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  1. The "Name Something About The Lara-Su Chronicles' Copyright Ken Penders Pre-Release Stuff You've Actually Enjoyed" Topic. So many heads will explode that by the time we get to 251 we will have mirrored the comic's character removal.
  2. I'm kind of surprised no one seems to have commented on the "Please stay in your seats" thing in the picture. I think it involves some kind of ride. The part of the trailer where the room you're in seems to be spinning would fit with that.
  3. I just want to know if they actually had to find someone who could do that laugh, or if they'll use recordings of Tom Kenny and just, I don't know, attach a tiny speaker to the actor's shirt or something. Edit: Or, I guess, he could just have a different laugh. I dunno, I always kind of saw it as iconic so I presumed they'd consider it important, maybe I'm wrong.
  4. I was going to go off on a long thing about how this is not how you do a group shot, but apparently he was just trying to show how tall they are in comparison to each other, so, slightly less terrible than I feared. On a different note, if I was Lara-Su I'd be incredibly angry that Geoffrey got the luxury of actual shorts.
  5. I've been turned off from this film since the first trailer. Them making such a huge deal out of her doing something that happened in the first film already, and the way Marlin's managed to become such an amazingly chill person he's perfectly okay with the idea Dory might just swim off, both irritated me. And yes, I know character development dictates Marlin not be overly protective anymore. That doesn't mean he has to be a moron. Is this not the norm? Also, you say "managed" as if the star hasn't been begging for this for years, and million dollar checks weren't involved.
  6. I'm not sure if the fangames go in this thread, sorry if they don't, but one of the bigger name, better quality (you know, relatively) ones released its sequel like three hours ago. Five Nights at Candy's 2. I played Night 1 and just spent the whole time switching Candy between two rooms. And because a couple hundred bucks wasn't a stupid enough reason to risk your life for five nights, now we have "Do it or be seen as a chicken!".
  7. Belated thanks for the birthday message. :)

    (Not quite sure if I should have just responded to it directly...)

    1. Osmium


      Ah, you are very welcome. 

  8. Thanks for the birthday message. :) 


    (I'd have done this sooner, but I haven't been on in a while. )

  9. Shouldn't Chloe be a Creampuff instead of a Squirrely Scout? You could actually probably make a fairly interesting plot out of the two being in separate troops that keep running into separate problems so Cosmo and Wanda need to keep popping back and forth and ultimately can't help with everything. Them being in the same group seems like it's kind of squashing potential a bit.
  10. Eeeeeeeh. I'm sure I'll be alone on this, I don't really blame Timmy for his actions in the episode (I haven't watched the second one). I mean, the poor kid had to be genuinely miserable for a chunk of his life to get his fairies, with a murderous babysitter, parents so neglectful they forget to feed him, an insane teacher and absolutely miserable grades, and constant bullying alongside having very few friends. Chloe's problems amount to "One person doesn't like her, and occasionally she messes up but no one actually cares when she does", yet she gets fairies. I'd be monumentally ticked off, too. And his actions did just amount to trying to not let her have fairies, it's not like he actually hurt her. Not that I'm saying he took the right actions, just that I see where he was coming from and have a hard time disliking him over it. Then again I'm not exactly a fan of the character, so I'm not an unbiased source. Unless we're talking about some other act of meanness.
  11. I was expecting Trolls to be stupid, I wasn't expecting this specific brand of stupid. And I'm irrationally bothered by the fact that the logo is not made to look like hair. That seems like the obvious thing to do to me.
  12. Just accidentally spoiled Zootopia for myself. Crud, now I won't be able to properly tell if it's as obvious as Big Hero Six's "twist".

  13. Oh right. I forgot the Halloween thing was coming out. Oh yes, that. I've seen that. I presume that was the part he was wrong on, because it's too damn stupid to consider.
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