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  1. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    I'd also like to see that list just to see what's what and try to get a feel of where Sega's head is at. Outside the main console games and maybe the Rush duo (they were the only handheld to get stage representation in Generations) it's hard to pinpoint where all the side stuff lies. Best example being Iizuka's stance on Chaotix for 32X to be non-canon as Heroes re-introduced the trio as new characters. Another one being during one of the bumblekasts Ian stated that Sonic R of all things was canon. What story does Sonic R even have to offer?
  2. What new level tropes would you like to see in future Sonic games?

    ... What the actual fuck? A-Anyways, adding one of my own ideas: *A canyon level with a canoeing/kayaking gimmick. Think Canyon Cruise from Sonic the Fighters but as a platform level mixed with the boat gimmick from Mania's Hydrocity, but all the boats are going fast and downhill instead of slow and horizontal. Getting to higher routes would require jumping off of the fast moving boat at just the right time.
  3. Sonic Remake Ideas

    Adding on a few of my own suggestions to Diogenes' awesome list of Sonic Adventure changes: * Move Speed Highway to the beginning of Sonic's story. Why? Two reasons: 1.) Always seemed a bit dick-ish to start the player with a boss fight regardless of how easy it was. At least give them a level beforehand so they can grasp the basic mechanics. I'd also give Tails a starting level so he doesn't start out fighting the Egg Hornet. 2.) Story-wise it would make a bit more sense. Think about Speed Highway's current placement in Sonic's story. * Twinkle Park - ZERO (I'd change it just to E-100 Alpha for consistency's sake) chases Amy and the flicky in there and Sonic chase after them where he and Amy are separated somewhere inside. * Speed Highway - Sonic searches here for Amy to no avail but upon exiting does spot her being taken to the Egg Carrier by ZERO and chases after them. * Red Mountain - Sonic chases Amy and ZERO here where the Egg Carrier is currently residing. Wouldn't it just make for smoother story-telling if Sonic spots Amy and ZERO after Twinkle Park and then chases them to Red Mountain? Plus going through Speed Highway to get to Chaos 0 would make more sense than Sonic just being there. *Someone on Sonic Retro found three potentially scrapped levels digging into the PC version; "mushrooms", "jungle", and "desert" (probably Sand Hill as a full-fledged level instead of a re-skinned snowboarding segment). Make these levels from scrap if need be (see if there's any concept art or notes still around first) and insert them into the story for the other non-Sonic characters since his story is the longest and most complete anyways. *After beating the game, make it so any character can go to any level or fight any boss, something 2006 was apparently going to do. I wanna see Sonic in Hot Shelter, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy in Emerald Coast without glitching, etc. etc. I've got more ideas for more games that I'll post later. Maybe...
  4. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    Would people stop acting like Ian being the least terrible Archie writer automatically makes it okay for him to start writing for the games. His writing has its share of problems too. Still too much politics pre-SGW such as House of Cards (not to mention the infamous "kid worships me" line) and in 224 with politics interrupting Sonic and Naugus' fight with even Sonic acknowledging how stupid it all was. His stories' pacing is dreadful with the Iron Dominion arc, Mecha Sally arc, and Shattered World Crisis being progressively longer and more tedious to read through; all sharing the same problem of having a decent beginning, bloated slow middle, and rushed ending. Granted Mecha Sally's rushed ending wasn't quite his fault but his stories old reach their conclusions faster if he wasn't so concerned of cramming every Tom, Dick, and Harry in his stories. Not every character has to be in every arc. One reason I'm looking forward to these comics is to see if Ian really is all he's cracked up to be. He has a clean slate so he can't hide behind the excuse of "cleaning up the previous writers' works" anymore (another thing that bugged me about his run).
  5. Who are the best villains in the franchise?

    I don't. 1.) How the hell is a room-sized lizard with a huge life-support system on its back the prototype of a 3-foot tall hedgehog? 2.) Of all the monster-of-the-week, giant kaiju monsters of the Adventure/pre-Colors era, Biolizard has the least amount of build up practically coming out of nowhere at the end. I don't have any proof, but it wouldn't surprise me if Shadow was the original intended Final Boss of SA2, but replaced at the last minute once Sega realized his marketing potential. 3.) All the other monsters-of-the-week from this era at least had an interesting series of transformations / second form. Biolizard's second form (the Final Hazard) a.) has a lame name, b.) is just the Biolizard with the ARK's nose shoved up its ass. Wonderful.
  6. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    Yes really. I don't know why some people like to harp on that one bit trivia about Amy liking tarot cards. It's just junk trivia, no different than blood types and what not. If it was ever gonna be a part of her character, I'm sure the hammer gimmick replaced it a long time ago.
  7. Tone in the Sonic series

    Again, It just sounds like people are mentally supplanting Western material (the cartoons and comics) onto the games and looking for things that were never there. I've played through the classics dozens of times I don't see where this "nature vs technology" thing is that other people seeing. Yeah some levels take place in nature and others in cities, but it's not done in a way that tries to communicate an environmental message. More like it was done for aesthetic variety / trying to set themselves apart from Mario. Something being a ruin/base/casino (is that what SYZ was?) doesn't exclude it from being happy and bright. Nothing about Marble's Barney-purple or Labyrinth's golden browns makes me take them anymore seriously than Green Hill. The only level I might give you is Scrap Brain for its music and black/brown background but even then its foreground is a bright silver-y color that looks more polished than should be expected from a villain that wants to be taken seriously. And it also has the word "Egg" in it.
  8. Tone in the Sonic series

    I'm sorry, what!? Unless you're talking about SatAm Robotnik which you might be since you're bringing up Mobius of all things. And Sonic Mania is every bit in line with the rest of the classics in terms of tone. The series began as a blue Felix the Cat recolor fighting a morbidly obese evil Teddy Roosevelt and his army of colorful robots that look like they crawled out of a happy meal. Any seriousness should be in small, self-aware doses.
  9. Which name do you prefer: Dr. Eggman or Robotnik?

    I use something similar to this. If he wears blue pince-nez glasses, white gloves, and has a constant grin, he's Eggman regardless of "era". If he's one of the many cheap western knock-offs with a cone-shaped head, black sclera/empty eye sockets, and a constant scowl, he's Robotnik.
  10. Character deterioration

    An interesting idea, reminds me of the nigh-eternal Shikon Jewel quest from Inu Yasha. But having the ME break again might turn some people off, so what-if instead something happened to Angel Island. Like maybe it could get caught in the Death Egg heat blast or whatever, completely vaporizing it. Knuckles would constantly be on the go because keeping a power source like the ME in one place too long would draw the attention of Eggman or anyone else after it. That way Knuckles could still function as being the ME's guardian but not have to be tied down to one place.
  11. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    Despite that being the case from the very beginning of the franchise? For the games, it was Earth up until Colors. I'm still not sure if "Sonic's World" is a translation error or if they just meant it as "the world of Sonic the Hedgehog" or whatever, but I see no reason why the planet in the games shouldn't be called Earth. Also screw that "two worlds" crap until the games prove otherwise.
  12. Super Forms in Sonic Mania Discussion

    I really don't get this complaint. How were the shields any more silly than simply flashing white, which is all their Super/Hyper forms amounted to in S3&K? They didn't actually transform the way Sonic, Shadow, Blaze, and Silver do, they just flash white. That alone should tell you how little thought Sega put into something they knew they were never bringing back.
  13. Sonic 2: alternate zone music experiment!

    I remember that interview as well! I glad he remembered that as it finally answered the question of what the 18th zone of Sonic 2 was supposed to be. (Yuji Naka stated in the Sonic Jam strategy guide that 18 zones were originally planned. We knew 11 of them from the finished game, 6 scrapped zones via Hidden Palace, Wood, Genocide/Cyber City, Dust Hill, Rock, and Winter Zones which left one unaccounted for the longest time!) He also stated in the interview that " I know the forest and desert levels were all but finished when they were cut.", which leaves me to believe that the original music placement looked like the following: Wood Zone (Emerald Hill Zone 2P) Oil Ocean Zone (Casino Night Zone 2P) - Evidenced by the Simon Wai prototype Dust Hill Zone (Oil Ocean Zone Final) Hidden Palace Zone (Mystic Cave Zone 2P) - Evidenced by the Simon Wai prototype and its placement in the 2013 rerelease Super Sonic Transformation Cut-scene (the unused Track 10) - The Masa Demo lasts about a minute and doesn't loop.
  14. No, let's not ruin Eggman's design by injecting it with elements of a long-dead, long-irrelevant version that bore no resemblance to the original design and wouldn't fit the game universe's tone. Let Julian stay in his grave where he belongs.
  15. Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    (sigh) Assuming the comics aren't cancelled, a hiatus this long is sure to put a massive dent in sales. Assuming they are being cancelled, all I ask for is Sonic Mega Drive Overdrive, Issue 291 of the main series, and, if possible, Graphic Novels up to Genesis of a Hero and Case of the Pirate Princess arcs along with the Sonic Mega Drive Graphic Novel. And for Flynn to info dump the pre-252 timeline of the post-SGW world.

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