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  1. I remember that interview as well! I glad he remembered that as it finally answered the question of what the 18th zone of Sonic 2 was supposed to be. (Yuji Naka stated in the Sonic Jam strategy guide that 18 zones were originally planned. We knew 11 of them from the finished game, 6 scrapped zones via Hidden Palace, Wood, Genocide/Cyber City, Dust Hill, Rock, and Winter Zones which left one unaccounted for the longest time!) He also stated in the interview that " I know the forest and desert levels were all but finished when they were cut.", which leaves me to believe that the original music placement looked like the following: Wood Zone (Emerald Hill Zone 2P) Oil Ocean Zone (Casino Night Zone 2P) - Evidenced by the Simon Wai prototype Dust Hill Zone (Oil Ocean Zone Final) Hidden Palace Zone (Mystic Cave Zone 2P) - Evidenced by the Simon Wai prototype and its placement in the 2013 rerelease Super Sonic Transformation Cut-scene (the unused Track 10) - The Masa Demo lasts about a minute and doesn't loop.
  2. No, let's not ruin Eggman's design by injecting it with elements of a long-dead, long-irrelevant version that bore no resemblance to the original design and wouldn't fit the game universe's tone. Let Julian stay in his grave where he belongs.
  3. (sigh) Assuming the comics aren't cancelled, a hiatus this long is sure to put a massive dent in sales. Assuming they are being cancelled, all I ask for is Sonic Mega Drive Overdrive, Issue 291 of the main series, and, if possible, Graphic Novels up to Genesis of a Hero and Case of the Pirate Princess arcs along with the Sonic Mega Drive Graphic Novel. And for Flynn to info dump the pre-252 timeline of the post-SGW world.
  4. Okay then, how about this: while we can argue back and forth on where the SEGA version of Sonic CD happens (Sega doesn't even seem to know or care), the Nu252 version of CD absolutely can't take place between 1 and 2 for two reasons. 1. As I previously mentioned, the "The Story So Far..." opening of Sonic Mega Drive lists the order of events as 1 > 2 > 3K > CD. 2. Thinking about it, there a lot of stuff between Sonic 3 and Knuckles and Sonic Adventure 1 in the Nu252. The Game Gear games, Sonic CD, meeting Lupe and Dulcy, Mega Drive, and probably Sonic 4. I wonder in what order it all takes place?
  5. He could be off just doing his own thing. Tons of games show Tails off living his own life before getting roped into another adventure. Tails missing out on an adventure or 2 isn't implausible, especially with how isolated the events of CD are. I've heard this before and still don't understand why the Spin Dash being poorly programmed somehow suggests a timeline placement. Also, gameplay vs story separation and whatnot. I didn't say between Sonic 2 and 3, I said after S3&K. It just makes the most sense seeing how much more advanced Metal Sonic is compared to Robo-Sonic and Mecha Sonic. Starting with Metal, then temporarily downgrading to Robo and Mecha just to go back and permanently use Metal from then on makes no sense to me.
  6. Indeed it would! I didn't even think of that arc since I haven't been keeping up with Sonic Universe lately. I only chose Planetary Pieces because the scenes of Sonic and Razor hanging out allegedly takes place during those stories according to the timeline on Mobius Encyclopedia. But your choice and reasoning makes much more sense!
  7. That sounds needlessly complicated. Also, Fixed. Honestly, what I'd do if I were in charge is make the eventual "Sonic Universe Sagas Volume 6: The Silver Age" super-sized by adding the three aforementioned stories (since WUP also continues from that arc chronologically) and just label the whole thing as a "Worlds Unite Prequel", which The Silver Age arc kinda is (it doesn't really mesh well with the rest of the Shattered World Crisis). Plus it'd make the most sense in terms of reading order. I'd also add Nicole's origin story to the Spark of Life GN, Snively's origin story to the Total Eclipse GN, and Razor's origin story to the Planetary Pieces GN just those stories can have some form of GN re-release.
  8. Like others have said, I wouldn't because the classic games are fine as they are, the classics have been rather over-saturated lately, and I'd rather see the time, resources, and effort go to a new game. But repeating that over and over makes for a boring topic, so I'll entertain the idea of what I would do if put in charge of remaking the classic games. *Try to remake the core four classic games (1, 2, 3&K, and CD) into one compilation, like a Sonic version of Super Mario All Stars. I know one-by-one is more economically sound, but just in-case the first one doesn't sell too well, like Mega Man Powered Up and Mega Man Maverick Hunter X did, we'd at least have the important classic era games done all at once. *Playable characters: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy (w/ Advance 1 moveset), and Metal Sonic (think Sonic but heavier, with lower acceleration but higher top speed, and maybe Black Shield from SA2). Character who weren't playable in the original game will be after beating said game (ex: beating Sonic 1 remake will unlock Tails, Amy, Metal Sonic, and Knuckles). *16:9 widescreen, 1080p HD with crisp hand-drawn sprites a la Rayman Origins and Legends, Shantae, Ducktales Remastered, etc. just anything but Sonic 2 HD (sorry but that's just painfully amateurish). *Since we're going through the trouble revamping the sprites, why lazy out with a 1:1 conversion of the level maps? Give em a good re-imaging like Taxman and Stealth are doing in Mania. Marble and Labyrinth Zones definitely need revamping, the 2nd acts of Marble Garden, Carnival Night, and Sandopolis could use shortening, and just about the entirety of CD's levels could be less maze-y and more speedy. *Each game should have at least 8 save slots with a no save option for those who like doing it the old fashion way (like S3&K did). *Bring back Sonic Jam's difficulty selection (Original, Normal, and Easy). *New levels: Add Sonic 1 8-bit's level into it's 16-bit counterpart's roster (Green Hill > Marble > Bridge > Spring Yard > Jungle > Labyrinth > Star Light > Sky Base > Scrap Brain) and maybe give it a final boss that feels like a final boss. Then add Sonic 2's scrapped levels and try to reorder the levels as originally intended (see if its in a vault somewhere at Sega) or just an order that makes sense. SCD if enough of R2's assets exist could be added and maybe Taxman's Final Fever (Desert Dazzle's being reincarnated into Mirage Saloon so I don't see the point). S3K has ample levels, though maybe Knuckles' Story could be revamped into more than just a slightly abridged version of Sonic's story. Like maybe the first part could be Knuckles working under Eggman, setting up traps for Sonic, and maybe have the two fight a couple more times throughout the story (and make sure the fights are good this time) then the second part could be the whole EggRobo, Super Mecha Sonic thing. *Speaking of bosses, revamp them to not be piss easy or cheaply difficult from lack of rings. Adding some extra attack patterns wouldn't hurt, maybe a pinch mode a la Sonic 4, and have them be more interactive with their environments. Example: the Wrecking Ball (first boss of the series) could knock over totem poles or ledges and you have to climb your way up the debris to hit Eggman. And of course, a boss rush for each game! *S3K style Zone-to-Zone transitions for the most part with Sonic CD style opening and endings for each game. I also wouldn't object to voice acted cut-scene in necessary parts of the games when needed. *Since this topic was inspired by Powered Up, maybe a challenge mode for each character in each game along with a Construction Mode for building fan-made levels with online sharing. That's all I've got for now.
  9. No, no, NO! We finally got rid of Mobius with the Archie reboot, there's no need to drag it out of it's coffin and play Weekend at Bernie's with it. Mobius has never been apart of the game's canon, it only exist in three cartoons and two comics that barely resembled the source material they were based on. I've never understood this mentality. If Eggman exists they obviously other humans must exist as well. If humans and anthros can coexist in Looney Tunes, Dragon Ball, and tons of other series then why can't Sonic? Eggman's not some interplanetary conqueror, he's someone who wants recognition and praise on his own world. We already have Sonic Boom for a one human, all anthro series and all the anthros look like DeviantArt rejects, no thank you. Points 3-5 I agree with. Although I agree that we have too many hedgehogs, species-bending existing cast member would just draw ire from the fanbase. That said, I wouldn't object to retconning Silver to being half-hedgehog, half-mink the same way Fang is supposedly half-weasel, half-wolf. If I had the power, and if time, money, and resources weren't an obstacle, I'd go about it the same way Indigo Rush described. Remake the critically received games and fill in the plot holes left by bad games that don't deserve a second chance. Inafune (Mega Man's creator) wanted to remake the first six Mega Man X games one by one to fix plot holes but the project ended up dead in the water after the first game's remake sold poorly. I'd follow a similar route but instead of one by one, which would take too long for Sonic, I'd group games of similar era together. Ex: Game 1 = 1-3&K + CD, Game 2 = SA1 & 2, and Heroes, Game 3 = Advance trio and Battle, Game 4 would try make sense of the Blaze, Silver, Eggman Nega nonsense, Game 5 = Riders and Riders ZG (the Rogues are cool and the Riders gameplay is worth tweaking, just stay far away from Free Riders story and gameplay), I wouldn't bother with Unleashed onwards because those games stories are so self-contained and inconsequential to whatever overall story Sonic originally had, it wouldn't matter.
  10. Eggman is the great villain because he's some jackass going around using small defenseless animals to battery power an army of goofy looking robot who couldn't conquer a donut shop much less the world, and Sonic is the great hero because he stops Eggman from doing that shit. It's really kinda cut and dry. The only way I could see a comic adaption of Sonic 1 (and 2 and CD) happening with just Sonic and Eggman is if it was done in the style of the Mega Drive comics. Open up by adapting the Japanese manual story and then devote 5-10 pages per zone fleshing out some basic information such as: *What is Eggman doing in this zone? We already know Green Hill Zone is where Sonic found Eggman up to no good again and Scrap Brain Zone is Eggman's current base, but what about the other four zones? Give them a bit more purpose beyond "a series of locations between Sonic's starting point and Eggman's current base". It doesn't have to be anything major, just a simple "there's a Chaos Emerald there" would suffice. It's worked for the Mega Drive comic after all. *If Sega would allow it, flesh out the lore of each zone. Who build Marble Zone, Labyrinth Zone, and the totem poles of Green Hill Zone? Who's living in the buildings of Star Light Zone? What the heck is Spring Yard Zone even supposed to be!? Then wrap it all up by fleshing out the ending of the Chaos Emeralds restoring South Island and an epilogue that teases the events of Sonic 2 (16-bit). That's just my fantasy though. I wouldn't want Archie and Flynn to attempt it from the burnout of all the Sonic 1 adaptations you listed.
  11. Just a quick little theory I have about the gradually revealing cover. I don't think it's a variant cover of Sonic: Mega Drive because looking the left edge where it currently only has "the Hedge" spelled out there's only enough room left for "hog #XXX". Since Sega is temporarily easing restrictions for using the classic designs, and since the comic is coming off an exhausting 3-year long arc following a forced reboot of the series, wouldn't it be great to get an info dump on the pre-252 events of the post-SGW timeline. Think about it, one of the biggest problems with the Shattered World arc was the pacing as Ian was forced to rebuild the history and world from scratch to replace 350+ issues of the old universe with a rough equivalent and there's so much of the new universe pre-252 that we don't know about. In what order do the games happen? What significant changes where made to the games' stories compared to how they played out in the games? How soon were the Egg Bosses of this universe establish compared to the Grandmasters/Sun-Bosses of the old universe? etc. etc. Ian has been giving bits and pieces of the new pre-252 universe in the form of flashbacks and Sonic Comic Origins which have yielded some interesting information such as Tails Skypatrol taking place immediately after Sonic 2 8-bit and Breezie owning Casino Park which Neo Metal Sonic funded. But the drip-drop style of receiving information is taking it's toll on the comic's pacing as it has to devote a chunk of it's time to rebuild the world, timeline, and characters. Some arcs like Champions (StH #268-271) can do it and still tell a good story but others like Eggman's Dozen (SU #83-86) could've used those extra flashback pages to better flesh out the story. Therefore, I think the comic should abandon the drip-drop style and use the next arc to better reveal the past events of the new timeline via flashbacks from various characters or something like that. I think it could be done with the new standard 4-issues an arc format. Have the first issue devoted to revealing as much pre-Sonic 1 history as Sega will allow followed by a more solid timeline of the post-SGW version of the Mega Drive trilogy (and Tails Adventure if it still occurs before Sonic 2 16-bit like in the games). Issue #2 would be devoted to the Game Gear games, CD, Knuckles Chaotix, and the exact placement of when the Freedom Fighters met Lupe and Dulcy (pretty sure it's after S3K). Issue #3 would cover the 6th gen console and handheld games (Adventure duo, Heroes, Shadow, Advance trilogy, and Battle) and Issue #4 would detail the 7th gen games (2006, Rush duo, Rivals duo, Riders trilogy, Colors, Generations, and when the Egg Bosses were established). That way future could devote less time to filling in the gaps as the readers would have a more solid grasp on what came before.