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  1. Ah, the homing attack. From its subtle early days in 3D Blast, to its helpful times in Adventure and to its controversial infamy in Sonic 4, This move has been with Sonic for the better of his days. Now, I'd like to hear your thoughts of the move in not only 3D, but 2D. Personally, when it's in 3D, I don't mind it too much, but as I'm designing a game with the homing attack as an optional ability, I have quite a few things to say about it. Currently, the Homing Attack is used very ineffectively, missing the potential that it has. The biggest problems it has are the loss of momentum every time a homing attack is done successfully, and the ways that it is used. Normally, I don't use the Homing Attack too much in Sonic 4. Being a 2D game, the precision the ability gives you is very redundant, as aiming in 2D is much easier than in 3D. I don't see why anyone even has to use the ability until one very hated aspect of the game comes up. Homing Attack chains. Unless you like the homing attack or mastered the recurling glitch, you are going to hate them. Unnecessary and tedious, this just has to show up fairly often. I personally think that unless they are shortened and put less frequently, they will keep getting the hate they currently deserve. Like I previously said, I'm designing a game (that I'm looking programmers for) that utilizes the homing attack optionally. In there, the homing attack does not take your momentum away, and is more of a aiming aid than a 'do all the work for you' tool. If holding right or holding nothing, it propels you towards your target temporarily but loses power soon. This makes it so that you actually have to aim the thing instead of just using it mindlessly. Though, it has a larger range, though that's for comboes in combat. Oh, and no, it's not a Sonic fangame. Well, what are your thoughts on this infamous ability of Sonic?
  2. Wow, it's as honest to the original as I expected! ...Say, anyone mind telling me the presets for each track?
  3. Actually, Sonic Genesis is the GBA remake so yes, perfect ripping would be possible. I already have the opm for Green Hill, so all I need is the midi. I can't. I can't seem to rip the midi, no matter how hard I try. I'm convinced the StHGenesis one is pretty honest to the original. Dunno why, but I have a feeling. Sides, I'm not using their samples. You know what? I think I'm gonna try rip from Classic Collection. It probably won't work, but if it does... You know.
  4. Ah, cool. He didn't rip Sonic Genesis. Could you please ask him to do so? (Y'know, since I'm in purgatory Pending Approval due to my being of a complete retard back then) EDIT: lol at your location
  5. Ah, sure. Waitasec, which one, Nexus 1 or 2? By any chance, does anyone know how to rip midi files from GBA roms?
  6. And you're already a semi-popular person. loljkdonthurtmeillmakeyouasongithink I'm probably gonna go for a bit more synthpop approach, or I may add the shitty lyrics I made for the whole Splash Hill. Prolly the synthpop. EDIT: The synthpop.
  7. Mini update: Still need midi rip of Green Hill, though I might just settle for a StHGen (GBA) midi rip instead. I'll try that one first. Also, I need the disco falk fake strings. I've contacted Falk, hoping he can be of assistance. Let's wait and see. Aside from those, nothing of importance.
  8. Well, they didn't say anything about me. Gotta go fast, capiche. Loljk I'm sure they're all awesome in their own unique way! Just that they dont care about me ikidwhyareyoureadingthismylifeisajokeasdfghjklkjhgfdsasdfghjkl
  9. Oh hi Katamari. Hmm. Though, Nexus costs a bit... I'll have to try. I'm about to switch to VOPM, but I really need a midi rip of Green Hill Zone. Note what I said: Rip. I'm going for absolute perfection, so I need rips. I've updated the WIP file, btw. Nothing too special, but I changed the OGG into a MP3 so you don't have to download the file. P.S: lol Zelda Faseeh.
  10. Oh, that'd be an honor! Thanks! Say, know any VSTs that could emulate Classic Green Hill's synths?
  11. Hi, I'm CanofNothing, and I'm currently trying to arrange Classic Green Hill's music by ear. Armed with nothing but a few mp3s, Mixcraft 6 and a few VSTs, I'm determined to make the arrangement to end all arrangements. My current progress can be found here. I'll be updating this as I go along. However, I'll need your help! Yes, you! From helping me a bit in the arrangement to simply leaving a kind word of support, I'll need all the help I can get. How you can help me: Help with arrangement Help with instruments (VSTs) Supportive comment If you'd like to help with the arrangement, here's everything that you'd need! The link above contains: mp3 files of Green Hill, Classic Green Hill and Classic Green Hill with extracted synths midi file of my work in progress mp3 file of my work in progress Well, I hope you guys are interested, and I wish to hear your thoughts about this!
  12. Before the Sequel had some good interpretations of Wood, Dust Hill and Winter Hill.
  13. Green Hill. Compared to real hills, there's hardly any green in it. Compare this Green Hill: To this Green Hill. The actually plentiful grass of real hills is greener. *rimshotforbadjoke*
  14. I... I... run like Classic Sonic. (minusthewheeloffeetcuzthatsunrealistic)
  15. Sonic 3D Blast. Why? Simple, it needs a whole overhaul. It needs the homing attack to be a normal ability but nerfed, flickies being useless, slight level redesigns, elemental shields and Super Sonic. That won't really feel like 3D Blast, but that's the point.
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