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  1. Yeah I know I said I was gonna stay out but I'm really sorry I just want to talk about this. Are you seriously implying that you're of enough musical prowess to criticize and analyze these stuff?! I mean, sure, I have no problems with someone disliking something I like, but if someone calls it bad without a valid complaint with well thought-out points based in heavy musical background, that's where I draw the line. As far as I know about music, Black Knight's music is GOOD. So is 06. SO IS LOST FREAKING WORLD. They're (mostly) very well-written pieces that I (for the most part) probably won't top for a very long while. Do I like them? No. Still, I acknowledge their high quality. When it comes to things like Windy Hill, I honestly think, having written using the same chord progression, as well as *cough* written an arguably possibly more catchy (and this is coming from a person who is at most only mildly proud of his music) melody, that I am valid enough to make SOME amount of criticism, but something like Dessert Ruins or Sky Hive? No, I just admit that they're well-written, as much as I dislike them. Seriously. Just because you didn't like it is no reason to say that something is bad. It's an especially common opinion when it comes to music, I've noticed, which I find very sad, as music really tends to be all about tastes - I, for example, dislike pop and dubstep, but I don't say that those kinds of music is BAD in general - there can be good and bad in all sorts of music, and quite frankly, many a time I choose not to judge and criticize. So... well, I try not to show off or criticize... I'm just livin' by my own feeli- *shot* ...OKAY BYE I'LL TRY IGNORE THIS TOPIC FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE NOW
  2. I'd love to give it a shot - don't expect much out of it, but I'd love to try a spin on this! I'd prolly turn it into a bit of a dance-ish thing, though... I'm worried whether you'd be okay with that.
  3. Oh, m-man... Dude, just... DUDE! That Unleashed one, man... So much feels... SO MUCH FEELS! You got Sonic's characterization so much better than I could ever dream to be, and actually managed to make his response to Amy fit, as well as developing Amy as to really allow Sonic to consider, while being a believable extension to her official personality. Your writing is also spectacular - It's just... so pretty and descriptive. Now, if you will excuse me - BE RIGHT BACK, ANALYZING HIS PERSONALITY ON THAT ONE.
  4. It actually shares a lot of chords and motifs with your everyday Mario theme, if anything. Though, hearing the melody, I can get where you're coming from, as well.
  5. W-whoa, I forgot to actually comment about that! Thanks - It's always interesting to see others' interpretation of the design. Interesting way you drew the top - looks like a reasonable compromise between my style and the realistic norm, actually. Thanks, bud - I love it! And yes, I would look good around Cola~ >:3
  6. ...Isn't this more of a poem than a song?
  7. It's a cheaper alternative to kids that don't have a 3DS due to costs, multiple people in the family that wants one and/or parents refusing to get them a 3DS because of the 3D, which they're afraid would hurt their eyes. I personally like it - looks comfortable enough and affordable price. Again, it's probably aimed for the kids who don't have a 3DS, really.
  8. "This is wrong", "This is bad" and "This is how to do this" aside, the dude has a point - I really don't feel the music choices HALF as much as the older games'. Sure I mean you could insert dubstep or chiptune or orchestral or rock or whatever into any stage and as long as it's written to fit it will fit, but... I don't think Lost World's stuff is. *dodges bullets* Basically they can be divided into Sonic Unleashed wannabes (the irony) and doing their own thing so far - and let's delve into the wannabes first. While compositionally still similar and everything, they seem to lack a charm that made the Unleashed tracks so amazing to me - maybe partially (if not completely) because it's just trying to imitate what made up the Unleashed tracks; quite like the New Super Mario Bros. U theme. It's made even worse for Windy Hill, as an already simple (albeit memorable) melody was broken down into a (IN MY OPINION) very repetitive, monotonous and merely catchy (there's a difference) one, one that toned the fast pace down, when the point of the original track was being fast. It's seriously almost comparable to Friday! *shot* okay, maybe not... AND THE ORIGINALS. I like Desert Ruins' Desert themes, so I'll leave them aside for now - The candy theme really is composed to be something like Mario, and instrumentated to be something else that I can't quite put my finger on; though saying that I write more Sonic-esque would be a very big challenge (for me) to the genius of Tomoya Ohtani indeed. Frozen Factory 1, however - really just suffers from Pop Song Syndrome; (in case you're gonna shoot me for this, I'm joking - just poking fun at the typical 'mainstream' song) the chords are great, yes, but the melody - which has usually been a very strong point of just about any track in Sonic games - is... too absent and unmelodic. It really feels... And I know this is extremely opinionated of me, but... un-Sonic-esque, in my opinion. This is the absolute first time in any main Sonic game that I can't remember almost any of the tracks so far - I memorized almost every single melody in After the Sequel, mind you - On one side, I'm disappointed, and on the other, I get reminded that ultimately, what's used in a Sonic game is Sonic-esque music, not what my digging and technical analysis gives out.
  9. I'm sure Naganuma chopped samples up and mixed them around. "Understand understand, understand understand, understand understand, the concept of, concept of love!" "Yeah you don't stop, just proceed, cause this is what you need, proceed, just proceed, cause this is what you need!" "Back to Back, we're spinning on the- Back, Back to Back, on the turntables- Back!" Yeah.... You get the idea.
  10. Forgotten gem? Ooooh, boy... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ko6gQvqRvt0 I ADORE Apotos' hub theme - it's easily one of my favorite hub themes from Sonic. The instrumentation of guitar tapping, acoustic strumming and flute really works for me, and the composition is just phenomenal - it really gets me in the mood of a brand new morning, ready to wake up and have some fun adventures! The night theme also manages to give a very satisfactory night feeling - it's like looking back on the fun day you had, ready to settle down and go to bed, to get awoken by the Day theme the next morning. Yeah, I really love this tune~
  11. Just gonna bump this topic with a recap of what I've said in that other topic - I kind of notice a few motifs and compositional tricks that some of the tracks share with one another, joining them altogether as one unified soundtrack... Except for two. I've already analyzed Desert Ruins Zone 2 and a friend has done for Zone 3 - they don't share any stylistic similarities to anything we've heard yet so far... With that track from the 3DS version, I'm betting on Desert Ruins being a musical deviation - with a large deviation in the other aspects of this Round to justify it.
  12. Oh, might as well plan something like that up! In terms of priority: 1) This original song thing I've been working on (currently involving: Joshua Taipale and Speedway) 2) No Way? No Way! 3) Green Hill (collaboration with Joshua Taipale) 4) Possibly a medley of Chemical Plant, Metal Sonic and a Rayman Origins track, among others 5) Possibly a remix of Oil Desert... Assuming I manage to finish it. I really, really doubt I could finish even 3 for this, though.. Let's see how it goes.
  13. You know how in the classic Sonic games where if you jump in a loop at a specific timing and then roll, you get a lot of speed? (the way normally used to kill Sonic in that S-Loop in GHZ Act 1) Yeah, I've forgotten the timing recently, and I absolutely forbid myself from moving on (especially in Sonic 1) without having done it properly.
  14. More or less; That's basically all that's final in that thing! I really should have called it a proof-of-concept/demo or something instead - There's gonna be a lot that's smoothened out and improved soon, such as a real guitarist *coughJoshuaTaipalecough*. ...Now, if I could only grab a vocalist for the darn thing...
  15. I've been stalking your page on deviantART for a solid few months or so now - I really love your work, dude! This isn't just some simple moving pixels around territory we're talking about; I'd like to call it Pixel Art. (herpderphue) thatwasnotfunny
  16. Yeah, I'm pretty sure we all guessed/seen it by now. What's interesting, however, is how it seems to be another Nega-Wisp - I'm hoping there's some kind of justification for this, such as Hyper-Go-On being involved in the plot.
  17. Thoughts about the game: it looks nice that snow level looks hard I'm still not very keen towards Windy Hill's music, for some reason... I like the main theme, now that I hear it in full - makes me think of an orchestral variant of the kind of classic Sonic title fanfares we all know and love. Looks like they've got a bit of a leitmotif thing going on, as far as I can see - they don't use the same theme, per se, but I can feel various motifs that all the themes so far share. They could just be a result of being from the same composer, though, but he isn't this constant with the similarities usually, so I'd call it intentional. silent forest isn't that silent silent froest music i liek silent forest looks sweet sanic's standing pose reminds me of sonci 1 ooh boy dat jazz Summed-up opinion: isnt sanic's last wurld I'm relatively optimistic about the music now. It's still not gonna be my most favorite Sonic soundtrack anytime soon, but all the tracks (for the most part) fit the levels and they all sound pretty darn sweet! im going to have 2 maek remix of main them will u gaiz plz stahp taklin ova mi moosac kthx the game looks cool i guess This joke is getting old. ALSO: You mean Sonic's walk speed in SLW is a little bit too... slw *kicked out from the stage*
  18. It's a concept demo, really. All done on my Korg Triton to show what I have in mind - I'm sure you know I'm usually better than that! ;P
  19. Oh, we're showcasing ideas and stuff we have? Oh well, guess I could show this, then. A kinda homage to Crush 40's guitar-heavy vocal main theme songs - it's a very basic WIP, and I'll have live people on board by the end of this project. Hope you enjoy for now, though... (EDIT: Oh hey the tempo's 150BPM - meant it to be 170. oh well.)
  20. Cans of Nothing. You may all go home now. i kid I also do not see a particular reason to have a group name for us - The term "Sonic fan" has been doing as a generic but obvious and simple term that even outsiders to our base can understand. Making a collective nickname to feel special would only alienate our identity as a Sonic fan to non-fans, and makes for more potential argue bait as it seems to be impossible for the massive base for an unanimous opinion towards anything. If the majority seems to be content with a generic "Sonic fan", so am I. However, this is purely my opinion - if someone else chooses to refer to themselves as a Bronik or a Blue Believer or something like that, I am perfectly fine, and I would accept their opinion without much, if any, problem.
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  22. I'm pretty sure this could have gone on the music thread. Still, let's try this! False. Depending on which intro you mean, Green Hill Zone's first two notes are either B and A, or C and A - for comparison, Splash Hill, when brought down to C major, starts with C and G. I don't get this, sorry - mind to demonstrate? I'm not sure if this is intentional, but it's a bit stretching it, in my opinion. The theme of Sonic 4 itself isn't used in either track, and calling the similarities in the melodies as making them identical would be the equivalent of saying I keep writing the same song over and over just because I tend to start a lot of melodies with E-F-G (in C major). no selfplug intended Good point. I could actually see this happening, considering Mad Gear Act 3 is the last (non boss-rush) act before the final boss. Considering Episode 2 references quite a lot of other tracks in the Sonic series (in a more subtle way than Episode 1, I might add), this is frankly quite believable to me. This is one of those cases. One thing I'd love to point out now that I have the opportunity - no, they do NOT have the same chord progression, mashups of the two aren't right in theory unless some modification to the notation are applied. It's quite similar to the case of Super Mario 3D Land's theme compared to Super Mario Bros. 3's, actually. You could have also pointed out others, such as Casino Street Act 1 being a shameless take on Casino Night (even the chord progression is very similar), and the Special Stage theme being almost the same thing from Sonic 1, but frankly, with the existence of the general music topic, I see no need to give this special attention, personally. Let's see what the mods have to say, though.
  23. For the ID theft thing... Won't a distinct handwriting/design in a unique style do, really? I'm not very bothered about the dying off of cursive, to be honest. However, about the spelling thing... Darn. We need people to type like they write, not write like they type!
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