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  1. As far as I know, not yet. The script excerpts imply something hit the planet.
  2. Yeah, they're his siblings. Fat one's Olaf, shaggy one's Andy, spotted one's Marbles, girl one's Belle (Thank you, Google), and the skinny one's Spike. I have no clue who the "poodle" is, though.
  3. Are all of those previously seen characters? Cause, if they are, I suddenly feel very inadequate as a Peanuts fan. Aside from the obvious, I see Shermy, Pig Pen, Franklin, Marcy, Peppermint Patty, Patty, girl who I've seen but don't remember the name of, Sally, Linus, other girl who I've seen but don't remember the name of, Schroeder, Lucy, and that's the Little Red Haired Girl up in the corner with popcorn in front of her face. And I think the dogs are Andy, Olaf, Spike, Marbles, and I want to say one of the girl dogs is named Daisy but I think I'm confusing that with Daisy Hill Puppy Farm. On a completely unrelated note, I hope theaters have those little Charlie Brown zigzag cups.
  4. I never really got the planet blowing up thing. Apparently they had some weird plan in place in case something hits the planet and they have something in place because "Once bitten, twice shy", so...um, did the planet get hit by something in the Sonic continuity?
  5. I'm terrified to see what the hair's gonna look like without a huge movie budget behind it. And...really, Tangled? Gotta agree with the above, I'd have gone with Big Hero Six. Or Wreck-It Ralph. Those seem a lot more potential rich. Tangled wasn't even in a particularly interesting setting. Edit: Or, is it going to be 2D?
  6. The obvious; good art. Ditch the loincloths and Lara-Su needs to stop looking like she's sixty, for starters. Then, if he changed the script a bit. I actually don't have a problem with the bet storyline, I just think it needs to be presented differently. As is, it's pretty much just "Characters do stupid things and we're supposed to accept it because the plot needs to start", but if he made it so in-universe it was acknowledged as a monumental mess up that she deeply regretted but was still doing for one reason or another (he likes to talk about different culture, maybe backing down from a dare is just considered really, really pathetic in this culture), it could be a fairly decent plot, I think. And he should probably just focus on that instead of doing all this stuff with the planet blowing up and whatever else is going on. Of course, the script needs to sound more natural. And get rid of K'nox. No amount of good story telling or good art would make K'nox okay. Same with calling it Mobius.
  7. I hope this is suitable for discussion; remember that survey someone set up for the book, back before the server wipe I think? It took a couple hundred days, but it's gotten up to a hundred responses now. And they're pretty much what you'd expect.
  8. Good Dinosaur's teaser is out! Looks nice. Not much to go on, but that's to be expected this early. Got me pretty excited.
  9. I think the tattoo might be the shadow from his outstretched arm. Maybe.
  10. It's a mash up of all the things I was into at the time I signed up. Disney Sonic Vocaloid Mystery Science Theater 3000 I've moved on from a couple, but I don't really like the idea of changing usernames, so I keep it the way it is.
  11. If they can't find anywhere to put it in their upcoming lineup can't they just push it back a few years? Or push something else back a few years?
  12. I'd like to put down my guess right now: whatever "Was it me?" refers to, it was none of them. Not Bonnie, Chica, Foxy or Freddy. I don't know who it is, possibly someone who hasn't shown up before, but I'm willing to bet it's not anyone we've seen in the teasers so far. Alternatively, it's Freddy, since his didn't have "Was it me?" on it. Alternatively, this question will not actually be answered. Alternatively, next teaser shows someone with a big "IT WAS ME!" plastered over them.
  13. Is that a hidden thing you had to DARKEN the image to find? Yes, I've been waiting for him to do that.
  14. (Freakin darn it, I checked the site just this morning and only got Chica!) Well, it's less utterly ridiculous than the previous ones, at least. Still can't say it really scares me or creeps me out, though, he just kind of reminds me of a snake. Also, what happened to the minis? Do all of them have them and we just can't see because we're getting images focused on their heads? Is it just a Freddy thing? Did he decide they looked kind of silly and hastily backtracked? Eh, I'm sure he could figure out some way to use the toy animatronics again without it having a big connection to two. And I expect him to start showing unimportant props eventually, like with the box of spare parts in the one third game teaser. Hm? Were we meant to assume the original Freddy Fazbear's (you mean Fredbears, or...? The timeline kind of confuses me) wasn't kid friendly?
  15. I accidentally shook up my soda can a little bit and now I'm afraid to open it. :(

    1. goku262002


      tap the top right below the pull for 5 minutes, just a soft-medium kind of tapping. it'll reduce the carbonation.

  16. It seems extremely unfair to insult the entire family and call them self righteous because Ken put their names in the comics. If we had some kind of confirmation they asked for him to do it I could understand it, but as far as I know we don't. And I can't remember any mention of them ever doing anything else that would warrant insulting them, either.
  17. I'm not sure if you're joking about wanting that or not. Either way, A Bug's Life probably still wouldn't be a likely thing even if every single voice actor was still alive and doing Ellen levels of begging. Not enough money to grab from it. Never get the point with the ending. It's not like it's the only Pixar movie that ends with possibilities ahead, people seem fine letting the others go. And I may be getting what "hook" means wrong, but if it's meant as in they were purposefully trying to set up more stuff happening, I'd once again like to point out the sheer improbability of Bird baiting a followup and then taking ten years to even start writing it. That said, I jumped at that reaction too quickly. I do understand it, the same way I understand every other fan request for a sequel. The claim it's a thing that needs to happen, as I see around other sites, is the one I don't understand.
  18. Dude's well known to have a wife and at least one kid. And siblings, parents, and other blood relatives' existence aren't really dependent on ego levels.
  19. I don't think anyone said anything about writing them off (except for Cars 3. Cars 3 I'm looking forward to in the "Can't wait to read the negative reviews" way). Just that people are worried. And quite frankly we have every right to be, we might not have trailers but we do know that Toy Story 4's been confirmed to do away with the very important child-toy connection (and is directed by John "Clearly lost his touch and has no one willing to tell him when he has a stupid idea" Lasseter), and Finding Dory is a finance based decision that not even Andrew Stanton wants to do. Those are both pretty horrible first impressions. Yup, that other thing that didn't need a sequel. Enough said. And no, having the potential to have a sequel does not mean a movie needs one. O.O Finally, another person who doesn't get it!
  20. I kind of feel bad for the Good Dinosaur. If Inside Out truly ends up being as good as some people have been claiming it to be (I have no doubt it'll be great, it's just that some comments are claiming it's literally the best Pixar movie of all time), it's going to have a hard time not coming off as inadequate by comparison. Especially since it doesn't even have a year break for everyone to cool down from the last movie. Though, that didn't stop most of the other movies following great ones, so...
  21. Again (kind of...again...I don't remember if I said this before the edit), I think it just comes down to "Return to form" being vague and in this instance being taken to mean two different things. I read it and interpreted "Pixar as a studio is back to the level it used to be on", you read it and seem to have interpreted "Pixar made a good movie again".
  22. I originally had an "Except for Cars" aside in that post somewhere, I guess it got left out after the seventh or so time I rewrote it, my apologies. A Bug's Life's hard to judge the general opinion of because it's generally kind of ignored (though if we want to go the simplified Rotten Tomatoes route it's a 92%). The point still stands, though. They got their reputation because the few failures were the rarity. Which is also the reason why people focus on the recent stuff more; it's kind of hard to worry that Cars is a sign Pixar's slipping when we know their next four movies turned out much, much better. This problem seems entirely based around people interpreting a claim two different ways. I don't think anyone is doubting the critics when they say Inside Out is an amazing movie (I'm definitely not, I came to that conclusion long before they said it), just that one of the interpretations of what they said stretches beyond whether or not it is an amazing movie. And, in the realm of opinions, I liked Cars better than MU. At least Cars was funny.
  23. Also, and this is probably a more controversial opinion, I don't think Pixar can really, truly be be back to what they once were until they stop the sequels. Again, I could be wrong, but I'm also pretty sure originality and freshness, with some riskiness thrown in every once in a while, was another part why people liked them so much. I'm sure I'd appreciate the moral better if it wasn't smacked on a pile of cliches. I should never have to see a movie where the amount of times I guess what will happen next is higher than the amount of times I laugh.
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