www.mediafire.com/?0063hzgqoaa6jj3 Also, if anyone feel like adding me over Steam then go right ahead, username is Dafini and I have Tails in... a Sailor moon costume as my avatar. That would be the one from Deviantart, made into 3D and a player model thanks to me. Speaking of, got another couple of odd things for you all, I make some seriously unconventional skins. Here are two videos that I mashed them together, recorded via a toaster and some of them had bugs at the time but You will see them fine.
  15. Here is the base body done, now to print the head, arms, and wings. [EDIT]: The head is making progress, just printing on a base that I can cut/sand down later so it will stick down [EDIT2}: Update, the head printed fine!
  16. Update on rouge now, its gotten to her crotch I am really looking forward it this being completed.
  17. Gotta say, loving what you are putting out here with your drawings. Also a satisfying art style. Definitely looks like you're having fun with that.
  18. I can, yes. This printer's max size prints it can do is 150 millimeters cubed. It has an arm that moves around to place the plastic, of which this filament of plastic (comes on a spool like Thread does) feeds in, gets heated up through the nozzle (its currently at 200 degrees Celsius) and 'extruded' out the nozzle into a part-melted substance that can be placed, which sets quickly so it can hold its form. There are little limits on how it prints, such as since it is an arm that only builds Upwards, it can't do overhangs like arms to a character or tails to Tails. you can make them, but you have to make them separate to the body and glue them on later. The software I use with this printer takes my 3D model, Slices it to determine where the needle goes for each layer of the model as it builds upwards. This is a scarily accurate system, and you can set HOW accurate or thick/thin these layers are. if you pose it then yes, you can print it, just keep in mind about overhangs. As for details I am pretty pleased with, as the shoes on rouge have small indents on them to do with the heart on the front and the heel-seam. The plastic is also very durable and strong, let alone the way the printer feeds it in is very efficient, as in this statue will barely use much of the spool I currently got, which is HUGE, but got it fairly cheaply. In addition, any program that can do 3D Design can be used for this. from 3dsMax, to blender, even Maya.
  19. Had a little trouble printing and keeping itself standing, so I am now printing her with a base attached. It is the Generations model, posed lightly. So far, its printed the base and halfway up the shoes, which isn't bad considering i started it an hour ago. [EDIT]: Ah, so, exposure on this webcam was doing that... issue. Anyhow, here it is thus far, right now
  20. This one actually cost $500. Only thing is this company got a huge demand very quickly, and is a small company too. if you order one, it may take quite some time to get to ya. The price is low because the software is freeware.
  21. Hey all, the scary ChickenLobster is here with a little bit of an interesting showcasse. A showcase using my new 3D Printer that took 7 Months to get to me from the USA. first off, started by going too complex: Printing Tails the Engineer (A model I made for Team Fortress 2 at one point) turned out fine until... here The pelvis. Reason being It only prints upwards, so overhangs like the tails and arms do NOT work for a single model print. te=hey will need to be printed seperately then stuck on. Then after chopping parts off him (arms and tails) I printed again, but ran into one issue... Okay, his face printed as a prism, but not too bad otherwise Figured out the problem just now with my current print, details down the posts Printed a couple more things but they are off-topic from Sonic, as awesome as they are. Nerf gun part mods, aesthetic shells for them. If someone gives me the OK for posting them then I shall. then again, this particular one I printed is one of my favorites Yes, an engineer body. Pretty high-res. Right now, printing myself a sonic character. having to chop her up too but oh well, it WILL fit in the end. I said she, its Rouge the Bat I am printing. the body is going well so far (shoes and up) so that is good. looked like the printer was censoring her chest at first but it was a part needing a small fix. For those who want the brand, it is the Solidoodle 2.
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