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  1. Pixar's really fond of sequels that change the genre and could have been original films with only the slightest tweaks. I'm hoping it doesn't focus on a minor character, John clearly has no idea who can and cannot carry a movie. It's coming out in 2017.
  2. Which is absolutely hilarious, considering the guy insists this is a "hard sci-fi" story.
  3. Wow. Wasn't expecting so many people to have the same "Well, that sounds intere-Adam Sandler? Crud" reaction as I did. I might maybe possibly consider watching it if my family rents it. Theaters no way.
  4. I always kind of presumed her backstory was another victim of Boom's tons of cut content, and the series never went into it because they weren't supposed to, the game was supposed to do it for them.
  5. Honestly, I wish he would license stuff. I don't really see anything great about him not doing so, the demand's clearly there, it's not like he's trying to force it or anything. I still want a Bonnie plush dammit!
  6. To me, this doesn't really say "I think this is high quality". The rest of the post also talks about how he was trying to improve things. I think his bigger stupid move was putting it on the internet to begin with.
  7. For the record, here's the cite for the investors thing; http://www.kenpenders.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=145 In the same post, he claims he was going to have a costume designer from the Spider Man movies (well, third one, going by IMDB) working on this thing. I feel bad for that guy, whoever he is.
  8. I think Ken could have great success as the next Tommy Wiseau of the world. That crazy guy who made an awful movie that becomes successful because everyone laughs at but he doesn't really get that people are laughing at it.
  9. Presuming you mean the trailer, I believe he said it was an unfinished product meant to be shown to investors...which he promptly put on the internet for some insane reason. As for why he was showing it to investors, because he clearly is more interested in film than comics. Also, I want to mention that the music in that thing's apparently from Iron Man. Creator's rights, people, creator's rights.
  10. I just kind of expect the people in the fandom where theorizing is one of the main draw ins to have a bit more restraint than "I heard this theory, it sounded kind of nice, it's canon now!". But I wouldn't really say I'm surprised either way, just...amazed, I guess.
  11. The theory's not dead unfortunately, there was an argument over on the FNaF wiki board just a few days ago when someone claimed someone else's comment was wrong because the puppet's actually a mother. Apparently, the Phantom Puppet being the most likely to get you killed is somehow proof. I really don't know how these people survive in this fandom if they're so willing to take anything as canon; they should have like eight different canons for every part of the game.
  12. Looking forward to this so much. Also, there's apparently an alternate trailer they're playing in front of Cinderella (and apparently at a shareholders meeting or something) where the bits that were in the first trailer are replaced with new stuff focusing on the first day of school. Hopefully that'll work its way onto the internet soon.
  13. My favorite is the people who claim if you reverse the beginning of the second game's trailer you can hear "Mike kill all". Because, apparently, these people think Scott wrote "London Bridge Is Falling Down".
  14. There's not really any reason Purple Guy can't just be some random sicko who wanted to kill some kids. I, personally, am fine with that explanation. That's not what posts in the Steam forums look like (the heading text should be white and it doesn't put the name or date under the title). That looks like it's supposed to be an announcement, and none of the games have it in their announcement section. I call fake.
  15. Personally, I'd like to think SEGA's holding back from doing anything simply because they find this guy as entertaining as we do and don't want to stop the train wreck.
  16. He talks like no one gave him a chance prior to Super Con. News flash, Ken: People gave you a chance, you just repeatedly tore it down with horrible work and a terrible attitude. Also, me and him share a similar opinion on an aspect of Frozen and for that I am ashamed.
  17. Translation: "Most writers actually did their jobs instead of ignoring established material for the sake of making up their own little universe. "
  18. It'd probably be impossible to pick a favorite, so here are a few I really like;
  19. "The footage is in the can waiting for Visual FX to be added." I know this is a stupid thing to focus on, but did "can" in this context stop meaning "to reject something" while I wasn't looking?
  20. Ken has a completely different definition of "professional level" than the rest of the English speakers on the planet. For us, it means something done with the skill and quality of a professional. For him, it means anything made or sanctioned by him. So it's only professional level in Ken World. As for whether or not it's a fan work or an original work, he vehemently insists it is one hundred percent disconnected to Sonic. Except for Not-Knuckles, the character designs and the fact that he says it still fits with canon. Completely. Once again, it makes sense only in Ken World.
  21. I really, really want to see someone make some kind of webcomic or something with Evil Lara-Su, just long enough to see if Ken complains about it or not. Seeing him call Evil Sonic "my character" on his forum is painful.
  22. I do. I think it's a troll. Well then, I hope for his sake he either comes from an insanely huge family, or is related to Bill Gates, cause otherwise "My family likes it" isn't going to do him much good when the sales numbers roll in.
  23. Alright everyone, step right up and place your bets now! Will this cover feature; 1. A generic shot that tells us jack squat about the story. 2. More bikinis. 3. Not-Knuckles front and center, probably bigger than Lara-Su. 4. A photo background. 5. All of the above. My money's on 1 and 3.
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