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  1. The girl is sweet.But she has been through to much

  2. "Day 16: If you could have one character's abilities/powers/skills/etc, what would you like to have?" Honestly? Sonic's super speed! Being the idealistic fart I am, it'd be sweet to be able to explore the world at my leisure, seeing the sights I feel like seeing, discovering lots of things and finding out more about this world I live in. Being able to visit friends far away would be a plus, too - as well as the conventional everyday benefits like the walk back home taking a mere second. As for the question from yesterday, I can actually do a relatively competent impression of Jason Griffith, ahaha.
  3. But he already is. He's already inspired Tails to be a hero and stand up for himself, inspired Amy (albeit indirectly) to be brave and to fight, inspired Blaze to be less insecure and more open for friends and receiving help, amongst others. We already get these moments as it is. As far as the general opinion that believes you think Sonic is perfect... Well, you cover up Sonic's 'mistakes', such as being captured by the GUN and having to be rescued by Amy (which is honestly nice, depicting Sonic isn't perfect and needs help at times, while depicting Amy to be a strong individual who can stand up for her own and help Sonic when he's in need), for instance. It's natural to require help; heck, Sonic even willingly got assisted by Silver in Kingdom Valley, in Sonic 06. You don't have to make everyone into sitting ducks to make Sonic a good character; in fact, you need a strong supporting cast for Sonic to work with for it. Sonic can't do everything, which is a good thing... and that's why the other characters are there to fill what Sonic can't do on his own.
  4. Let me get this straight, Sonikku-chan. I get you're a fan of Sonic (the character) and you like him getting spotlights, yadda yadda. As a fan of him myself, I can understand where you're coming from. However, it's seeming that you're failing to realize that even Sonic has limits, flaws, fallacies and faults. Sonic isn't perfect, and neither is he a mentor; while I do expect him to have street smarts on the things he usually does like running and smashing badniks, Sonic isn't talented in every way. He isn't as experienced as Tails in mechanics, as experienced as Amy in hammers, as experienced as Knuckles about treasure hunting... The list can go on. One thing you might need to acknowledge is that while I can relate for your looking up to Sonic, Sonic isn't perfect; he has flaws and limits. Other characters exist to fill those flaws and limits... While Sonic fills the others'. I hate to derange my topic, but it works the same way in real life... Nobody is perfect, and nobody ever will be. A perfect human will be an impossibility in my eyes, and thus Sonic, to be a believable character, needs flaws. He needs to be... imperfect. When looking up to Sonic and admiring his qualities... You'll have to remember; not only do you have to learn from his triumphs, you need to learn from his errors, as well.
  5. Sonic 1, emulated on PC as a port on Sega CD that allows me to listen to Project Flash as I play the game. Beat Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World as well; I hope you appreciate the Year of Luigi.
  7. He's frankly getting pointless to me real fast. I mean sure he's the obligatory power character and he was chucked to Team Sonic because "LOLCLASSICTRIOHE'SAPOWERCHARACTERLOLOLOL" in Heroes but WHAT ABOUT THE FREAKING MASTER EMERALD YOU DOLT I mean like PONTAC Sure he wasn't the first one to pointless-ize the Master Emerald but STILL ahgkashgjkahskj I don't even know what I'm talking about here my point is that I don't think he has a purpose at all. I mean how many lines does he even get in Lost World like two or three? Yeah yeah YEAH GO BACK TO PROTECTING THE MASTER EMERALD YOU AT LEAST HAVE A PURPOSE THAT WAY
  8. I'll just get to the point that I'm most concerned about: The music. The person who did it seems to be either an inexperienced beginner or a lazy bum, only changing instruments... and pitches, for whatever reason. The problem is, however, that the pitches of some of the instruments are left intact, giving it an horrible dissonance that just flat-out screams "BEGINNER HACK". Really, the melodies and themes themselves seem to be completely unchanged... Why not at least keep the music until you find someone more experienced?
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