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  1. I'm saying they should have kept them around. I mean, if he's just going to have siblings in one series, it doesn't really make sense to not, at least, include their existence in other series'. I thought they were good characters with okay potential.
  2. Say what you will, I've always liked Sonia and Manic. I can't count how many people I've heard talk shit on these two, and even Sonic Underground in general, but I think they were (pretty much) booted from the series way before they wore their welcome. SEGA barely even mentions that Sonic has a brother and sister, nowadays.
  3. It does look pretty forced, now that you mention it.
  4. Too put it one way, I've learned way too many life lessons from the Sonic series, Sonic in particular. I've always thought his personality is Awesome. He seems easy to get along and joke with and is almost Always looking on the bright side of whatever shitty situation he winds up in. And on top of being easy-going and likable, he selflessly helps his friends Whenever he needs to, which is something I can really admire. For a fictional character, he seems like one Hell of a guy.
  5. I've always thought Sonic and Sally were a good pair, but SonAmy is too fucking adorable. The last scene in Sonic X 52 is the icing on that cake.
  6. Everything I could say has already been said in depth, in the previous comments. Knuckles, I don't think, has had potential or depth taken away from his character in the later games, just a lack of reason to really be there. I can see him playing a bigger role in a bigger plot that actually has to do with him and his story/culture, in the future. But, as of recent years, he seems to have taken up some side-kick spots that, if you ask me, were really more suitable for Him and His character than Amy, or another character/ally of "team Sonic" in the series. I've got a good feeling that he hasn't lost relevance, he just hasn't had a good opportunity to go in depth with what he's doing in "life" right now. As for the Sonic Boom sneak-peek, (the picture of his shadow), I, myself, don't think his new shape, if that even is supposed to be Knuckles, can foreshadow that his personality is going to change. I really have no damn clue What to expect of SB, guess we'll just have to see when the time comes.
  7. Awesome, I had no idea! Well, this should make things a lot easier. Voted on the SR facebook page. I like the idea of a mascot, I like the concept art as well. Would look dashing in blue. ^-^
  8. I like her personality and her sass. She fits well with the rest of the characters, I'd say.
  9. When I first played through it, I was pretty skeptical about it. I've grown to really like it though. It's one of the better new(er) games of the series, if ya ask me.
  10. I can safely say that a good deal of my core values, in one way or another, have come from what I learned off the series. Same with giving advice. And eating chili dogs. That shit is good.
  11. After Sonic X went off the air, there was a long, cold, and dark period of my life where I didn't keep up with the series at all and focused on other stupid shit. Got back into the comic series around the time when Sonic: Genesis came out.
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