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  1. So Ken's dialogue's actually gotten better? This stuff makes "Devil dung!" sound natural and intelligent.
  2. So um...would I be a jerk to ask that we take the Good Dinosaur images down? Cause, those were leaks, and Pixar's apparently been trying to get them taken down. Of course, it's just one, fairly quiet forum thread, so it probably won't matter either way. In other news, two new Inside Out clips; Spoiler free. And you might be able to see the movie a few days early with bonus content depending on whether or not any nearby theaters for you are offering. Kind of expensive, though.
  3. Actually seeing the pages is hilarious. It looks like Knuckles putting on a bunch of costume pieces and playing out all the echidna parts himself. And I love how younger Knuckles looks exactly like current Knuckles except smaller. Cause that's how kids work alright. I believe that should be "Wit'ee Ua'zurnaim".
  4. It's funny to think people got so on his case for that Lien-Da and the other drawings in a similar style. After everything we've seen, they don't look so bad now. In comparison, I mean.
  5. Who hears the name "Archimedes" and thinks "he-she-it"? Pretty sure that's pretty solidly a dude's name. Ken's inability to understand sayings astounds me. Waking up on the wrong side of the bed means someone's cranky, not that they upset the delicate balance of nature and made it hate them or whatever Knuckles is implying there. "Here's mud in your eye!" That's a new one. And it apparently means "Here's to you", so...don't think it fits here, either. Even as a quip. I thought it was J. Jonah Jameson practicing for when he finally goes out to catch Spider-Man himself.
  6. Don't worry, all we need to do is just draw goatees on our avatars and we can all stay.
  7. I don't think I'd ever peg Chica as most insane. The teeth thing are presumably not things she or the others can really control (her jaw's structured differently than their's, they can't change that and neither can she). With the poses, she has some really tame ones, and the others have some pretty sinister looking ones. Plus, points can be made about Foxy's odd habits, or Bonnie being most active, etc. marking them as most insane. Also, from what I've seen, a lot of people would disagree on her being the most disturbing Withered. Faceless Bonnie tends to get the most love in that department. And I keep wanting to say that that doesn't make sense because of one thing or another that's already been established, but...Scott...thin air...pull...All things are possible when writing by the seat of your pants.
  8. I think I'm fully convinced Scott's purposefully trying to make them so over the top it's hilarious now. Seriously, the freakin' cupcake has razor teeth.
  9. Ken working on movies and his terrible designs makes me wonder; anyone else kind of curious how things would have gone down if Dreamworks had accepted his proposed Sonic movie? I know it's probably impossible to tell if they'd actually allow him to have any input (especially since it wasn't his property), but assuming they did, movies almost always change from their original ideas, if not entirely then at least partially, and Dreamworks (as far as I know) knows better than to have clone characters (the movie involved Knuckles' immediate family). Dude would probably go nuts as he attempted to keep anything from changing from his ideas. And to this day he'd be complaining about it.
  10. If they're coming from someone making it from their home then I understand it. I just kind of assumed that wasn't the arrangement, since they didn't really limit the amount that can be bought very much (limit five per person, but considering a place like the Disney Store limits some plushes to two per person it doesn't seem like much of a limit) and that's a lot of plushies for someone (or even multiple someones) to hand make.
  11. They're the first in a series. They're twenty five bucks. Crud. I've love one (well, I'd love a Bonnie), but twenty five bucks? What about that thing makes it cost so much?
  12. I thought the thing with the soundtrack was that they somehow lost/deleted the files or something and didn't have time to recreate them so they went with crummy remixes. I don't know where I read that specifically, though.
  13. I'd be willing to bet money that at least part of the real reason he doesn't even try kickstarter is because he doesn't want his project sitting there with no or very, very little money pledged. Donating would require no interaction with other people, so he couldn't pull the "They're just too mature to talk to other people" card, and it'd be pretty solid proof no one's interested.
  14. I don't really see how a museum would work. Fazbear's Fright was scrounging for stuff from the places, and could barely find anything (which implies not much survived) but also were able to get their hands on Springtrap (implying this wasn't just some low-budget search grabbing what they could, if something big turned up they could get it), so that would seem to imply whatever could be found was already in Fazbear's Fright, which subsequently burned down and took most of its crud with it. Unless they made new stuff just for display. Or they bought all this stuff before Fazbear's Fright. Or Scott's pulling things from nowhere again. Also, they're kind of relying on the idea that the poses we see the characters in in the teasers is guaranteed to be the poses they're in in the game, which the FNaF2 teasers rather handily disprove.
  15. I love the portrayal of Joy. It's great that they're being more nuanced than "Positive emotion = Good, negative emotions = Bad". Plus, I just love her animation. That twirl...
  16. It can be more of a question for us than the player. Or he blocked it out or something. You could probably make a pretty interesting gimmick out of the idea of paranoia or worrying that something might remind you of a memory you don't want. Plot twist; Purple Guy is Bite victim. Good point. Though it could just be a more enclosed game meant only to answer the question of who did it. But again, the fandom never guesses right on these things.
  17. The speculation I've seen posits that instead of actually taking place during the bite it'll be more the aftermath and the victim having bad dreams about the animatronics, hence "nightmare" and the sheer ridiculousness of the designs.
  18. The ears were throwing me off, since they're so bent. But looking at the jaw shape and the fact that there seems to be a bowtie on him, yeah, you're right. So I expect Nightmare Chica in a week or two. The more is released, the more the theory that the game takes place from the point of view of the Bite of 87 victim seems more fitting, with the teeth emphasis, "nightmare" thing and "Was it me?". I doubt that's what it actually is because...the fandom just never guesses right, but still, not too out there.
  19. (Sorry for double posting.) So...I'm thinking entirely new animatronic. Sparky the dog, is that you?
  20. That counters absolutely nothing. - Just because someone knows where something is does not mean they are able to reach it. We're given no indication it's possible to avoid even one animatronic, and Phone Guy clearly had at least three coming after him, so his task of running away should have been even more impossible. - It is even more ridiculous to believe he could avoid them long enough to knock down a wall, which he would need to do because the room is sealed off. Again, just because you know where something is does not mean you can access it. - I can understand Foxy, since that's his thing, but why would the others go and just stand on stage after Super Phone Guy super speeded past them and punched down a wall? It's not like losing sight of the target detracts them any other time. The set up does not match the claim. - "There's an empty suit here. I will get in." It's not a mega complicated concept that requires foreknowledge. And yes, "But he'd need to know how to crank things back", but I saw no cranking in that scene, so I find it much more likely he just got unlucky and found one that was already cranked back. - Why it snapped on him is not the problem, the problem is why on Earth he would get in to begin with. He's perfectly aware of how deadly they are, he's perfectly away how easy it is to set them off, even assuming he really felt running into the death trap was the only possible option, why would he bother to move instead of just sitting there, as motionless as possible, to lessen his chances of horrible death? That's like getting in an Iron Maiden and deciding to rock back and forth for the hell of it. The theory's depending on someone being a complete moron, which is never a good thing. - Also, this is implying Phone Guy is the only one in the world with knowledge of the spring suits, which also doesn't make sense. They were used in a company, employees did survive them, other employees surely knew what they were even if they didn't get inside, higher ups were aware of them. This idea is following the fallacy that the murderer absolutely must be someone we know. - The old place is so obscure and old they're not sure if they can even contact anyone from there, but they can find and purchase the building, which is still standing and has not been converted to anything else? - But let's assume it still makes perfect sense for this place to be found; the story still ended. The animatronics were completely dismantled, and the kids moved on. That was the whole point. But the animatronics are clearly still around, and clearly still trying to kill people past Phone Guy's death.
  21. Ken's already cemented his opinion of any complaints online as being a loud minority. People who send mail to comics, on the other hand, those are representative of the general population.
  22. When someone brought up whether or not he read work by his coworkers while on the book on his forum, he pretty much just dodged the question, so yeah, probably safe to say he hasn't.
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