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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  2. I personally feel the Desert Ruins 1 track's structurally more akin to a Mario track - the chord progressions definitely remind me of the ones used in Mario, and the key itself - D - is something that Mario athletic themes seem to be using lately. That said, the instrumentation - especially the brass hits - are more akin to a Sonic track, and the little - more subdued in the cheeryness - part is definitely what Ohtani would do - then again, he did the track, lol. I might be just talking out of my butt again, considering I tend to be quite the cynical little jerk when it comes to upcoming game music, but that's just my two cents - If you have a different opinion, I'd love to hear.
  3. Jemi, why don't you show off Sunset Sierra~ >.< Other than that, whoa, nice! I can definitely see that you're improving. Also, I hate shorts too - can defos see where you're getting from. XD; Keep it up, dud- errrrrrrrr dudette?
  4. Just watched Pac to the Future today, and I can confirm that I don't like the episode. I don't like how Spheria was brought up into the story so casually, I don't like how they just broke the suspense of Pac's parents so quickly, and I DON'T LIKE HOW THEY (Pac's parents) ACTUALLY INTERACTED WITH PAC AS A BABY. In my opinion, having Pac-Man being brought up as an orphan would be frankly the best choice for his name. My reasoning? Simple. Everything in Pac-World is, once again, named after the word Pac (or circle puns). As a result, naming your child Pac in Pac-World is like naming your child Earthling or Human on Earth. In other words, it's the most generic name one could come up with. So, I'd had liked it better if he was brought up in an orphanage, and was bullied by his fellows from childhood like he is now. And one of the most insulting things you can do to a person? Robbing them of their identity - their name. Calling him the Pac-World's version of "person", that is. And Pac endured through, and even adopted it as his 'name' - much like Eggman. Even better, his parents could have died before they actually got to name him, which makes the adoption making much more sense. THIS was what I wanted to believe, but alas, Alexandra Bland. (also, this is a bit off-topic but would anyone be interested in a Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures: Rewritten RP? I'd love to experiment and see what potential it has...)
  5. Nope, or I'd only be allowed to have one song this year.
  6. I gave a composition to him once - this is the result! just add more guitars and there you go, instant preview for my original track for SSMA13.
  7. Mykono5 gets the official Can of Nothing seal of approval - he's the dude who got me into music in the first place! Be sure to check his stuff for this year's SSMA out~ ...Oh, and the rest of you are cool, too. Enjoy your stay!
  8. Be sure to get those 10 posts on time, dude! XD;
  9. Why not Sonic Stadium Music Adventure 3? It's short, and to the point.
  10. Epic models, dude! I really like how all of them look! Especially loving the Metal Sonic one - keep it up! I may have to ask you for a commission sometime... XD;
  11. That reminds me Josh, you up for a collab? MIDI guitars might not be enough for this thing I'm making...
  12. I say it's still Sega: Tender Rations. >:U Since we talk on Skype, like, every day, don't have much to say, but you have my approval. You dudes have much more to offer than I initially expected!
  13. Can an excuse be settled for Falk? Please? At least change the rules for everyone? ...No? *okay.jpg* >Initiate SadPanda.exe sequence EDIT: Also, might remix Desert Ruins Zone 1 as an interlude
  14. OH FALK DIBS ... 1: No Way? No Way! 2: Chemical Plant X Metropolis Zone X Theme of Metal Sonic (Sonic 4) X Steampunk Suspense (Rayman Origins) I dunno other than that, but I might have a collab/original or two and a remix of Dragon Valley (Freedom Planet) if I manage to secure the permission, or even a remix of Oil Desert Zone.
  15. HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT YOU HOW Dude, you are positively AMAZING! I love your art and coloring style - It give me such an expressive feeling that feels so fresh and unique, especially when applied on Sonic~ Good work, mang! Also that Dee character looks awesome so far - curious on what her personality's like! : o
  16. Trust me, I don't love the new soundtrack either. Something about it bugs me a bit... (And I've actually figured out that Desert Ruins Zone 1 is actually more structurally akin to a Mario theme than Sonic, in my opinion) And it doesn't give me the same charm most previous Sonic games did. Why? i don't know. Do I still 'like' it per ce and appreciate it for what it is? Heck yeah. I'm also anticipating for the rest of the soundtrack - and I know they're gonna do a good job! Now, the only thing that bugs me is whether I'm going to love it like I do, say, Colors...
  17. Hey hey hey, chillax a bit! I'm no mod, but I know we're all supposed to stay in peace, harmony and friendship - Hey, that's like, one of tons of things we've learned from watching multicolored ponies! Jokes aside, I'm throwing this little opinion in again: I don't think "I don't like this" should be confused with "This is bad". They have completely different meanings to me - the former meaning that you're expressing an opinion, whereas the latter implies that you either are a self-centered bigot who thinks your word is law, or haven't really thought about the definition of the phrase. (hopefully the latter) Like I said about Shadow, effort definitely was put into all these tracks. From having done music for a while now, I'm pretty sure that to create music like that in Lost World or Shadow would take quite a bit of time. While no, I don't 'feel' them the same way I do, say, Emerald Hill or Bob-Omb Battlefield, I can still see it as a piece of music and appreciate all the dedication poured into it. Music isn't exactly a one-button-make-all thing - it takes time to compose, arrange, perform (if necessary), mix and master everything. Also, I'm pretty sure we all have a favorite genre - Mine is chiptune and everything 90's-platformeresque, Faseeh's is French House, and so on. It can be a bit of a bias - and what I think should be is that it shouldn't be a bias - or not as much as I feel it to be. Of course, it's impossible to downright love all genres equally, unless you're like Mario and like everything, including monkeys and turtles who steal your girlfriend and toys. Still... it's nice to have an ear for everything. Just that it's in a style that you don't like does not necessarily mean that it's not in a good style, or - goodness bless - that it's bad. Following Can of Nothing tradition and mentioning Sonic After the Sequel in every music-related post, KgZ said that a few years back, he wouldn't have liked the music that Funk Fiction, whom he ended up working on Sonic Before and After the Sequel with, makes. He then said that learning from Berklee made him appreciate all kinds of music, and also recommended me to have the same view. Now, while I wouldn't say this made me hug Rap music and Gangnam Style, I'm starting to try to appreciate things that I don't really do - so that's something.
  18. "CAn will you STOP THE MEMORIES ARE FLoODING BACK AND THEY'RE TERRIBLE ASDADSAGFSADGFFDG" It was an understandable complaint, considering which game this was from - he really had been playing His World about a dozen times by now, with it being one of his ways to cope with depression, leaving everything to his hands, the keys and the music. With a sigh, the can jumped off of the piano's stool, and walked over to the teen with messy hair. "Hey, Coles... Gimme a moment to talk, will ya?" "sure whatever, just don't play that song anymore please" At that, he sighed and sat down in front of Cola, thinking of just what and how on earth to say. If it were an online chat system, it would be akin to writing sentences only to erase them, but this wasn't your average online place... place. When he finally spoke, it was different from the norm - instead of his usual cheery, Sonic-esque voice, there was clearly a trace of confliction in his voice - almost like Shadow. "...Sonic the Hedgehog. You've heard he's in the forum, yes?" "Whaaaaaaaat? Don't tell me you fell for that! There's literally no way that this isn't a practical joke of some sort." The can smirked. "But I did. Even without my gut instinct, there's enough proof that he's the real deal. I've found out that Tails, Knuckles are here, and I happened to hear you two discussing about Eggman, for starters." With a short pause, he opened his mouth to continue, only to be interrupted by a Public Announcement. In order to contain the ban-dodgers and the chaos in the forums, all sub-forums will be locked immediately. No one may exit, however, if you'd like to save us the trouble and enter a subforum, by all means, be my guest. It has not yet been decided the fate of existing topics, however, if you'd rather avoid the possibility of being trapped within a topic like one of your fellow members currently is, I'd advise each and every one of you to vacate the topic you are currently browsing. The community index will be under heavy guard as well. This has been a PSA for the welfare of the SSMB. "There's also that." He added, his voice returning to normal. "well fuck" "Heh, I was looking forward to an excuse to get out and start doing things. Grab Place, carry him in your arms and flamboyantly run out of the Place while I pack the Pac-Man arcade board, Cola!" "WAIT SHIT WE HAVE TO LEAVE OH SHIT" "No kidding. Get Place pronto - We gotta go fast!" With that, the two (three after getting Place) ran to the door, which was starting to close. In cliche'd fiction tradition, the trio ran towards to the door and managed to slide their way through the vertically closing barricade right before it slammed shut. It would have been almost cool if there were some epic music playing (and if such stuff weren't so overdone), but it wasn't, and the escape from the Place was successful. "Looks like we just... Rocked the Place." the green can chuckled. "There ain't no one that could touch it for now... Well, so whadda we do now?" There was yet another awkward pause. "...i resign as unofficial leader of the trio. Any takers?"
  19. Cool, that means I have an excuse not to meet him the whole Act. Time to go write my post, then!
  20. I'd just like to give a very unhonorable mention to this little recent cartoon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2r-GBn3e3o Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaahh... An inside joke is that due to albeit this theme being terrible in my opinion, I love the rest of the cartoon's music, leading me to deny this theme's status as music every time I compliment its soundtrack. Make of that what you will.
  21. Nope: Dr. Crusher. I'm after him. Also, right - Silly of me to seriously assume you really thought there were 42 hours in two days, Debug. My apologies. (and I'm not being sarcastic, mind)
  22. Found a high-quality video, so people who don't have Disney XD can watch~
  23. Here's a quick bit of advice: there's 48 hours in 2 days, not 42. Even then, DaHog took more than 48 hours to write after Soniko, if my memory serves correctly. Cola made his post and it's amazing anyway, so yeah.
  24. Uhh... *shifty eyes* Nothing. I completely forgot about it, therefore just doing what I normally do: Making music. As a normal day it was... well, normal, but as Sonic's birthday... Let's just say I'd make a horrible fan.
  25. Slacked out, listened to Radio Nintendo, got turned down for the offer to make some music for a fangame, made some music for Project Flash 2, listened to After the Sequel. Was fun, yeah.
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