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  1. Okay, perhaps I was being a touch unfair earlier. Having played it for a few more hours, I've come to the conclusion that it's almost on par with the Dreamcast version, and most of my woes came from the fact that the controls feel a touch looser in the port. Being fair, this was probably down to the fact that the Xbox 360 controller's joystick isn't quite as tight as the Dreamcast controller's, but now that I've re-adjusted myself to suit the game's new environment, it's a really rather excellent port. However, I still can't hear the darned music properly; it's simply just not loud enough in comparison to the sound effects, and I'm struggling to enjoy the sumptuous beats of Sand Ocean over the heaps of ambient noise that utterly drown out the tune. It's a really rather irritating niggle, and I'd be exceptionally grateful if a modder could perhaps create a tool or method by which I'm able to change the volume. And I do stand by what I said earlier about the lighting; the stages that are quite clearly supposed to be dark and gloomy (in particular Iron Gate and Lost Colony) are now fully lit and absolutely toneless, and it really ruins the atmosphere. Other than that, though, it's the very same masterpiece that graced our Dreamcasts/GameCubes all those years ago - and, by extension, a game that every Sonic fan should play at least once if only for its historical relevance to the series. Oh, and by the way: > Member makes 500-word mega-post on Sonic Adventure 2 > Most repliers quote the mostly unrelated offhand footnote that has nothing to do with Sonic Adventure 2 Yup. This is definitely a Sonic forum. Come at me bro(s).
  2. Got the PC version yesterday. The lighting in Iron Gate is broken, characters occasionally leave shadows on the ceilings ABOVE where they are, and the music is now far, FAR too quiet in comparison to the sound effects; I can barely hear it where there's a lot of ambient noise in Final Rush and Sand Ocean in particular, and there's audible clipping and distortion when you collect rings in quick succession. In fact, is there a way of disabling the sound effects entirely? I'd assume that they're stored in a .afs file or in .adx files, but I can't anything like that in the folder that I installed the game to. I guess that I can't shelve the Dreamcast quite just yet, then... It's otherwise basically perfect, though - it's just that I feel as though they copped out somewhat by porting the already unfaithful GameCube version and doing a somewhat flawed job of it. What is it with Sega and porting their ports, anyway? NiGHTS was a port of a port, Sonic Adventure was a port of a port of a port, and now we have Sonic Adventure 2 - another port of a port. I'm surprised that the re-release of Jet Set Radio didn't turn out to be a port of the Game Boy Advance version, to be honest - and Chu Chu Rocket!, too. I mean, if they ever release Rez HD or Virtual-On: Oratorio Tangram on the PC or PS3, they'll probably be ports of the 360 versions (maybe that's a little unfair; the 360 versions were somewhat better than their Dreamcast counterparts anyway, so I guess it'd make sense - but the absolute farce that was Sonic Adventure DX and the in itself slightly dodgy SA2:B don't really make for great re-ports, especially in the case of the former). Oh well; at least it has widescreen support. That's about it, though; you even have to pay extra for the fucking Battle content. "Oh, look at us!", says Sega; "We're making a ten-years-too-late PC port of another port and failing to include by default all of the content that made that port acceptable! Aren't we clever?" No, Sega; you're just lazy and greedy. To be honest, they probably put more effort into stripping out the Battle content than they would have if they'd have just ported the Dreamcast version (as they should have done in the first place). I suppose then that they wouldn't have had the opportunity to cream the extra cash from us, but whatever; this game's all about the single player mode anyway, and nobody cares about multiplayer unless it's online and you can hear some deranged American twelve-year-old on the other end calling you a "noobfag". Oh well; a predictably wasted opportunity, but it's a perfectly serviceable port at least. And hey, I'm judging it based on its parallels with the Dreamcast version - and if you're new to Sonic Adventure 2, you won't be doing that. In short, if you don't already own the Dreamcast version, then this will look like mana from heaven next to like likes of Sonic Unleashed. I guess that if NullDC wasn't complete and utter shite, then I would probably just be using that instead, but as it stands, this is currently the only decent way of me playing the game without having to give my PC monitor a reach-around to swap out the VGA cables so that I can use the Dreamcast. Still better than most of the cat vomit that came out after it, though.
    1. Laser Heartstrike

      Laser Heartstrike

      These people disgust me.

    2. Gregzilla


      Words cannot express how enraged stuff like this makes me.

    3. -Robin-


      Her calling it a "Christmas gift" makes me madder about this than anything else about it. She's taking great pride in this.

    4. Phantomime


      Yes, the serious and country destroying threat of



  3. Because the trolling nostalgiafags and obsessive pessimists of this fanbase desperately needed a reason to bash Sonic Colours before it was released, so they latched onto every single word that Iizuka said during that time and deliberately turned them against him. An example? Well... "Colours will be the best Sonic game since SA2!" "ermagherd izuka sa2 wusnt even that good in the ferst place baaaawwwwwww" And now everyone hates on SA2, too. And so it went on.
  4. Anyone here know the Initial D soundtrack?

    1. Laser Heartstrike

      Laser Heartstrike

      If so, what are your favourite tracks?

    2. Sly4Good


      Wasn't that that movie about the puppets....no wait, that was Avenue Q....so...No...I don't have the Initial D soundtrack....

  5. Morning, gentlemen! I'm Laser Heartstrike, and I'm here to... ... Discuss... stuff, I guess. Stuff like Sonic. Yeah. I'm also a eurobeat fanatic, avid brony, and absolutely in love with the Sonic Adventure games. </notaste>
  6. Let me just jump on the bandwagon here: DOWN WITH TSSZ OMG THEY SUXORZ *watches rep count skyrocket* In any case, ASR Transformed looks like it'll be great; it's the missing chunk of fun and innovation that the original, I felt, was so bereft of, and it appears as though some of the first game's handling problems (and again, this is purely subjective to my experience) have been doubly remedied. Combine that with a PC release and you have a fantastic arcade-esque kart-racer that I'll be buying as soon as the release date rolls around. S0L, you have my attention (and probably my money). Make this one great!
  7. > Implying that bugfixes aren't enough to justify it Try: the different language options and various graphical enhancements? If you weren't aware, the US and EU versions of "Sonic Adventure" that you all know are actually just Sonic Adventure International with the "International" tag removed (as the clarification wasn't necessary in these regions). The original Japanese Sonic Adventure wasn't quite finished, and was released exclusively in Japan in 1998.
  8. The way the posting system here handles BBCode is... weird...

  9. For me, it switches between Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 depending on my mood. But for the sake of this thread, I'll go with Sonic Adventure, but only really to increase its lead. Oh, and ONLY THE INTERNATIONAL RELEASE OF THE DREAMCAST VERSION WILL DO, ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES. For the sake of clarity, I'll just say Sonic Adventure International and leave it at that. ^ That.
  10. My English coursework involves producing a 1000-word "persuasive editorial" on any subject I want.

    1. Laser Heartstrike

      Laser Heartstrike

      A 1K rant of Apple-bashing and sarcastic quips against i-Culture? Hell yes. :3

    2. Wentos


      Apple bashing?

      I disapprove. ;_;

    3. Tornado


      Sounds like a plan.

  11. Discounting the absolute glut of rubbish handheld titles and spin-offs that the series has been unfortunate enough to have lived through, (other than Sonic Jam on the game.com, I've got basically no way of distinguishing between most of them, quality-wise) I'd say that the worst main-series Sonic game is either one of Heroes, Shadow, '06 or Unleashed. Which... really doesn't narrow it down. At all.
  12. **pokes head round corner** ... Hello?

    1. Wentos


      Oh hi! I didn't see you there!

      I see you're new, want a greeting hug?


    2. SweeCrue
    3. Jack / Joker
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    5. Law


      It's safe to come out now.

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      Welcome to the forums! Now get back behind that corner, thar be monsters about.

    7. Diz


      Welcome, hope you enjoy the SSMB!

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