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  1. The colossal jerk in me wants to write the box off as Scott having absolutely no clue what to put in the thing and trying to cover his butt. Like "Well technically I never said I've include an answer to the thing in the game, so I can just tell them they haven't tried hard enough and they'll fill in the blank". You know, call me a cynic but I kind of feel like if it wasn't meant to be a teaser the guy could have incorporated it better instead of literally sitting it in a void with a spot light shined on it and letting you fiddle around with the locks. But I realize that's conspiracy level crap. Eh. Can't really say I'm particularly interested.
  2. I want to see someone try to make a film version of Green Eggs and Ham.

    Just screams "Entertaining trainwreck waiting to happen", doesn't it? 

    1. Failinhearts


      Will it star Jim Carrey?

  3. Got to say, I actually really like him doing recent movies. I'm sure that's just because I was born just late enough that I'd never so much as heard of most of the stuff he did before this, but I do. Also, the more people bashing on Pixels the better. Edit: Having watched it now (well, tried to, it was so slow on my computer it was stuck on a still five seconds behind the audio the entire time), I think his diagnosis on why people hate the movie so much is only half right. The repeated sucking is definitely part of it, but I think it's also largely because people actually really liked the movie's concept, or at least thought it had the chance to be fun. Things like Jack and Jill, they sound bad even without knowing Sandler's attached, but this one had a chance, and I think a lot of people are kind of stung by that.
  4. After the Herman's Head crap and the few Ice Age rip off accusations I've seen thrown at Good Dinosaur, I'm used to the stupid rip off cries, people seem just really desperate to label things they make as rip offs. Coco was actually announced to the public first (as in, back when it was "the Pixar film about the Day of the Dead holiday"), but clearly only a tiny handful of people over there want to bother with research. I'm more focused on the people complaining because Lee Unkrich isn't Mexican. Because it's bad now for people to be display an interest in other cultures, apparently. But only certain cultures, cause it's okay to have non-French and non-Scottish people make films about those countries. Edit: Unkrich has already made several trips to Mexico to do research, for the record.
  5. It's an octopus./Nitpicking. Its name is Hank.
  6. Coco's protagonist, Miguel, apparently (I'm not sure if it's been outright stated or if people are assuming). I was hoping for something cuter, but I have no complaints. I like the simplicity in him, and how that guitar looks like it's at least as tall as his chest. Edit: It's concept art. But, well, they bothered to display it, so everyone's assuming it's at least close to the finally product.
  7. Hm. So, between the Polynesian girl, and the Spaniard boy, and the Mexican kid Pixar's working on, and the Indian kid Pixar's working on...me thinks the people who were sure Lasseter was lying about diversity were wrong. Anyway, loving Moana's look (as I was expecting to. Can't wait to see how she's so totally a Rapunzel clone for reals really), and liking the idea for Gigantic. Just please for the love of all things good don't make Ima a princess.
  8. I really dislike it when sequels go out of their way to go back to a previous film and undermine an emotional scene, and that seems to be the entire point of the new Toy Story. Also, their romance was really bland to begin with. I wasn't really expecting to be excited about this, but now it's just hitting my personal peeves. Edit: Also, no Ryan, it is not a prequel. It's been confirmed to be a direct followup some time ago. That's a placeholder for their Day of the Dead film. Spoilered for size and length; Looking forward to this one.
  9. If the Peanuts movie doesn't have an "Art of..." book made for it and at least one commentary on its Blu-Ray release I will be sincerely disappointed. I have never wanted to learn about a film's production more than I do with this movie. 

    1. Zaysho


      If they can make money off of it, the Schulz family will surely put it out.

  10. The more I hear about Pixels, the more I just feel bad for Q*bert. Poor little guy's fictional, he didn't have a choice about being in a terrible movie. :(

    1. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      It's okay, he was in Wreck-it Ralph too, and that's a great video game movie, so it balances out

    2. Ryannumber1gamer


      You want to know what's worse? In the movie, Q-Bert is forced to transform into some video game lady to make some guy happy. Some ending huh?

    3. Disonoid 3000

      Disonoid 3000

      And then he brings more Q*Berts into the movie's universe to suffer.

      Poor guy. 

  11. I'm not going to try and argue whether the series is being "milked" or not because frankly I don't care, but I don't really see how the games not taking much effort keeps them from being "milked". Pretty sure milked, as it's being used here, basically means taking advantage of/exploiting something for all it's worth, which doesn't really depend on a lot of effort being put into something.
  12. Something about his weapon bothers me. It's like it's trying to look three dimensional, but failing. It looks like a sticker, or like it's not finished being colored in or something.
  13. The exact same thing that happened when Lost Ones bombed hard; outright denial, and talk of how he's so totally adapting it into a movie really it's true.
  14. Comic Sonia and Manic are totally different from cartoon Sonia and Manic, though, in both look and role. If anything, the names are more of a shout out to them. I'd consider it more of a roadblock that they were complete clones of Sonic and Sally, but if a goatee makes using Knuckles okay I'm sure a missing tooth and new shoes will make using Sonic okay.
  15. Have my third attempt to pass my driver's test in a few hours. Really wish it was closer so I could get it over with. 

    1. Crow the BOOLET
    2. Osmium


      That must be kinda nerve wrecking. I hope you do good. 

    3. Disonoid 3000

      Disonoid 3000

      Thanks, Osmium. So do I. :P

  16. There's not really any reason to connect the two because of the cameo here. All it means is that Purple Guy was probably an employee at some point, and to go from "Employee --> Phone Guy" is relying on the completely baseless idea that the murderer is someone we know.
  17. If it is in there then my mistake, I'm trying to check but my computer's freaking out.
  18. If anything, releasing just an image that doesn't really show anything could be a good interest boost. If people are truly interested in this project, a single screen shot just hinting at stuff will just intrigue them and make them speculate. I don't think I've ever seen anyone look at, for instance, Five Nights at Freddy's teaser images and complained that they didn't fully encompass the experience. They just expressed a ton of interest and eagerness for the particular game the teaser was for to come out.
  19. The fact that he mentioned animation in relation to this thing terrifies me. I really don't want to see Granny-Su or any of the CG models MOVE, no matter how minor. Please just be stupid little menu things.
  20. He's been doing the whole "Add things, clear up very little, generally give the impression nothing's planned" thing since the second one. I kind of get not keeping continuity with the first game and introducing a bunch of new stuff with the second second, but after the whole thing blew up you'd think he'd bother to plan something, especially since him stopping at four despite clear fan demand implies he did have some sort of plan in mind Maybe he just decided to go more for shock value than actually piecing things together. "I COULD tie up loose ends from the previous two games...but it'd make so many more lets players make over exaggerated surprise faces if I shoved the killer in an animatronic."
  21. I remember when the first FNaF4 teaser came out and people were SO SURE Freddy was going to be the star again because he was the first thing shown. I see that line of thought worked well. :rolleyes:

  22. He said he was going to release it sometime in August and have some DLC for Halloween awhile back. Couldn't even keep THAT date.
  23. Three months and eight days before it was supposed to. If Scott does continue after this, I'd suggest he just stop it with trying to have planned release dates.
  24. I think they're both their own special flavors of obnoxious.
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