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  1. That's pretty much how it's been since the beginning though. Yes the other characters technically have Super forms in S3&K and Mania, but at the same time no not really. They don't get unique sprite sets, not even for the big blown-up sprite at the end of the credits. They flash white and that's pretty much it. The Flickies around "Super" Tails got more of an actual transformation. In theory everyone could be given a classic-esque Super transformation by just flashing white but it'd seem so cheap.
  2. This relates my own complaint for this topic; I wish the fracturing of the franchise during 1993 never happened. I get that both Japan and American came up with some stupid stuff pre-Sonic 1 with human girlfriend, bands, convoluted origin stories of brown Sonny and Kintobor, Mobius in general, but after the success of Sonic 1 both branches should've put aside their pissing contest and come together to construct a single continuity and lore for Sonic to follow. Just some basic lore beats no different than what Superman, Batman, Spiderman, and countless other superheroes have would've been fine. But that isn't what happened. Instead come 1993, we had two cartoons, two comic series, a manga, and countless one-offs bringing completely different lores, tones, characters, and character usage fracturing the franchise and fanbase like a dropped porcelain plate. Regardless of one's personal opinions of each continuity, this should've never happened. Sega should've had a tighter grip on things at the start to hold back the deluge instead of trying to reign things in decades later with some unseen bible detailing two worlds, a classic-modern split, and who knows what else. Certainly not the fans.
  3. I've always seen the series as that. Sure some levels are nature and others are technology-based, but I always saw that as troupe variety over anything thematic related. To each their own I suppose. On topic sure Yuji Naka may not have wanted "cutesy funny Sonic", but he wasn't the only person in charge of Sonic's conception. What ultimately spoiled Sonic was a case of "too many chefs in the kitchen". Sega was fighting over what Sonic should be long before his fans were. First you have the "cuter" Japanese Classic Sonic vs the "radical" American Classic Sonic. Then you have the Sonic in a band with a human girlfriend fighting abstract creatures vs. the Sonic Bible origin with brown Sonic, Kintobor, and the ROCC incident. Earth vs. Mobius. The goofy, constantly smiling, blue pince-nez sporting Classic Eggman vs the menacing, constantly scowling, empty eye-socket Robotnik. Then shit really hit the fan in 1993 when Aosth, SatAM, the Archie comics, and Fleetway comics all coming out in the same year each with wildly different takes on tone, story structure, and character designs (especially Robotnik). And Japan only helped with the confusion with the three part manga about Eggman wanting the Chaos Emeralds to boil a big egg, the serialized manga about Sonic being the secret super-hero identity of a wimpy schoolboy named Nicky, and the OVA which introduced Planet Freedom with the Lands of Sky and Darkness. In this all within Sonic's first five years, not including Underground, the Adventure era soft-reboot, X, the Pontac-Graff era, Boom, post-SGW Archie, the IDW comics, the upcoming live-action movie, and anything else I've forgotten. tl;dr the series has been a clusterfuck story-wise and tone-wise since conception, no one can agree on what Sonic should be, and it doesn't matter because the series will probably finally sputter out after the 30th anniversary unless Sega can really pull it together in time. Fat chance.
  4. Has the nature vs technology bit ever been relevant to the games? If that's a theme they were going for, they did a poor job conveying it. A gameplay element that doesn't add anything story-wise. That's head-canon stuff. Nothing implies that at all.
  5. Old comment is old but maybe I can get a reply. How does "oversimplify" Sonic 1's story? Goofy mad-scientist is turning animals into robot; go stop him and make sure you collect the Infinity Stones Chaos Emeralds to make the flowers grow at the end. You can't get any simpler than that.
  6. The last quarter of games for the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive Mini was revealed and wouldn't you know it neither Sonic 3 and Knuckles nor its two vanilla counterparts were nowhere to be seen. Can't Sega just try to buy the rights back or bite the bullet and use the PC replacement music? As much as it would suck to lose Ice Cap Zone and the other music tracks, S3&K constantly being left out sucks even more. No Taxman remake, no Carnival Night, Ice Cap, or Launch Base remixes in Generations/Mania type games, and constantly being left out of compilations. Just figure something out already Sega. /rant
  7. Because that explanation only exists in the English dub. In Japan, he's been Eggman since Sonic 1 and the name "Robotnik" has only ever been used for Gerald and Maria.
  8. @Demondeano18 I also don't see how that guy is "menacing" (the other word that gets brought up)... Assuming these rumors are true, it baffles me. The Sonic Bible is literally THE last thing I ever expected the franchise to revisit. It was discarded almost immediately by its country of origin in favor of a 2nd Sonic Bible which became the basis for SatAM and the Archie comics. Only European fans would have any real nostalgic attachment to that old backstory through the Fleetway comics and even that left out details like orphan Sonic, dead father, and other tidbits. Like you keep asking, "Why now?". How closely is Sega of America working with Paramount on this film? The only thing I can think of is some conspiracy theory of a long-time employee who worked on the Sonic Bible being angry that SoJ has ignored the western half of Sonic for so long and finally got an opportunity for revenge by sneaking fragments of the old continuity into the movie under the radar. I got nothing else.
  9. Supposing I believed this, I've never understood why this was a good reason for keeping the name. How is this guy supposed to be a "badass" exactly?
  10. Yeah, no! The franchise has long burned up any good will it can afford to make people "wait and see". The "wait-and-see" card was on Sonic Forces, Sonic Boom (the entire sub-branch), Sonic Lost World, etc. etc. What exactly am I supposed to "wait-and-see"? The franchise I've known and (partially) loved for 20+ years dig itself deeper into infamy and mediocrity? No thank you! I've learned to spot a Sonic turd miles away by now.
  11. I think the greatest problem with the games' writing lies in the writers not putting a lot of faith in what should be the central theme (Sonic vs Eggman) and instead piling on other stories and sidelining the main plot to the point where it feels like Sonic and Eggman are strangers in the games' stories along for the ride. Ancient echidna civilizations and government conspiracies are nice and all but what does any of that add to the ongoing conflict of a blue cartoon hedgehog fighting a silly mad scientist and his army of Happy Meal Toys? That's not to say other characters and plot threads outside of Sonic and Eggman but they and their conflict shouldn't feel a sideshow, it should be treated as the main event. How many characters and/or their backstories were fleshed in their premiere game and/or follow up game? Knuckles, Shadow, Blaze, Silver. Now compare that to the main duo where Sonic's backstory is still one big question mark, we have only vague snippets of Eggman's history via his relationship with Gerald, and even the Chaos Emeralds still don't have a definitive origin story. Hell, if Sega insists on dragging us back to Green Hill Zone over and over again at least tell us who built those totem poles! I'm not saying Sonic and Eggman have to have super-detailed origins or even reveal how the whole conflict began but if Sega keeps the central core on par with your typical Saturday morning cartoon (and there is nothing wrong with that option, it's my preferred option, I'm just saying...) than the rest of the mythos has to follow suite or the core will look boring and undercooked by comparison. What I'm trying to say is Sega needs to decide if they want to be your typical action cartoon where character's motives are Looney Tunes level, backstories exist only in the broadest of strokes, and stakes don't matter too much because everything resets next week anyways. Or if they want to dig deeper into the characters and mythos not unlike what a lot of cartoons do nowadays. Both are equally valid options so long as they're well written, but there needs to be uniformity. If I'm expected to treat Sonic, Eggman, and their conflict as typical cartoon-y shtick, then why should I give a genuine shit about Knuckles' dead ancestors from 4000 years ago (how does he exist again?), the ARK incident, Silver's infinite dystopias, or Sally's daddy's kingdom being tricked by a guy so blatantly evil-looking he'd need horns, tails, hooves, and a pitchfork to be more obvious?
  12. None of that stuff is any more "deep" than what you'd find in a typical 80s action cartoon. Bad guy goes after mcguffin, good guys stop him. Some good guys get captured, the others (well usually Sonic) save them. Doomsday Project is no more special than a "Technodrome gets sent to another place" episode from the 87 TMNT.
  13. You mean a UK comic never used a character who only in one game with very limited release outside Japan? Stop the presses! And no, the Fleetway FFs never overshadowed the Sega characters, they were always on equal or lesser footing. To better highlight what I mean: http://stc.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_stories Ignoring all the stories from other Sega franchises, the vast majority of stories were headlined by the core four (Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Knuckles) or "Sonic's World" (Fleetway's Sonic Universe) with a small handful for Robotnik. The only Fleetway characters to get headline privilege were Tekno and only shared with Amy (and their stories weren't well received) and Captain Plunder with 3 story arcs. 14 total parts out of 400+, not what I would call "overshadowing". In the Archie comics, even after the reboot the Knothole Freedom Fighters were still the main characters in the main series whereas big name game characters like Shadow and even Knuckles (KNUCKLES!!) were still regulated mini arcs in a side series. Sure Knuckles had his own series for a bit but that was short-lived. And it was done by Ken Penders... Let's compare that to the eventual fates of the Fleetway originals: Porker quit the team before Issue 100, Johnny fricking died in the last story arc, Shortfuse was deroboticized towards the end, and he and Tekno weren't even in the final arc. Had STC continued (Online doesn't count) I could see them continuing the path phasing out their original content in favor of spotlighting the game characters, albeit integrated differently like Chaos was. I do remember Cosmo having a large fandom, though it seems to have died down in recent years.
  14. And Sally "I should've known you'd be selfish" Acorn isn't annoying? Even at her best, she's a boring nag with no interesting, unique abilities. Her backstory and family history adds so little to the lore of whatever continuity she's it yet gets so much focus in a desperate attempt to make it look like she's contributing anything. She's like Chris from Sonic X, hogging so much spotlight yet adding so little. I wouldn't call Satam Sonic an "arrogant blow-hard", that's more Fleetway Sonic's thing. Satam Sonic is a manchild with room temperature IQ and Sally acts as a nagging caregiver. Nicole is pointless. Exploration is key element in any Sonic story and having some exposition-spewing computer know everything about a new place ruins that fun. I don't like putting effort into thinking up stuff for characters I don't like and don't want anywhere near the games. Even if Sega decided to play Weekend at Bernie's with the FFs, what would they do? Be thrust into some "team" that is a carbon copy of all the teams hoping one or more don't get cut so Sega can fit them into that stupid Speed, Fly, Power trio they've been forcing since Heroes? The whole point of the FFs is they're childhood friends of Sonic's working together to topple some tyrant. If they're introduced as new characters without that backstory, and they most likely would be, they're just more Speed, Fly, Power characters for mobile game rosters. Do you really thing Modern Sega would do anything more with them? The legacy of 20 year old cartoon that lasted 2 seasons and a comic with bumpy history of quality control and a copyright problems out the wazoo. Some legacy. Thinking about it, why do people always single out the Satam/Archie Freedom Fighters as these characters who absolutely need to be added to the games? What about the character from outside non-game material? Why not the Aosth characters (Scratch, Grounder, Coconuts, maybe Katella) who are about as old as the Satam characters and would fit with the games' current tone? Why about the Fleetway Freedom Fighters (Johnny, Porker, Tekno, and Shortfuse) who knew their place and never overshadowed the game characters? I think one or two people unironically like the Sonic Underground characters, so why not them? Keep in mind I don't want these character in the games either, but why do people keep putting the Satam/Archie Freedom Fighters on this pedestal as the gold standard of non-game characters?
  15. I don't. The world of Satam has never appealed to me with it's oddly named alien planet with one kingdom that somehow rules the whole thing. The tone is pretentious and tries to take its cast of technicolor woodland critters too seriously at times. The OCs are no better or worse than what the games currently offer in backstory or personality, although all their roles are either taken by current, more-popular cast members (Sally = Amy/Tails, Rotor = Tails, Bunnie = Knuckles/Omega) or are just unnecessary (Antoine). Gameplay-wise, Bunnie and maybe Antoine are the only ones I see fitting. If the gameplay is slow, prodding stealth like that one Sonic-16 demo, count me out. If it's done via comic book like X-Files Seasons 10 and 11, I'd say go for it. I really don't see Sega green-lighting a show with how they're currently trying to run the brand. This has always been a weak argument for the Freedom Fighters. Go to the DC Universe and ask Jay Garrick, Alan Scott, or any JSA member if being first means anything. It doesn't. Popularity > seniority, especially when the characters in question didn't originate from the source material and instead from a spin-off that barely resembled the original.
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