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  1. Rifftrax must mock the FNaF movie.

    1. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      I sense that they'd self-deprecate MST3K somewhere.

      C'mon, a guy trapped by himself in one place with only robots to keep him company, how could they not?

  2. A black rubber thing that should be on the bottom of the laptop somehow got itself stuck to the screen when I was away. Huh.

  3. There is a LSC Wiki already. It's full of entertaining sarcasm, and censors every mention of Sonic/Archie with [DENIAL].
  4. Anyone know what "It's Me" was supposed to be referring to this whole time or does it go in the "Random things from before the popularity explosion" pile? Eh...I know Scott actually does the voice and all, but if he actually showed up, I always kind of figured Phone Guy was older than him. Dude's been at multiple store locations (FNaF1 place is presumably open for twenty years, before that he's clearly already in some kind of supervisor position at FNaF2's location, old enough to have seen Foxy at the old place which has been closed for so long they can't track anyone from it, FNaF3's tapes might imply another location I don't know), and was apparently about to retire. Though I guess makeup and wigs are always a possibility.
  5. Eh. I think that's stretching a bit; it's a fairly generic action pose, and considering there are thousands and thousands of comics out there I'm willing to bet that pretty much anything is going to match something in one of them. ( And her right arm and left hand are different from the pose, for the record, but that's fairly easy to explain away within the accusation.)
  6. Sorry, I wasn't trying to snap at you specifically. I just saw the same thing like ten times on Tumblr and I can't tell if those people were joking and it got extremely irritating and I sort of jumped at the opportunity to mini-rant.
  7. I keep seeing people saying this. I'm all up for an absolutely horrible movie to point and laugh at but that crosses the line into something that would legitimately make me not watch it and actively hope for its total failure. Seriously, having the ability to over-dramatically scream at something does not qualify you to head a major motion picture based on that something.
  8. And I don't think Ken would really balk much at the idea of killing Knuckles. I really don't think Ken gives the slightest semblance of a care what happens to Knuckles. Knuckles was the key into an already existing book, and a template for him to copy every character from because character design is HAAAAAARD. So long as Ken has his army of clones, you could probably write in that Knuckles is in some dark pit having his liver eaten every day for eternity and I don't think Ken would move to save him. He'll just move Knuckles #35 into his place.
  9. Five Nights at Freddy's: The Movie, Starring Johnny Depp in a funny hat.

  10. I really hope this focuses on the first game. I suppose it's probably too much to hope for an atmosphere heavy, creative movie with just brief flickers of tragic backstory, but I would so love it if it happened. Or, even a whole new story that ties into the games' stories would be pretty cool (maybe even with its own hidden things for people to overly dissect). On the more realistic side of things where they'll probably take the easy route and focus on the back story a lot, I hope they at least stay away from the third one. I liked it better than the second, but I think it took too much of a traditional horror approach and that ending was nothing but cheese. And please remember, Hollywood people, bands of five teens that happen to fit into stereotypes cannot take night shifts together and are unlikely to break into kiddie pizzerias to party. One dude, please. Or one dudette, if you prefer. That said, OH MY GODS I AM SO FREAKIN' EXCITED!
  11. I can safely say that it is possible to spend all your time screwing around on the internet. Seriously though, we know he has a family, and he claims to have friends, maybe he spends time with them. Though, his apparent procrastination makes me kind of wonder just how into this project he really is. Maybe I'm just weird, but in my experience, if you want to do something, you don't put it off, at least not this long. Does he actually want to do this thing at all? Is this a story he feels need to be told and he genuinely wants to be the one to tell or is he just dragging himself through it because he thinks it'll have a big pay off? (I'd entertain the idea he's working hard on it and just keeps hitting problems, but I imagine he'd probably use those as excuses all the time if that was true.)
  12. Considering this whole thing was supposed to be out three years ago, I'd be more surprised if someone didn't doubt that he'd have the thing released by that time.
  13. My mind goes to two possibilities; 1. He knows this is probably going to end badly for him (either the conversation takes a mocking turn or he says something stupid) and tries to drop it as quickly as possible. 2. He doesn't really know what echidna culture is, he's working it out as he goes along. I could be wrong, it's just what I assume.
  14. Okay I'd like to think I don't normally have a dirty mind, but all I can think when I look at that patch is "Why are the buildings wearing a pair of black underpants?". That and that the Echidna language looks more like random squibbles than a genuine language. Probably cause they are, but still, I shouldn't be thinking that looking at this.
  15. Browsing horror games at three in the morning. This is not a stupid idea at all.

  16. Suddenly, I really want a Pixar themed party video game.

  17. Yeah, I know Ken'd never actually do that, it was just something that came to me.
  18. Pretty much everything. Very pretty and unique (to the franchise at least) visuals, beautiful songs, decent story, and I know I have a very low standard for it, but I did genuinely enjoy the gameplay. And I don't see anyone bringing up the Party Mode, that was very fun.
  19. I was thinking it'd be a good April Fools joke if Ken Penders claimed to have finished his book, but then I realized no one would believe him.

  20. Calling it; April Fools Day is going to have at least one "FNaF4 confirmed!" joke somewhere.

    1. Ferno


      *monster reborn card*

    2. Nepenthe


      Man, do I want another game.

  21. There's a mention of stock art being used to "show the characters from any angle" on his forum, but other than that I don't think we've really been given any hints as to whether he's using traditional art or the CGI models. If it's traditional, Ken probably got the CGI renders in order to look modern. Or he's stupid. Or both.
  22. Math. It sucks.

    1. Kaze no Klonoa

      Kaze no Klonoa

      Math, it's practically important in life for some reason

    2. Diogenes


      false. math is actually good and cool.

    3. Celestia


      what'd math ever do to you?

    4. Disonoid 3000

      Disonoid 3000

      Ruin my day and give me headaches?

    5. E-van
  23. It just occurred to me that Ken repeatedly refuses to make his own backgrounds and yet continues to give the guy who everyone seems to agree is at least a decent background designer characters to make. Darnit, Ken, think.
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