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  1. That's the problem, Azu. I don't know! I mean, it sounds good and well made, per ce, but... It just doesn't give me the charm the past Sonic games (or like I said, fan works and even the new Pac-Man) managed to give without sweat. The gameplay however looks amazing - The parkour in the 2D desert stage looks really neat, and the forest stage looks pretty! The 3D desert stage looks a bit empty in terms of visuals though, but it could just be me, and the fact that deserts are supposed to be barren...
  2. Yet another piece of music announced, yet another bit of my heart sinking... My uneducated 'music' mouth talking here for a sec, but I dunno - with the more cartoon-y and (I frankly don't really see it but) 'Mario'-esque art direction, maybe... they went for a more (Tom and Jerry/Ren and Stimpy-esque) cartoon or Super Mario Galaxy-esque music? I dunno - For some reason, I just don't feel the charm I do in the music of Sonic Colors, Super Mario Galaxy, or heck, even Sonic After the Sequel or Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures. I really, really hope I'm not paranoid or something... >:
  3. Something about those controls feel a bit weird... I think they might be either too loose or too precise - I'm not the best person when it comes to describing things like these. Still, with all the Nintendo partnership, I kind of think it would had been better if Sonic kind of had the handling of Super Mario 3D Land or something like that, just faster.
  4. Neither do I imagine Sonic saying "I long for Death's cold embrace" in ANY kind of context. Even in the right context, the wording really just sounds nothing like what Sonic has been saying, even in the current writers' hands.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  6. One tip, Alex (I'm sure we know each other by now, through friends we share and direct conversation on SoundCloud) - try not to post for the sake of posting just so that you can submit to this album - The 10-post-rule was designed for you to become members of this society instead of having an account for the sake of submitting here, not to be a dickish rule in which you just cram 10 posts in, just do some stuff for the album and never talk anywhere else. Just saying.
  7. I'll be honest - I think the graphics look nice. Not beautiful (that'd be an overstatement), but nice. It IS true however, that the level seems to fail to 'pop' by not having a unique setpiece, such as Windy Hill WiiU's waterfalls and windmill. Still... I don't get how this is supposed to look 'ugly'. Sure, it's not the best graphics, but I really just think it's okay to look at, even if nothing more.
  8. Hey, I was wondering if there was an option of 'blocking' topics, per se - You see, there's quite a few topics here that I quite frankly don't need to be reminded that it exists. Like... is there a way to make them less obvious, like blocking them from showing up at the front page, dropping it to the bottom of the page... So on.
  9. ...Really? REALLY?! Look. You can dislike a soundtrack. I don't mind. You can think a soundtrack is bad. I won't care. You can think a soundtrack is downright horrible. You've gone too far. I know music is just all about tastes. I know some people will dislike what some people like. But calling it bad, as in compositionally, technically and executionally flawed... I've probably said this a million times, and I'll beat this dead horse one last time, and I'll be out of discussions like this for good, honest. Think about the effort put into it. How much work do you think it'd take to take a song, isolate the vocals, take a snippet and make a song around that? How much work do you think it would take to write a song? How much work do you think it would take to make music? Not much? Well, that's what Sonic Chronicles thought. Let's just leave it at that.
  10. I've been thinking about this a bit - I'm sure Endless Possibilities and Reach for the Stars would fit together (hopefully with Reach as the dominant one, so that Dreams of an Absolution's chords could be fitted into the bridge), and slowly moving over to a minor chord and a darker feel before moving to His World, Live and Learn and all that. I don't think I have the time to actually make one right now, but I'll definitely consider it. Add me on Skype (username on my SSMB profile), and I'd love to talk it out sometime. Also, cool remix, Fas. Glad to see you try something new! EDIT: Also, seeing how my Dragon Valley remix is finished, I'll talk to Strife about it being put into SSMA13.
  11. Well, I have to say, the writing is hilarious! It's been a while since I've seen a parody on commercials last - Great work! I'm not the most keen person on about sprite comics (technically this counts as one, right?), but the writing here really makes up for it. Keep it up, man. (Also, it's normal to take a while from one response to the next - I haven't really gotten much responses, either - especially if you're not very well-known around here. ...That's what I figure, anyway.)
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  13. I HATE SONIC 1'S SOUNDTRACK RAH RAH RAH IT'S SO OLD AND TERRIBLE AND BLAH. *ahem* Is my joking old yet? I'll have to say, there's nearly no Sonic soundtrack that I think is BAD by any means. (key word being nearly) While Shadow, CD(US) and Lost World (or at least what little we have of it so far) aren't my favorites, I still know they were produced with a lot of effort, with imagination, skill and time put into each and every second of it. Even Sonic 4, for example - I don't think it's bad, just rather underwhelming and lackluster, like the rest of the game - and Sonic R - Slightly cheesy and maybe unfitting (I think not), but again, I love it - are soundtracks I like. Now, with that aside, let's get to the ones that I think are genuinely bad! 3) Sonic Jam on Game.com Everyone knows the poor Game.com isn't one for music - while the Game Boy's tunes sounded great for its day and some of their tracks are being listened to to this very day, the Game.com's games... had... very... questionable... audio quality. Well, no different from the rest of the console, then! *laugh track* It's apparent, upon further listening (bless my ears), that most, if not all the tracks are just very slowed-down and questionable interpretations of themes such as Angel Island and Mushroom Hill. The Game.com gives me the impression that it doesn't have the best musical capabilities - I'm putting it below Chronicles for that reason. 2) Sonic Chronicles It uses stolen midis, apparently. That's... a thing. That aside, it was a tough pick when choosing Chronicles' and Jam's position. While Jam has the excuse of being on a less capable machine, Chronicles at least has some okay battle themes, that while I won't call them favorites, they're massively better than the rest of the soundtrack and and Sonic Jam's combined. Again, quite a lot of these use reused music from other games, and it seems to use General MIDI for its soundbank. Sorry Chronicles, no dice for you. I really wouldn't had minded a delay just for the music... And for number one.... 1) Sonic CD's Japanese OST! Lemme just say this - I love the Japanese OST. *puts on shades* It's so bad. YYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH ...You may fire at will.
  14. I hope someone gets the reference. The OVA, right after Metal Robotnik is defeated. "My man, cool!" Ahem...
  15. A... remix? Well technically it's a remix of something I wrote yoinks ago, but still... Just the fact that I'm doing more remixes this year doesn't mean that I'm not a composer anymore, okay? ;P
  16. To be honest, my concern is less about having too little slots - quite the opposite really. I bet the copyrights to the entirety of Can of Nothing: Project Flash that I won't be able to finish a single remix for this album. (nahnotreallyIdon'twagermymusiconsillybets)
  17. It's definitely a So Bad it's Funny, but it's certainly entertaining (despite in a completely different way than is the original intentions), and I'm definitely currently listening to it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diBPJn9gYdI I am sorry for all the deaths of headphone users that will be incoming in advance. Remind me never to get into the hiphop/rapping industry~! EDIT: Whoops, forgot to read the topic name - I was supposed to actually show music, not utter jokes. Sorry! ;P i will never be satisfied till the day my music gets up on this topic
  18. Whoa, totally diggin' the voices! Bonus points for using a Jason Griffith soundalike (), the best Tails and Blaze soundalike I've ever heard! Other favorites are Cream and Espio. Really epic - keep it up! id volunteer for Sonic/Shadow one day, lul there's also the fact that I have a better mic now as well as sounding better in general EDIT: And yes, I was very fooled! I initially had the opinion it was TheBlueHedgehog1/SpiritofTheBlue, but boy, was I surprised when I saw THE name on that credits roll! Also, Charmy's was funny, defos something he'd do! XD
  19. Aww... That blows. I was really looking forward to your stuff... Oh well - I guess it can't be helped, like the repetitive delays of CoNPF that I honestly have no excuse about. Hope you get everything settled fast, and come back swinging ten times as- wait, ohhhhhhhh....
  20. Wait, it's possible not to jump in Emerald Hill?! Whoa, I never knew. As for Death Egg, I have the weird feeling the labor of a certain two-tailed fox was involved...
  21. I guess Penders learned a lesson from sticking with Sonic for so long. Seriously though, isn't Evil Sonic literally Sonic with 'evil'-fashion clothes?
  22. And one more step into the quest of replicating Sonic 4's instruments... Evilhamwizard, eat your heart out.
  23. I'm pretty sure it was intentional - that's what Andy Tunstall says, anyway. "heavily inspired by Voyager." All I know is that it has something to do with Sash Lilac. This might help a bit...
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