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  1. I feel that the more I like a movie, the more I want a sequel to it to never come ever for as long as I live.

    1. Komodin


      Why do you feel this?

    2. Disonoid 3000

      Disonoid 3000

      Because I don't want to risk the sequel hurting the original, it's not as fun going back to an old world as it is entering a new one, and I hate it when a good ending is ruined by going back and making up some new conflict.

  2. The Knuckles the Echidna comic! Starring Knuckles, Knuckles in a wig, Knuckles in a lab cat, Knuckles in a stupid outfit, Knuckles in another stupid out fit, and pink Knuckles! Also these other people Ken didn't make and therefore you can actually distinguish them from each other while they wear no clothes!
  3. The amount of people who apparently thought The Underminer was meant as a genuine cliff hanger for The Incredibles never fails to astound me.

    1. Mando-Whirl-Wind


      You mean "Not Mole-man"

    2. SuperLink


      they clearly undermined the whole point of him

    3. DarkLight


      Same here. There was even a video game with him as the villain, I recall.

    4. SonicWind


      They made a follow-up video game involving him, for crying out loud!

      ...I'm not kidding.

    5. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      @DarkLight There was. I played it. And I seem to remember it being more enjoyable (or at least easier) than the actual movie-based Incredibles game.

    6. Da Blu Hedgie

      Da Blu Hedgie

      @Spin Attaxx: Oh it was better than the movie based game, though it was much easier. That friggin octobot boss was absolutely rediculous and the gazerbeam cheat was completely useless against it.

  4. Redrawing the same eye like fifteen times cause it just won't match the other one. :X

  5. Hasn't it been established he doesn't read what the other writers make? Maybe he didn't know.
  6. His forum gets like maybe one new post a week, more if something actually happened or someone came back after a while and has more than one thing to say, but in general there hasn't really been any opportunities for BobR to do anything. Ken's stopped posting most of the new Lara-Su stuff over there, too (though he did make a post with the comic page in it), which has stopped a lot of discussion and subsequently stopped a lot of his stupid claims. Real shame, too, cause the arguments between him and the people on there are very entertaining. I should really try and see if I can log in, but I'm pretty sure my posts were deleted, so probably not.
  7. I haven't seen it either, but there are a lot of people who think movie adaptions should stand alone, and I agree with them, especially when it comes to reviews. The movie's meant to be the story in a different medium, not a tie-in you need the book to understand. That thing was pretty funny, though.
  8. It's not like they needed to make an adaption for the book. It's entirely possible the people who say that would have not liked the book, too.
  9. This whole thing seems so completely small and unknown I can barely imagine very many, if any, actual critics actually bothering, unless they review literally everything that comes out.
  10. > Name episode after Five Nights at Freddy's. > Use Five Nights at Freddy's as background throughout. > Take thirty six minutes (over half of running time) to mention Five Nights at Freddy's. Stopped at 46 minutes, they said absolutely nothing you can't find being said dozens of other places. Well, other than the claim that Phone Guy can't be Purple Guy because Phone Guy likes Foxy and not because he's, you know, dead.
  11. I thought he was trying to make it sound cool and just had absolutely nothing to work with. Isn't this book supposed to be able the kids of the kids of Hiroshima victims? That was 1945. It should be set (assuming each of them had kids in their early twenties) like, ten years at the most from when Ken was writing this. Does that really need a "OMG future is cool!" thing? (Sorry if I'm wrong, it's really hard to figure this all out when googling it gives you literally nothing.)
  12. "Floating islands are a staple of science fiction"? I'm not going to claim to know very much about the genre, is that even remotely true? I mean, I think "science fiction", I think more spaceships, lasers, and aliens than floating islands. I think I'd file those away more in the fantasy genre, and even then, not as a staple. And I'm severely confused how the echidnas are going to be more eco-conscious than Floating Island. As far as I remember, that place was pretty much completely natural. Whatever tweaks the comic made to it I presume came from Penders. So shouldn't this already be shown?
  13. I thought there were some jokes (bad jokes) in 25 Years Later. And there was apparently a joke that accidently got left out of it, which Retro talks about in a review, down towards the bottom. Or does that count as being Lara-Su related?
  14. I thought the app was supposed to be the comic. Like, he planned for this thing where you'd pay for it like an online book and could change the language and have voice acting with the thing. I'll need to look for where I saw that.
  15. It looks like everyone here has the game. I'm confused, I tried looking it up on Google Play and it's not there.
  16. It's the first day and spring and it's snowing.

    1. Disonoid 3000

      Disonoid 3000

      Crud, *Of spring

  17. Yeah, it being a byproduct of Scott not planning a trilogy was what I was thinking, I just kind of wanted to see if anyone had a way to make it work with the story he went with. I don't think the Phone Guy explanation works. He'd have died in another room, and there'd be no reason for him to start reciting books as he died.
  18. There are like six tropes in the page history. Surprisingly, only one of them's really negative, but they were all deleted because "Oh, we made a page titled 'Ken Penders' and then people put down tropes on Ken Penders, who'd ever have guessed?!"
  19. I've asked this two other places and not gotten an answer, so I'll try here. Remember back in the first game, where the fifth night phone call was a garbled mess that you could decode to get a paragraph of a book from the forties? Anyone have any idea what was up with that? Was that from the kids? How'd they do that (did they have a copy of an audio book? Is that one of the animatronics' voices? Is recording jumbled books you don't have some weird ghost power)? Why (doesn't really seem to do anything towards their goal of killing you. It'd pretty much be impossible for you to de-scramble it in-universe anyway)? Would kids even know this book exists (a lot of big words in that excerpt)?
  20. According to Ken, it's okay, because he drew that particular image. Yeah, that's totally how that works alright.
  21. Spanish Inside Out trailer. Bringing it up because it has a ton of new footage of young Riley. Possible tiny (seemingly one of those things you know will happen but not how) spoiler from roughly 2:05 to 2:15.
  22. It's hard to see through Ken's weird wording, but it's there; Later on they talk about needing space travel to "transit between the biosystems", so yeah. Though he doesn't seem to want to reunite the pieces. http://www.kenpenders.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=2549
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