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  1. They're not acting like "fanboys" they're doing the logical business thing by having a unified storyline for all regions because juggling a dozen continuities is impractical. Any negativity they've garnered since 1999 has to do with the gameplay of the games being crap and nothing to do with not following the continuity of some obscure DIC cartoon. How did I contradict myself? Throwing X a bone while focusing mainly on Classic would be no different from throwing Classic Sonic a bone (mania) while focusing mainly on Modern. Even if that does end up happening there's still a ton of timelines left in the cold. Sonic's fanbase has always lied with the games. You're seriously overestimating how many people genuinely give a crap about the non-game stuff. Most "older fans" really only give a crap the Mega Drive games, maybe the Game Gear and Adventure games for some, and could care less one way or the other about shows or comics. Going back to Mega Man, the difference between those universes is they all originated as games. What you're asking for is closer to if Mega Man "fans" wanted games based off the Ruby-Spear cartoon or Mario "fans" whining there are no games based off their equally crappy DIC cartoons. Like Sega, why should Capcom or Nintendo cater to these niche group of fans? They're not fans of the games, they're fans of some warped bastardization created by people in another country who wanted to make a quick buck off of someone else's intellectual property with no input from the creators. Then they'd have to AUs for Fleetway, Aosth, Underground, X, Archie, the manga, the OVA, and any other continuity either side crapped out over the years. There is very little to gain by playing Weekend at Bernie's with a bunch of old corpses. I wish more episodes of the OVA could've been produced but I've learned to move on. If you want SatAM just buy the complete series. Definitely gonna need a source on these claims. Just because they sanitized it a bit doesn't mean the overall tones and intentions aren't still there. But fine: Breaking and entering, destruction of property, hacking. If not terrorists then they're definitely hoodlums. What's the difference between this and game version I can feel you asking? Simple. Julian is a legitimately established government authority who took over from his idiot predecessor who had dismantled the army and was dumb to trust someone who looked like Julian in the first place. In the games, Eggman's the instigator imprisoning animals to use as batteries, has bombed or threatened to bomb places, unleashes gods of destruction he can't control and end up terrorizing the planet, etc. In the games, Sonic leaves Eggman and his bases alone until Eggman starts causing trouble. You never see Game!Sonic attack Eggman's bases until Eggman throws the gauntlet first. In SatAM, it's usually the FFs kicking the hornet's nest. I can only think of a few episodes, like the pilot, where Julian instigated things first. Only under those instances can what the FFs do be considered "self-defense". Also wanna point out the irony of the Freedom Fighters fighting to reinstate a monarchy. Progress? I didn't say those things. Don't put words in my mouth please.
  2. Do we even know what that figure refers to? It is a specific season or episode? Is it an average? Only concrete thing I could find was "Sonic the Hedgehog initially ranked #9 in its time slot with a 5.2 rating, an estimated 4.8 million viewers." Meaning maybe it had good ratings at first before people realized the show had nothing to do with "Sonic the Hedgehog" and tuned out. Oh yeah, that Australian theme park. 'Cause that's important... Sega doesn't want those fans to have anything. Where have you been since 1999? The Archie comics was the last western continuity allowed for decades due to grandfathering before they shit the bed with legal stuff and Sega finally ended their misery. I guarantee you the ye olde western stuff will never see the light of day again not because of the fans who dislike those continuities but because of Sega. Megaman is a poor example to use. I'd wager that all those multiple universe were one of the cause of Mega Man eventually dying. They crapped out a new universe every console generation. Classic, X, Legends, Zero, ZX, Battle Network, what is point of all this nonsense? Not to mention none of the series outside Classic have been given a new game since 2008, ports and compilations aside. Maybe they'll throw the X series a bone, but beyond that it's like why bother? Considering Modern and Classic Sonic are the only alive branches, it shouldn't be too hard to divvy up resources between two branches. Unless the movie takes off and we find ourselves with three branches again. But let's cross that bridge when/if we come to it. One person's "freedom fighter" is another person's "terrorist". It all depends on which side of the conflict you're on. Sonic and the FFs actions never came off as bad as, say, what Cloud and AVALANCHE did because Julian and Snively were the only living thing in the city, the FFs fought robots instead of armed, organic soldiers working for the other side, and because Julian never had the thought to use the Robians to fight the FFs. A lot of good robots just going to waste doing whatever. A good of episodes involves the FFs breaking and entering Julian's factories or reactor and blowing them up/shutting them down. Let's not compared fictional characters and concepts to real world ones. That's a whole murky area I don't wanna get into and would definitely be off-topic.
  3. It's still dumb in both name and concept. Just have everything on one planet. Why the convolution? I have complained, you just haven't seen. I only care for the Japanese Classic Sonic and small slither of elements from anything else. No it didn't. Sonic became popular because of the well made Mega Drive/Genesis games which offered faster, more fluid platforming compared to the slow, prodding, blocky platforming of old. And because the west was smart enough to bundle it with the console over crap like Altered Beast. It had jack all to do with some obscure DIC cartoon that lasted two seasons and got killed by Power Rangers or some DeviantArt level comics that have barely registered as a blip on the radar in the grand scheme of things. Stuff like Labyrinth and Battle are more well known than the comics. Fractures brand identity and the fanbase and takes money and resources away from something that would actually have a shot at being good. AUs are cancers, they've been killing DC comics since the 60s and show signs that the publisher/developer/whoever don't know what the hell to do with the franchise. Which game had Sonic be the co-leader of a terrorist organization in some drab cyber-punk world? Madonna was a little dumb sure but worked out fine for Roger and Jessica Rabbit. Not saying I'd like to see the concept revisited but it wouldn't have been this shocking thing even for the time. I've never had a problem with the band concept only because we now very little about how it would've been utilized beyond Sonic originally saving them in a proto version of Sonic 1. We don't even a personality for any of them beyond Vector, though he could've been completely different for all we know. I like Tails, though it'd be interesting to see if having a larger core cast of characters early could've saved the franchise from character bloat later on. Happy with what we got and know too little of the alternative to truly judge.
  4. Likewise without Sonic Team's input America would've run more wild with Sonic than they already did constantly reinventing him in wildly different ways on a whimsy. How many different continuities did we get pre-1999 before SoJ clamped down and told them to knock it off? And practically none of them even vaguely resembled the games they were based on. Sure SoJ had some stupid ideas like Madonna, the band, Sonic with fangs, and whatnot but that stuff was tossed out before the first game. Compare that to the nonsense SoA pulled with Mohawk the Assface redesign for Classic Sonic, changing the constantly grinning mad-scientist Classic Eggman to the constantly scowling dictator Robotnik, "Mobius", and other crap that somehow plagues the series to this day. Don't see how SoA can be thanked for Amy and Tails considering Amy was pulled and tweaked from the manga and Tails is based off a kitsune, a Japanese mythological animal. SoA wanted to shove him in that Freedom Fighter nonsense.
  5. That's pretty much how it's been since the beginning though. Yes the other characters technically have Super forms in S3&K and Mania, but at the same time no not really. They don't get unique sprite sets, not even for the big blown-up sprite at the end of the credits. They flash white and that's pretty much it. The Flickies around "Super" Tails got more of an actual transformation. In theory everyone could be given a classic-esque Super transformation by just flashing white but it'd seem so cheap.
  6. This relates my own complaint for this topic; I wish the fracturing of the franchise during 1993 never happened. I get that both Japan and American came up with some stupid stuff pre-Sonic 1 with human girlfriend, bands, convoluted origin stories of brown Sonny and Kintobor, Mobius in general, but after the success of Sonic 1 both branches should've put aside their pissing contest and come together to construct a single continuity and lore for Sonic to follow. Just some basic lore beats no different than what Superman, Batman, Spiderman, and countless other superheroes have would've been fine. But that isn't what happened. Instead come 1993, we had two cartoons, two comic series, a manga, and countless one-offs bringing completely different lores, tones, characters, and character usage fracturing the franchise and fanbase like a dropped porcelain plate. Regardless of one's personal opinions of each continuity, this should've never happened. Sega should've had a tighter grip on things at the start to hold back the deluge instead of trying to reign things in decades later with some unseen bible detailing two worlds, a classic-modern split, and who knows what else. Certainly not the fans.
  7. I've always seen the series as that. Sure some levels are nature and others are technology-based, but I always saw that as troupe variety over anything thematic related. To each their own I suppose. On topic sure Yuji Naka may not have wanted "cutesy funny Sonic", but he wasn't the only person in charge of Sonic's conception. What ultimately spoiled Sonic was a case of "too many chefs in the kitchen". Sega was fighting over what Sonic should be long before his fans were. First you have the "cuter" Japanese Classic Sonic vs the "radical" American Classic Sonic. Then you have the Sonic in a band with a human girlfriend fighting abstract creatures vs. the Sonic Bible origin with brown Sonic, Kintobor, and the ROCC incident. Earth vs. Mobius. The goofy, constantly smiling, blue pince-nez sporting Classic Eggman vs the menacing, constantly scowling, empty eye-socket Robotnik. Then shit really hit the fan in 1993 when Aosth, SatAM, the Archie comics, and Fleetway comics all coming out in the same year each with wildly different takes on tone, story structure, and character designs (especially Robotnik). And Japan only helped with the confusion with the three part manga about Eggman wanting the Chaos Emeralds to boil a big egg, the serialized manga about Sonic being the secret super-hero identity of a wimpy schoolboy named Nicky, and the OVA which introduced Planet Freedom with the Lands of Sky and Darkness. In this all within Sonic's first five years, not including Underground, the Adventure era soft-reboot, X, the Pontac-Graff era, Boom, post-SGW Archie, the IDW comics, the upcoming live-action movie, and anything else I've forgotten. tl;dr the series has been a clusterfuck story-wise and tone-wise since conception, no one can agree on what Sonic should be, and it doesn't matter because the series will probably finally sputter out after the 30th anniversary unless Sega can really pull it together in time. Fat chance.
  8. Old comment is old but maybe I can get a reply. How does "oversimplify" Sonic 1's story? Goofy mad-scientist is turning animals into robot; go stop him and make sure you collect the Infinity Stones Chaos Emeralds to make the flowers grow at the end. You can't get any simpler than that.
  9. The last quarter of games for the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive Mini was revealed and wouldn't you know it neither Sonic 3 and Knuckles nor its two vanilla counterparts were nowhere to be seen. Can't Sega just try to buy the rights back or bite the bullet and use the PC replacement music? As much as it would suck to lose Ice Cap Zone and the other music tracks, S3&K constantly being left out sucks even more. No Taxman remake, no Carnival Night, Ice Cap, or Launch Base remixes in Generations/Mania type games, and constantly being left out of compilations. Just figure something out already Sega. /rant
  10. Because that explanation only exists in the English dub. In Japan, he's been Eggman since Sonic 1 and the name "Robotnik" has only ever been used for Gerald and Maria.
  11. @Demondeano18 I also don't see how that guy is "menacing" (the other word that gets brought up)... Assuming these rumors are true, it baffles me. The Sonic Bible is literally THE last thing I ever expected the franchise to revisit. It was discarded almost immediately by its country of origin in favor of a 2nd Sonic Bible which became the basis for SatAM and the Archie comics. Only European fans would have any real nostalgic attachment to that old backstory through the Fleetway comics and even that left out details like orphan Sonic, dead father, and other tidbits. Like you keep asking, "Why now?". How closely is Sega of America working with Paramount on this film? The only thing I can think of is some conspiracy theory of a long-time employee who worked on the Sonic Bible being angry that SoJ has ignored the western half of Sonic for so long and finally got an opportunity for revenge by sneaking fragments of the old continuity into the movie under the radar. I got nothing else.
  12. Supposing I believed this, I've never understood why this was a good reason for keeping the name. How is this guy supposed to be a "badass" exactly?
  13. I think the greatest problem with the games' writing lies in the writers not putting a lot of faith in what should be the central theme (Sonic vs Eggman) and instead piling on other stories and sidelining the main plot to the point where it feels like Sonic and Eggman are strangers in the games' stories along for the ride. Ancient echidna civilizations and government conspiracies are nice and all but what does any of that add to the ongoing conflict of a blue cartoon hedgehog fighting a silly mad scientist and his army of Happy Meal Toys? That's not to say other characters and plot threads outside of Sonic and Eggman but they and their conflict shouldn't feel a sideshow, it should be treated as the main event. How many characters and/or their backstories were fleshed in their premiere game and/or follow up game? Knuckles, Shadow, Blaze, Silver. Now compare that to the main duo where Sonic's backstory is still one big question mark, we have only vague snippets of Eggman's history via his relationship with Gerald, and even the Chaos Emeralds still don't have a definitive origin story. Hell, if Sega insists on dragging us back to Green Hill Zone over and over again at least tell us who built those totem poles! I'm not saying Sonic and Eggman have to have super-detailed origins or even reveal how the whole conflict began but if Sega keeps the central core on par with your typical Saturday morning cartoon (and there is nothing wrong with that option, it's my preferred option, I'm just saying...) than the rest of the mythos has to follow suite or the core will look boring and undercooked by comparison. What I'm trying to say is Sega needs to decide if they want to be your typical action cartoon where character's motives are Looney Tunes level, backstories exist only in the broadest of strokes, and stakes don't matter too much because everything resets next week anyways. Or if they want to dig deeper into the characters and mythos not unlike what a lot of cartoons do nowadays. Both are equally valid options so long as they're well written, but there needs to be uniformity. If I'm expected to treat Sonic, Eggman, and their conflict as typical cartoon-y shtick, then why should I give a genuine shit about Knuckles' dead ancestors from 4000 years ago (how does he exist again?), the ARK incident, Silver's infinite dystopias, or Sally's daddy's kingdom being tricked by a guy so blatantly evil-looking he'd need horns, tails, hooves, and a pitchfork to be more obvious?
  14. You mean a UK comic never used a character who only in one game with very limited release outside Japan? Stop the presses! And no, the Fleetway FFs never overshadowed the Sega characters, they were always on equal or lesser footing. To better highlight what I mean: http://stc.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_stories Ignoring all the stories from other Sega franchises, the vast majority of stories were headlined by the core four (Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Knuckles) or "Sonic's World" (Fleetway's Sonic Universe) with a small handful for Robotnik. The only Fleetway characters to get headline privilege were Tekno and only shared with Amy (and their stories weren't well received) and Captain Plunder with 3 story arcs. 14 total parts out of 400+, not what I would call "overshadowing". In the Archie comics, even after the reboot the Knothole Freedom Fighters were still the main characters in the main series whereas big name game characters like Shadow and even Knuckles (KNUCKLES!!) were still regulated mini arcs in a side series. Sure Knuckles had his own series for a bit but that was short-lived. And it was done by Ken Penders... Let's compare that to the eventual fates of the Fleetway originals: Porker quit the team before Issue 100, Johnny fricking died in the last story arc, Shortfuse was deroboticized towards the end, and he and Tekno weren't even in the final arc. Had STC continued (Online doesn't count) I could see them continuing the path phasing out their original content in favor of spotlighting the game characters, albeit integrated differently like Chaos was. I do remember Cosmo having a large fandom, though it seems to have died down in recent years.
  15. I don't. The world of Satam has never appealed to me with it's oddly named alien planet with one kingdom that somehow rules the whole thing. The tone is pretentious and tries to take its cast of technicolor woodland critters too seriously at times. The OCs are no better or worse than what the games currently offer in backstory or personality, although all their roles are either taken by current, more-popular cast members (Sally = Amy/Tails, Rotor = Tails, Bunnie = Knuckles/Omega) or are just unnecessary (Antoine). Gameplay-wise, Bunnie and maybe Antoine are the only ones I see fitting. If the gameplay is slow, prodding stealth like that one Sonic-16 demo, count me out. If it's done via comic book like X-Files Seasons 10 and 11, I'd say go for it. I really don't see Sega green-lighting a show with how they're currently trying to run the brand. This has always been a weak argument for the Freedom Fighters. Go to the DC Universe and ask Jay Garrick, Alan Scott, or any JSA member if being first means anything. It doesn't. Popularity > seniority, especially when the characters in question didn't originate from the source material and instead from a spin-off that barely resembled the original.
  16. How many times has Eggman been "blown up in-game" yet always come out unscathed? Yeah...
  17. That comment was made before the "not in 2018" information, so... But you bring up a good point. They said Mighty and Ray, and I'm just gonna assume Fang, Bean, and Bark by extension, wouldn't be in because they're "classic" characters and the comic will focus the "modern" universe despite the five having faux-modern designs via Archie. If they're truly drawing a thick, fine line between the two universes based on games then that leaves the Freedom Fighters without a home unless they really wanna stretch and count their 2-second cameos from that one minigame from Spinball. Of course that would mean Sally would be restricted to her pink design and no Antoine but Muttski would be viable (lol).
  18. I knew they wouldn't. Can we just write them off as dead now? The silence pretty much confirms it.
  19. I'd also like to see that list just to see what's what and try to get a feel of where Sega's head is at. Outside the main console games and maybe the Rush duo (they were the only handheld to get stage representation in Generations) it's hard to pinpoint where all the side stuff lies. Best example being Iizuka's stance on Chaotix for 32X to be non-canon as Heroes re-introduced the trio as new characters. Another one being during one of the bumblekasts Ian stated that Sonic R of all things was canon. What story does Sonic R even have to offer?
  20. ... What the actual fuck? A-Anyways, adding one of my own ideas: *A canyon level with a canoeing/kayaking gimmick. Think Canyon Cruise from Sonic the Fighters but as a platform level mixed with the boat gimmick from Mania's Hydrocity, but all the boats are going fast and downhill instead of slow and horizontal. Getting to higher routes would require jumping off of the fast moving boat at just the right time.
  21. Adding on a few of my own suggestions to Diogenes' awesome list of Sonic Adventure changes: * Move Speed Highway to the beginning of Sonic's story. Why? Two reasons: 1.) Always seemed a bit dick-ish to start the player with a boss fight regardless of how easy it was. At least give them a level beforehand so they can grasp the basic mechanics. I'd also give Tails a starting level so he doesn't start out fighting the Egg Hornet. 2.) Story-wise it would make a bit more sense. Think about Speed Highway's current placement in Sonic's story. * Twinkle Park - ZERO (I'd change it just to E-100 Alpha for consistency's sake) chases Amy and the flicky in there and Sonic chase after them where he and Amy are separated somewhere inside. * Speed Highway - Sonic searches here for Amy to no avail but upon exiting does spot her being taken to the Egg Carrier by ZERO and chases after them. * Red Mountain - Sonic chases Amy and ZERO here where the Egg Carrier is currently residing. Wouldn't it just make for smoother story-telling if Sonic spots Amy and ZERO after Twinkle Park and then chases them to Red Mountain? Plus going through Speed Highway to get to Chaos 0 would make more sense than Sonic just being there. *Someone on Sonic Retro found three potentially scrapped levels digging into the PC version; "mushrooms", "jungle", and "desert" (probably Sand Hill as a full-fledged level instead of a re-skinned snowboarding segment). Make these levels from scrap if need be (see if there's any concept art or notes still around first) and insert them into the story for the other non-Sonic characters since his story is the longest and most complete anyways. *After beating the game, make it so any character can go to any level or fight any boss, something 2006 was apparently going to do. I wanna see Sonic in Hot Shelter, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy in Emerald Coast without glitching, etc. etc. I've got more ideas for more games that I'll post later. Maybe...
  22. Would people stop acting like Ian being the least terrible Archie writer automatically makes it okay for him to start writing for the games. His writing has its share of problems too. Still too much politics pre-SGW such as House of Cards (not to mention the infamous "kid worships me" line) and in 224 with politics interrupting Sonic and Naugus' fight with even Sonic acknowledging how stupid it all was. His stories' pacing is dreadful with the Iron Dominion arc, Mecha Sally arc, and Shattered World Crisis being progressively longer and more tedious to read through; all sharing the same problem of having a decent beginning, bloated slow middle, and rushed ending. Granted Mecha Sally's rushed ending wasn't quite his fault but his stories old reach their conclusions faster if he wasn't so concerned of cramming every Tom, Dick, and Harry in his stories. Not every character has to be in every arc. One reason I'm looking forward to these comics is to see if Ian really is all he's cracked up to be. He has a clean slate so he can't hide behind the excuse of "cleaning up the previous writers' works" anymore (another thing that bugged me about his run).
  23. I don't. 1.) How the hell is a room-sized lizard with a huge life-support system on its back the prototype of a 3-foot tall hedgehog? 2.) Of all the monster-of-the-week, giant kaiju monsters of the Adventure/pre-Colors era, Biolizard has the least amount of build up practically coming out of nowhere at the end. I don't have any proof, but it wouldn't surprise me if Shadow was the original intended Final Boss of SA2, but replaced at the last minute once Sega realized his marketing potential. 3.) All the other monsters-of-the-week from this era at least had an interesting series of transformations / second form. Biolizard's second form (the Final Hazard) a.) has a lame name, b.) is just the Biolizard with the ARK's nose shoved up its ass. Wonderful.
  24. Yes really. I don't know why some people like to harp on that one bit trivia about Amy liking tarot cards. It's just junk trivia, no different than blood types and what not. If it was ever gonna be a part of her character, I'm sure the hammer gimmick replaced it a long time ago.
  25. Again, It just sounds like people are mentally supplanting Western material (the cartoons and comics) onto the games and looking for things that were never there. I've played through the classics dozens of times I don't see where this "nature vs technology" thing is that other people seeing. Yeah some levels take place in nature and others in cities, but it's not done in a way that tries to communicate an environmental message. More like it was done for aesthetic variety / trying to set themselves apart from Mario. Something being a ruin/base/casino (is that what SYZ was?) doesn't exclude it from being happy and bright. Nothing about Marble's Barney-purple or Labyrinth's golden browns makes me take them anymore seriously than Green Hill. The only level I might give you is Scrap Brain for its music and black/brown background but even then its foreground is a bright silver-y color that looks more polished than should be expected from a villain that wants to be taken seriously. And it also has the word "Egg" in it.
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