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  1. thank god sonic is dead

    1. Rey Skywalker-Ren
    2. FriendBot


      And thank god to Jim Sterling for doing so!

    3. CottonCandy


      Thank God that I'm dead...


  2. Hey Palas, I completely didn't recognize you with the new display name lol.

    1. Mr. Taxi

      Mr. Taxi


  3. ha ha ha how much should i cut myself before it hurts

    1. Klinsy


      Not at all, hurting yourself is never the answer, because you also hurt who care about you.

    2. MightyRay


      You'd be better off drawing on yourself or using an ice cube if you want to subside that 'numb' feeling. Cutting is impracticable, messy and only raise red flags in you live in a household that is less than understanding... I would also recommend talking to someone on a life line if your feeling out of balance.

  4. in this society your function is determined by your size and you are phone-size

  5. When you're creating something, having it turn out bad may mean you took a risk, went out of your zone of comfort and, since bad is more noticeable than average, it brings in more feedback. Indifference kills artists more than hate, that's for sure.
  6. Happy birthday Palas! :D

  7. Happy birthday, Palas!!

  8. Happy birthday, boss!

  9. TOMORROW: Nintendo announces next Chrono series game exclusive for WiiU and Magus on Super Smash Bros

  10. I don't suppose Sonic has ever been popular in South Korea? In any case, from what I see, Sonic's current reputation is going towards non-existent. As in, no one cares anymore.
  11. The concern shouldn't be directed towards those who hate or bash Sonic but towards the increasing number of people who simply don't care anymore. I mean, if we're thinking macro here and not about how much each of us enjoy the games. Sonic being bashed would mean he's at least brought up, but that gets rarer each day. A forum dedicated to Sonic can be as optimistic as can be, but those outside this loose community are less and less prone to buy a Sonic game nowadays. Heck, the sales numbers speak for me, do they not? It's not as if any amount of optimism we put out would counter the amount of indifference, if that's not even more abstract than "amount of optimism", from basically everyone else. I don't suppose the franchise benefits from anyone blindly following it. And, in any case, why should we? We're not charity either. Sonic isn't my father or my brother. I don't owe him money, nor do I believe in him as a superior being. I pay for a product and I get it. If I don't like it, I don't buy it anymore. Attachment to a franchise that's not even a sentient being is bad for you.
  12. oh come on be more optimistic no one knows if Shattered Crystal is a good game because approximately 0 people played it so give it the benefit of the doubt!

    1. Radiant Hero Ike

      Radiant Hero Ike


      stop making me laugh

  13. They hadn't given segue to a project since 2009 with Sonic and Black Knight. Now that they did, the project in question is the Boom series. Very wise.

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