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  1. That IGN Games Scoop Video sure was something X(. Here are my thoughts on the matter. Me and @Hero of Legend have a grand ol' time covering both the article Donnie wrote for TSSZ & general thoughts on Sonic's role in the gaming media. The podcast should be up sometime tomorrow, so hope you all look forward to it :). 


    1. FriendBot


      Wow, you had another Sonic podcast without me. 

    2. RK64


      Don't take it the wrong way @Kabalni :(. Me and Hero were thinking of doing a Rare Podcast and recent events came up regarding some IGNorant comments that we had to talk about. 

    3. FriendBot


      It's fine really but man, would love to share my thoughts on the current affairs.

    4. ThePrinceOfSaiyans


      Game Journalism has been dead for a long time. I'm honestly surprised anyone cares about what these "professionals" think. 

    5. SSF1991
    6. Hero of Legend

      Hero of Legend

      @KabalniThere's always next time. :) A Part 2 isn't out of the question!

      Also it was VERY last minute. RK brought it up to me and I was like YES I wanted to talk about it and we started just minutes later.

      We're taking a bit of a break bar any major new developments. This is the 4th I've hosted in a week and a half. Phew! :P

    7. RK64


      Thank you for stopping by @SSF1991 :D! Your article was amazing and we had to talk about it. 

    8. SSF1991



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