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  1. It's that time of year again. Too hot to be comfortable, but not hot enough for the air conditioner to be installed.

  2. I know about SEGA just not bothering (and having absolutely no reason to, really), but the post seemed to be implying that even if they did go after him they wouldn't have a case.
  3. Yeah, that's pretty much my reason for following the guy. I imagine years from now we'll still be getting semi-regular, hilarious Penders antics to point and laugh at. Hard to believe he isn't a troll sometimes. Really? Even Knuckles? All you need to do is slap a goatee, shirt and loincloth on a character and the law will leave you alone?
  4. Has Penders ever made an excuse that wasn't really stupid in a really obvious way?
  5. Thinking about the "K'Nox" thing, and I think I'm less ticked that he's blatantly ripping Knux off, more ticked at just how unendingly lazy this man is. The designs are one thing. As extremely lazy as they are, at least character design is a thing that takes actual effort, or at least it should, so you can see a reason why someone would want to be lazy. But how hard is it to make up a name? Just smash up some gibberish or random words, that's what he seems to have done with a lot of the names already. Or, he doesn't even need to make up a name. Some of the names on that ridiculous family tree forest are real names. Just pluck a name from every day life, or use a baby name site. Heck, he can even specifically Google "Pretentious baby names" and get good results. In a world where "Thunderhawk" is considered a legitimate name, knocking off another name is not necessary. And if he got him a nickname that isn't ripped off and is instead about a personality trait or action he does a lot, maybe we could actually learn something about what will probably be a flat character.
  6. Yeah, I think we talked about that on here before we lost the pages in the wipe. The thing that's supposed to go on Knuckles' hat.
  7. Meh, I don't want to go off topic, but Kim Possible wasn't really perfect. She got caught a lot, and had a lot of typical/stereotypical teen girl problems. Lara-Su here...who the hell even gives a five year old a dagger? Do all the parents in this universe suck?
  8. The site's actually been up for a while. It's just completely devoid of anything but a message saying something will be put there eventually. He already gave her the ability to speak a dozen languages and hunt at age five. The ability to draw a dagger from an inconvenient spot within a second is sure to follow.
  9. And it looks like Granny Su is also wearing a loincloth. "K'Nox AKA by nickname acquired as young lad due to the unusual bone structure of his hands AKA the Praetorian." Given that K'Nox is apparently his given name, and I can find no record of the word referring to spikes or any kind of protrusions, I think this might mean Knuckles is still his name, it's just a nickname now.
  10. Maybe SEGA just didn't bother? It seems very unlikely they had any other plans for the Nocturnus, maybe they just thought "Let him have 'em"?
  11. I can't really think of anything for underrated, but for overrated, the Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared series. I avoided actually watching the videos for quite a while because how scary and creepy they were was played up so much (and because in general puppets kind of creep me out), then one day I stumbled on one and I realized I'd had no reason to avoid them. I watched all four of them now and I think there was one or two creepy moments throughout, and even for those they weren't really the kind of thing that stuck with you and kept you up at night, just momentarily got you. Even the gore wasn't that bad.
  12. I think the movies were generally disliked, but yeah, Max, I forgot about him.
  13. I forgot this existed. Has "Known character has a kid" ever worked in any Disney property ever? Why do they keep coming back to this concept? Also, I hate how generic the kids look. Jafar's even back to normal seemingly for the sole purpose of his kid not being unique in any way. And I know I'm nitpicking, but anyone have any clue why Belle and Beast are in charge of the place? Not that there's really anything wrong with them having that role, I just don't see why they'd pick them out of the seven or so royal Disney couples.
  14. Why not? People sick enough to just do that for fun exist, not a stretch to believe he was just a horrible person who got bored.
  15. Oh gods. Freddy's reproducing by budding. Seriously though, I'm really happy to see confirmation on a fourth game, and I'll look forward to it just as much as I did the other ones, but...recently it's kind of been bugging at me that with each game the series moves into a more traditional, generic horror motif, and this new Freddy seems to be following the tradition. So I'm a little disappointed. Edit: Is it too conspiracy nut-like to suggest there might be a connection between the last game having Nightmare Mode and the secret word in this image? Yes? Okay.
  16. Echoing the "No one" answers. I don't think I've ever seen a legitimate reason why any of them should be brought over, just ways they could fit once them being included is taken as an assumption. And maybe this is just me, but when things suddenly introduce characters that overshadow old ones, I pretty much instantly dislike them, especially when the characters they're overshadowing are already pretty much ignored for years.
  17. Yay, more crud for people to insist is canon no matter what happens. Anyone willing to give a brief rundown of what he says?
  18. The way that crossover focused so much on his characters astounds me. I know it's been said his editor was pretty much asleep at the wheel, but seriously, NO ONE was watching this thing and stopped him? I'd think this would have more people watching it before release than a run of the mill issue.
  19. I wish Pop Fiction updated more.

    1. Nepenthe


      Didn't it and Timeline die or something?

    2. Disonoid 3000

      Disonoid 3000

      I wouldn't know. Though I was half expecting to find that out.

    3. Sami


      iirc it's a weird situation with Michael Damiani, the creator of the show. After the DEFY Media buyout he's been in and out of a job there or something.

      Right now he's working on Kingdom Hearts Mysteries.

  20. Maybe it's signifying that it was sold at the auction. /Probably stupid idea. Or maybe now we'll get movie teasers. /Definitely stupid idea. Or maybe Scott just got sick of people claiming the light on the hat was actually secret images.
  21. Is there any time of the year they can release these things without heavy competition? The more I follow Dreamworks' schedule the more the answer seems to be "No, and it's a futile effort to try". On a side note, watched Penguins and Turbo now. Former was fun (really want to watch the commentary and read the art book for it. There was so much weird stuff I want to see their comments on). Latter reminded me why Dreamworks has the reputation they do.
  22. Penguins of Madagascar might just be the weirdest movie I've ever seen.

    1. Kiva Fever

      Kiva Fever



    2. Dizcrybe


      Good weird or bad weird?

    3. Disonoid 3000

      Disonoid 3000

      Both good weird and bad weird, it depends on the scene.

  23. I still find myself focusing on the fact that he thinks a spur of the moment, clearly not connected to anything doodle is somehow proof she wears anything else in the book. I want to know what his logic was in that. I said it in a deleted post, but his inability to just rip an image that is actually from the book out of background context and show people makes me seriously question how much work this dude's gotten done.
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