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  1. ...Good grief, I hope someone less obnoxious is given the demo soon.
  2. I am so totally utterly surprised. I dunno if it's entirely fair to blame Sandler for it, though. I don't like the guy as much as anyone, but IMDB lists some writers who should probably share the blame with him.
  3. Wait...what? They're using live action?
  4. Wow, that was absolutely gorgeous! I already feel myself starting to like the protagonists here. Just about the only thing I didn't particularly like here was that Arlo's voice seemed kind of unexpected and unfitting, but I'm sure it'll sound better when it's an actual line instead of him just shouting.
  5. Personally, I want to know if this game will have Phone Guy. I hope it does. Springtrap's kind of in this. Unless ghosts can dream, it can't really be Purple Guy we're playing as. Unless there's some other, unhinted at reason why he'd decide to single out a Golden Bonnie.
  6. I'm sure I'm nitpicking, but I kind of feel like if you're going to translate a page you should do the text in the scene, as well, not just the speech bubbles.
  7. Oh my gosh. They combined the annoyance of live action remakes with the annoyance of comic relief focused followup movies.
  8. I think the app is supposed to have the book on it. http://www.kenpenders.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=2527&start=25 And I think buried in his forum somewhere is a mention of having people voice act the thing on the app, but it's late and I don't want to go digging for it right now, so take that with a grain of salt.
  9. As far as we know, he has no current job, his wife is a lawyer and pays for everything. And Ken's already fairly good at sketching (before the forum got wiped we talked about some charity sketches he did of characters that weren't his, and aside from a very wonky looking Anna, they weren't bad). I think his problem is more ugly designing and terrible coloring and shading.
  10. So from the look of it FNaF4 is turning out to be partially a horror version of Toy Story.

  11. I like it a lot better than the atmosphere of the third game, at least, definitely. I honestly found it kind of humorous, or kind of just strange at most. Just...BOOM random Foxy head. Okay.
  12. The whole premise confines them to the arcade, though. Unless I massively misunderstood everything. I don't think there's really anything to do with consoles or mobile games, anyway. Sure, you can do jokes, but if Disney just wants to joke around about crud I suggest they start a web comic. Eh, I'd rank it a Wreck-It Ralph sequel as equally unneeded as a Frozen sequel.
  13. I can't imagine what you're even doing in this. Why the hell are you sticking your head out of the door? Why are you moving around? Is there going to be some "Make it out of the house" or "Move to different room/position as yours is no longer safe" thing? Those are the only scenarios I can think of where not just hunkering down in your bed would be a good idea. And I take it the guesses of the animatronics (except I guess Springtrap) not actually being there are correct cause I can't imagine any other way worrying about them being in your closet would work (and since you can apparently check it I presume it's not a "You know he's in there the whole time, make sure he doesn't get out" type thing), plus "you THINK you see". Which...kind of sucks, I think. FNaF3 is the only one I think people are really justified in their "Just meaningless jumpscares" complaint because of the hallucination animatronics. I don't want that mechanic back. Happy to see full animations, that was something I was really hoping for. Edit: And yes, thank you Scott, we're back in an innocent looking place instead of a generic horror attraction.
  14. Bleh. I don't see any need for a Wreck-It Ralph sequel. Or any Disney sequel for that matter. I loved the first movie but I just can't work up excitement for this, it seems so utterly pointless.
  15. I was surprised at the sheer amount of merchandising and advertising Minions is getting, then I remembered it's made by the same studio that made the ridiculously heavily merchandised and advertised Lorax movie, and suddenly everything made sense. 

  16. I know I probably sound like I'm defending Penders too much lately...but thinking about it a bit, is it really fair to be against him reusing art? In books themselves, yeah, it'd be bad, but so far as promotional stuff goes, it doesn't seem that uncommon for that to be done, at least from what I've seen. Maybe there's this general thing against using it for comic related things I don't know about.
  17. Well, Fredbear's and Springtrap didn't exist at the same time (and I can't think of any way to make it so they did, though I'm sure if he's desperate he could somehow), so I'm guessing either one of those things is a misdirection (Fredbear's isn't actually the missing letters, this doesn't actually connect to Springtrap in anyway, etc.) or flashbacks.
  18. Computer randomly deleted all my files. :(

    1. LovieHats


      mmm whatcha saaaay

  19. Dude thinks this'll be a six or so book thing. For all we know whatever characters he's had sudden revelations about couldn't even be relevant until book four or whatever. And either way, there's a difference between "I have to change this" and "I just flat out haven't done this". I get that Penders is going really pathetically slow. I doubt he's even close to finishing. Just "We've seen one page, therefore one page has been completed" is illogical. Verb and Noun's right that his progress can't really be gauged.
  20. I actually don't think there's anything inherently wrong with releasing some merchandise before the thing is released. It actually seems to be a fairly common thing to do, and it could probably be a decent way to build up hype. It's just that for it to really have a point first you need a set release date and people already interested in the project. Neither of which Ken has. Really, the patches or the phone cases could have been a smart move. They could have been used to gauge interest, and depending on what happens he could have acted accordingly (if they sold, make a couple more things, if they didn't, stop). But, of course, that's not what happened. There's not really any reason to believe he's only done one page. Yeah, we haven't seen any others, but he has no reasons to show us his completed images. The only reason he showed that one page was because it was supposed to be part of a free prequel. If the guy had the idea that he'd have it done by Comic-Con, even if he missed that date, it seems extremely unlikely he has absolutely nothing done of the main book.
  21. Poked around for a few pages, and I don't think anyone's mentioned the fact that we got confirmation of what their next short is about last April. Apparently, it's called Sanjay's Super Team, the story of a young Indian boy who imagines the Hindu gods in an Avengers-esque team up. http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/movies/2015/07/05/sneak-peek-sanjays-super-team-pixar-good-dinosaur/29592193/ " Patel, 41, chose three deities to reference in Super Team : the monkey-like Hanuman, the goddess of power and protection Durga, and the blue-skinned Vishnu, who represents preservation." Looking extremely pretty so far.
  22. They already have learned. They've learned that tons of people are willing to pay money to see complete schlock, again and again and again.
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