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  1. (double update i know) Even though they're kind of irrelevent now, I always wanted a Sonic-Teen Titans crossover comic or something, I thought it would be cool

  2. I understand you now. So in a nutshell, would you say it's the diversity that gives us that difference enough to keep things entertaining to us? There's a veeerry thin line between peace and perfection. A world of peace is us all getting along, the same thing I said earlier. A world of perfection is what you seem to shun; a world of perfect order, unoriginality and sameness. In a world of perfection, you have the decision of choosing one or the other, black or white. But in a world of peace is the fine shade of gray. True, it would require us to agree on the same ideas, but only a select few necessary to realizing the solutions to our problems, to bringing each other together. To unite on ideas to stop racism (for example) would mean for us all to grasp and maintain the thought of equality, that no man, race or population is better or worse than another. That's a positive thing that I'm sure we would all be willing to agree with. And as to how far we go, we (as a race) should continue to advance only until the negative aspects of our world are combed over and conquered, like the ones you mentioned. It would require us to all believe the same things that we should be believing in anyway, things of common sense, like "we shouldn't kill one another", "stealing is bad", "all people are equal", "respect your elders", "mind your manners", and things of the nature. Not coming to terms on things like "we should all eat this one type of food", "this will be the new form of dress for our world", "this is the one and only religion for our world", "eccentricy=death" and things like that.
  3. And what makes you see life more interesting that way? And that's a serious question, not trying to be sarcastic or smart.
  4. I don't think you follow the concept of peace. It's being able to live, make due and appreciate a world of diversity without the negative criticism for one's culture, possessions or beliefs. Understanding each other, embracing each other, knowing and appreciating each other. Not all of us sharing a single mind and making the same choices. I don't follow. Part of my response to this post is above, but the second part of this quote disturbs me. You would rather live in this world for your own sense of entertainment than in a world of peace and unity for all?
  5. While I believe in peace, I do not believe that this world can ever achieve TRUE peace. A comment I left on another website should sum up my idea- I mean, one of the main problems with our world right now is greed. As long as that word exists, we will never be able to achieve true peace. We may be barricaded and blindfolded by the walls that shield us from what's really happening in our world, but as far as the concept of true peace goes, I just don't see it happening.
  6. Anybody know if or when One Piece Pirate Warriors is coming to Amuricer?

    1. Cola


      I saw it on the PSN Store yesterday, so I'm assuming it's out

  7. Since the events of Generations pretty much overlapped itself (I won't say they didn't happen though, it's ending from 06 was still different) and Metal Sonic ended up getting kicked to smithereens, Metal is pretty much dead I think. We clearly fought him from his earlier days, when he was just a screwdriver. So that canceled out his future. But I'm sure ST will just forget about that.
  8. I was so looking forward to working at H&M, but have to be 18. Crap.

  9. That pretty much depends on how evil he becomes, or the atmosphere of his intentions. If he were to become a silly evil like Eggman, I just don't think it would fit him, he's too serious for that... or if serious isn't the word, he's just not as goofy as him. But if he were to take after Shadow's SA2 attitude, I could see it happening. He'd just have to be more talkative which I would be totally fine with. However, Silver just doesn't fit the description of a villain, he's too light hearted. If something were to happen, like Blaze dies and he turns into the new Gerald or something, maybe, but that would only be fit for a 1 time thing.
  10. I never put much thought into it, but I really liked the way Heroes stages ended. Usually at the end of the second act, you went through 1 final task right before getting to the Ring, and the echo of it only increased the anticipation. Let me explain what I mean by that- Seaside Hill end- You ran through what was probably one of the biggest loops in the game, up a vertical wall, and got bounced into a plaza that had those stumps that would send you back to where you came from. Grand Metropolis- My favorite end sequence in the game; you're trapped in the center of the furnace/power plant, and you had to hurry to reach the top of the room or you'll die in the lava. What I liked most was the sudden change of pace and the rush I got while scurrying to get to the top. Casino Park- fuck that pinball thing it sucked Railroad Canyon- Can't remember Frog Forest- That alligator chase, in a nutshell was awesome. I don't evem know if this one needed to be mentioned. I guess you could say it... Blew me out of the water Haunted Castle- At the end of the stage, you got transported to what looked like Limbo, and had to clear all 3 challenges before getting out and running through the beautiful scenery. Airship- This one was kind of underwhelming, all you were really doing was grinding on the rails and dodging those lasers. I guess it was the challenge of reaching the end of the last rail before you got blasted that made it memorable, but it was still cool. Another thing I just realized was how much sense they made too, they didn't just shove anything in your face just for the sake of saying 'you're near the end.' All of the end stage sequences had something to do with the environment, and was very memorable. But that's just me.
  11. It's not the series as a whole and independent stories in every game for itself, it's the atmosphere that goes along with the story. Like Unleashed and ShTH: They both had practically the same ideas, the world ending. Unleashed had a reasonable amount of seriousness without being a super dark game though, ShTH just blew it way out of proportion for obvious reasons.
  12. Sonic Adventure 2: It was a diverse, fast paced platformer; what a 3D Sonic game should be like Sonic Riders Zero Gravity: I like racers, and this is both a good racer and fun multiplayer game Sonic Heroes: It's a really fun 3D game, and I liked the Team Systems and challenges.
  13. I don't really care about any characters at this point being scrapped, the only one I didn't like was Big anyway. But if I had to choose, Blaze since she hardly does anything.
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