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  1. So, with the 48-hour-rule, that means it's gonna be Cola's turn soon, right? Also, mind explaining just where Sonic is (and what is he doing) ? I think I might actually want to *gasp* interact with him.
  2. The entirety of Sonic After the Sequel. Its production quality is amazing, and I can safely say that I will be listening to its soundtrack much more than Sonic Lost World's (when it's complete that is) soundtrack. It's that catchy in my eyes, and captures Sonic ironically better than the official sound team is, in my opinion. I'd link you to From Whence You Came, but spoilers, so just some Horizon Heights and Cyan City for you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXSwoy31_Q4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcoASjlFysk Other than that... Well let's just say VGM is all I listen to.
  3. I'm sorry what Is it a Korean MMO- *googles* Oh. Oh no. Oh, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Jokes aside, yeah, that's what I mean. There's a lot of MMOs that aren't Massive in the strictest sense, like racing games, PvP fighting games or... *shudder* Bomberman clones. The thing is though, it's still online, and it's multiplayer, usually both competitive and cooperative. This is what I'm taking influence from - maybe after giving Sonic a bit of a nerf, (imagine... a medium between Colors and Lost World, I guess.) there could be some puzzle-esque (but not necessarily blocky or vertical) levels based around cooperation, as well as some race-to-the-finishy levels (though other goals could be set, such as a set amount of rings or chao) that are built for competition. If we're going to stretch this even further, we could have a few set 'rival' fight patterns (Shadow, Metal Sonic and Silver from Gens and Blaze from Rush, for instance) and allow for PvP battles, giving the 'host' a custom moveset (the 'challenger' keeps his or her usual one) based on the fight pattern and the 'challenger's' play style. I honestly doubt that unless it gets way too much flac, Sega would even care - they're getting more players, that's more important to them. However, this is an ideal Sonic Team that Can Toot Toot Sonic Warrior- er, Do Anything we're talking about, so... Heard of BnB Crazy Arcade or KartRider? Both (set in the same series) have a cast of set characters, but you can customize them to an extent. This could prevent the issue in my opinion - besides, both games are relative hits back in Korea.
  4. I dunno, I enjoyed it. Definitely more narm than charm, but I liked it for what it is nonetheless. Cheesy story aside (also I came up with idea of ghosts being dead Pac...worlders... *sigh* first) it's okay - the voices are tolerable (Pinky especially sounds good to me - and I'm into neither vore or necrophilia! O_o) the animation is great and the music is just fantastic! (no, again, the theme song is NOT music) I'm really disappointed in the story side though - did we seriously need Pac to be the bully's chew toy - another tv cliche? Why is Celi said bully's "girlfriend" when it's clear that she's on Pac's side? Why is Pac releasing the ghosts taken as such a minor issue? Why is Pinky flirting at Pac after showing subtle disinterest? (other than continuity things of Pac-Man World 2 that I bet aren't even taken into account with this being a reboot) I have the feeling this is gonna be a Sonic Colors - quite a bit of good potential, but almost everything that isn't slapstick, childish (oh hey, so that's why I like it) humor is dropped. I'm just taking it as just a showcase of moving pictures, music and shipping at the moment. It's impressive if you see it like that - if you see it as a cartoon it's just unintentionally funny.
  5. Okay, assuming it's real... Don't you think you're exaggerating things a bit?
  6. Yeah I guess my idea's more similar to a Sonic game than an MMO, huh? I tried to stay away from using most, if not any of of the common MMO mechanics - focussing on Sonic gameplay and thinking of a way to connect it online instead. That's really why it doesn't feel like a traditional MMORPG, but I know at least 2 untradtional ones, both of which are received rather well.
  7. Oh. Oh well. Also, isn't there something about banned member discussion and joking-about being frowned upon?
  8. Introduction post shamelessly copied from some other forum. (I wrote it though, obviously) This is a little idea I've been toying with - Yeah, I'll admit I'm not the keenest MMORPG player (grinding gets on me a lot - More or less the reason I ditched Pokemon, but not the point) around, but lots of my irl friends all play 'em, - mostly the Korean ones, fittingly enough - and I've actually played a few of them with them. Well, with that said, let's take a look into what thos MMOs are like and then discuss what should be done to make Sonic into an MMO! (Note: I'm taking the ROG part of the term out specifically because frankly, I don't thnk that aspect of MMOs are compatible with Sonic.) So there's a lot of games out there, and many with a unique style... What should we get into first? Hmm... Well, let's start with what most (if not all) MMOs worth their salt has: Grinding and Levels. Levels are a feature in most RPGs - In ERPGs at least, that have a limited amount of gameplay tied to the story with most being unable to revisit after clearing the game, levels are to divide players: if everyone can have different stats against thesame enemy, it's rather like other games, where it's dependent on your playing skill - but there's a catch. It's actually depenent on your playing time. This is no less true in the MMOs I know - every one of them has a minimalist plot (except MapleStory which is just a massively bloated cliche, and even then it doesn't even matter in-game if you're playing as... Well, almost anything) and a massive world, leaving you to supposedly "Adventure in this Massive world!" - but as a sad single guy driving a sad single c- I mean, tiny nublet that intentionally nerfs much of what you can do, even if you're a veteran player at said game who accidentally forgot his password. This means that if you want to do anything in-game, you'll have to grind for levels or money. (since there is no story, there's no flow into when and what you can do, and no subtle enemy progression leading you further into the levels for taking down bosses) This also means that for the most part, how good you are at in MMOs dependent on how long you've been playing as a single character. It also means that (as long as there's none of that missing attacks completely due to low level stuff) how good you are in an MMO is how low your level is when you have accomplished a task - struggling with a self-given challenge, much like the famous Nuzlocke Challenge. Now, when you first take a glance at Sonic (especially Unleashed-Colors-Generations-Rush-RushAdventure - pretending Lost World doesn't exist for a sec.) gameplay, you might think "Yeah, but how could this be an MMO?!" - a valid thought. But true to Can of Nothing tradition, we're going for the unconventional: (ironically conventional to Sonic) taking the good features of MMOs and bending them to fit Sonic. This means that my suggestion is a potentially unmarketable disaster with virtually no appeal but is also a large innovation as far as I know. This is very slightly inspired by a certain Korean MMO called Crazy Arcade BnB: an MMO Bomberman clone. While it's impossible to call the game 'original', it shows that an 'Arcade' style game can work as an MMO - and that people can and will like it. (People may know the series better with KartRider - a Mario Kart ripoff that has a free iPhone app - KartRider Rush - albeit with in-game purchases for most of its content.) First off, let's decide what we want to keep from MMOs. Here's a list: Levels: Intergrated into ranks - heavily modified to promote skill over playing time Character classes: Non-permanent and based off your playing style Customizable moveset: Intergrated into the Skill Shop - limited amount of moves, as well as limited "points" per se Customizable character appearance: Taken 100%! This would be a fancharacter creator's dream - and while it wouldn't do anything to help the F Yeah Bad Sonic Fancharacters blog, (or it might?!) it might still attract a handful of thos fancharacters - especially newbie hackers that just hack their fancharacter over Sonic or the ones that are in the fanbase just for the fancharacters. In-game purchases: A neccesary sin - but absolutely optional. The game will be playable without the custom equipment - just that that jacket would look fantastic on your fancharacter there~ ...wait, that's it? Oh well, now let's get crackin'! Imagine a White Space of sorts: a 2D hub world that leads to the levels that the game has to offer. The first time you play, you're taken to a tutorial level, and as soon as you know how to play.. Another tutorial level? This is necessary, however, to determine the player's play style: whether they're more akin to Sonic, taking for the fastest path, be there goodies or not, like Knuckles, taking a combat-oriented (yes, it's back, but... Imagine Rayman Origins with SSB-esque combos, will ya) path, taking a bit longer than the other paths for the added price of the points making up for it, or Tails, choosing a heavily platforming-style path, later to get the ability to fly. After this is done, you can choose between the levels - as well as the option to play against someone or just to go on your own. Little to no interaction is done in the levels - the main part of that is taken place in White Space. Levels are gone and replaced with Ranks - your rank on every level combined (Stages that aren't cleared are on Z by default) and placed on an average scale ranging from A to Z. (thus removing S's significance) Based on your rank and playing style, there will be a wide moveset given to you: including the Boost, Drift and Homing Attack for Speed, a hover, double jump and flight for... Well, Flight, and... Uh... A werehog-esque homing attack punch that targets an enemy near you (but not necessarily dragging you towards it) and.. Uh, Knuckles' SA2 moves? - for Power. That is what I think an MMO in the gameplay style of Sonic could be - a nice progression (albeit 2D) of Modern Sonic's gameplay. I'm sorry if this all doesn't make sense - I typed this on an iPad for about an hour or so. @_@ So... What do you guys think? Is my suggestion okay? Do you have a better idea? Any general comments?
  9. Well! So this is quite an anomaly - it's more or less an original soundtrack with tie-in video game as an added bonus. I kind of have the feeling that quite frankly, people just care about the music. Well, that's certainly new. I've only gotten to Redhot Ride, but I can say everything so far at least is a decent experience, and everything up to this point (bar Horizon Heights, but it's my favorite zone ironically, thanks to being done by KgZ) feels very unique and original - I don't recall things like these done in a 2D Sonic fangame with this much quality and effort put in. I really love the music so far - If I have to name favorites, I'd name... all of KgZ's stuff, really. It's weird how I didn't really care much for Wood Zone at first (and absolutely loved all of Falk's stuff) and then started picking opinions about his stuff up with Perilous Paradise, finally to peak as it has now, now that everyone's given enough attention instead of Falk brutehousing his way through. (not that that's a bad thing) I really like the new power-ups, Beam Sonic and Mirror Tails, too - of course, not really the way Sega would have went for an After the Sequel, but really, I get the impression that this interquel is, instead of a perfect recreation of what Sega would have made, a dedicated fan's interpretation, adding in things he love as a tribute. It's obvious in the Zone selection, even from BtS - Fortress Flow, Perilous Paradise and Metro Madness... Something gives me the feeling they wouldn't have used those kind of zones - I don't think they use them even now. The cutscenes are charming too - while not as action-packed as BtS, I frankly feel his storytelling improved a bit - For just how little Sonic and Tails interact with their nemesis, the story goes well enough. I especially like the two more simpler cutscenes - after Foliage Furnace and before Moon Mansion. I'd really love to see his original games after Chrono Adventure and the other fangame, the only two he's going to be working on for now. So yeah... overall, I think it's a very fun, if not well made, experience, and I'm looking forward to Chrono Adventure! srslygetanostforthattho
  10. Thanks for the clean rip, Soniman! (It's gonna help Marvin Valentin, too) Let me be honest - I'm not very anticipated for this soundtrack. After the Sequel arguably sounds better on my ears (personal choice, of course) and it just sounds to me as if Ohtani did a Sonic 4 - that is, didn't try as hard as he normally does. It's quite hard to say, but they oddly don't have that insane catchy feel to me. Maybe they just need to grow on me... But I loved Horizon Heights immediately... Is that time when I get sick of what I used to love the series for (the music) finally coming? I hope not - I really wish the rest of the soundtrack (and upcoming games) to have the charm of Colors and Generations. D: I really don't know why I don't like these themes /as/ much as I expected myself to - I can't even feel the classic feel everyone's talking about. What's happening to me? D:
  11. I'm personally indifferent to whichever they use - Although I have a slight nostalgia bias for Eggman for being introduced to the series around the Dreamcast era, I'm perfectly okay with the term Robotnik. I seriously don't care whichever you use, whichever they use, or whichever sounds 'cooler' - they're equally canon in the Robotniked territories, (ie: English-speaking ones) and I just use Eggman out of personal choice.
  12. Say, how do I embed SoundCloud/Bandcamp players on my signature? That is, just html/wordpress code really. It'll be pretty troublesome to update my signature every time I upload a new track that I want to share...
  13. Is it me, or do they use the Zone term again... As a replacement for Act (The loading screen makes it a bit ambiguous, but the stage clear message makes it clear)?! The only other game to have done this, as far as I know, is Sonic CD (Round/Zone), so I really expected it to be Zone/Act for this, considering the classics all (except CD) use Zone/Act, and is pretty much the logical terminology to reuse. I wonder if this has a deeper implication than this... Hmm. I guess it's Windy Hill Round then, at the very le- ...Hill Round. Round Hill. ...What do I win?
  14. ...Yoshi's New Island? It's like, as if they lost the ability to come up with good names all of a sudden- Yeeeeaaaaahhh the names haven't been the best for a bit.
  15. They never seem to be able to make up their minds - Luigi's faster than Mario in SM64DS and the Olympics (while being slower than Mario by default in the M&Ls, though it's just so that Mario goes first), and Peach is generally a speed character. Of course, it's all to balance them out, but I'd like a stat allocation of sorts that sticks permanently, I guess. Also, I want that Luigi hat.
  16. Listening to the trailer again, it really, really sounds like something I would write/already wrote. Rant aside, why is it a bell that transforms Mario into Cat Mario? Is there some Japanese mythology I'm missing out on? I'm wondering how the multiplayer in 3D would be pulled off... Hope it isn't like NSMB2 at all. PFFFT- *chokes*
  17. Something about those names put me off a bit, but frankly I couldn't do a better job at them so... They're okay I guess?
  18. Okay, looking less into the music and back into the footage, the world seems to be a bit more open than it was in 3D Land. I like that choice, personally, but it'd be nice to have an option to turn the timer off so that we could explore this new, more open world. >: Also, this is a stupid nitpick, but it'd be so cool of a touch if they added interacting art to the life icons depending on the character combination, like Mario being infatuated with Peach when only the two were selected or Mario and Luigi in a pose like this? Might give the characters that much personality~ >w<
  19. Say, so I was thinking a bit... This is Super Mario 3D Land's logo. Look at the colors used on "MARIO" - the usual blue, green, yellow, red and green, albeit in different order from Super Mario Galaxy. Nothing special, right? Now, here's Super Mario 3D World. The colors have been changed to accommodate for the new character, Peach (and probably Blue Toad) But I don't get it... What's the yellow there for? I mean, you could say it's because of the Syobon Action Cat Mario powerup, but... Maybe they might be teasing Wario or - ugh - Yellow Toad?
  20. I agree immensely. The main charm of Pokemon's musical style is that they almost always have very strong and catchy melodies, regardless of their instrumentational quality. This has stood from the start, and will always be (I hope) the charm of Pokemon music, instrument quality aside. Doesn't really give those fan musicians an excuse to stick to the DS soundfonts, though.
  21. ...Wait, these aren't real instruments? ...Okay they kinda do sound unrealistic, but the saxophone sounds really, really convincing...
  22. The apparent problem is that the samples used in Pokemon music is too low-quality and is heavily outdated. I don't mind it, though.
  23. What's the definition of 'low-quality' again? Hirokazu Ando used a melodica that looks like a child's toy in Kirby's Epic Yarn, and that's forgetting to mention Scott Pilgrim intentionally going for a chiptune+guitars feel. High or low, it's a style they chose for the game, and both were heavily praised. Pokemon has - er, had - a minimal style reminiscent of 90s synthesizers and workstations, and as a fan of retro VGM, I liked that approach - in fact, the music was one of the few things that kept me into Pokemon back in Gen5. Call it low-quality all you want, but like I said, beautiful things can be made from simple, limited, things. (read: Super Mario Bros.) Sure, they're not pushing the technology to the limit, but if they chose to go for something simple, it's their choice I guess, whether you like it or not - and same goes to me and orchestral, I guess. I wouldn't mind if they upgraded their synth a notch too, yeah, though... ...Yet what was one of the synthesizers they used for Pokemon Black and White 2? KORG FREAKING TRITON. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Sorry if this post makes no sense to be quite frank I'm rather exhausted trying to make a point and I'm tired.
  24. MIDI? MIDI?!?!?!? AHAHAHAHA shut up I'm too tired to actually make a decent post now.
  25. Early... DS... game... music? Okay, this brings me to my next point. WHAT IS THE DEFINITION OF MIDI Thank you, Wikipedia. Now, let's see what the public's definition of MIDI is. Sonic 4. New Super Mario Bros. U. Both used high-quality synthesizers that are relatively state-of-the-art (NSMBU anyway) - Korg Triton and Roland Fantom G. But hey, you're right - they did use midi! Oh, I'm sorry, that's because MIDI is just notation data, as in "Play this note here for this long". Almost all of my music is made with MIDI to some extent - it's just the plug-ins and synthesizer (Korg Triton, lul) I use that makes it sound relatively high-quality. I'm getting too tired about this argument... But I'll just state one last point. Pokemon X and Y, as far as I know, doesn't sound like early DS music. How common is it to find an orchestra in DS games, especially early ones? Heck, this was from a game released in 2010, and to call it orchestral would be to call canned tuna fresh from the sea. Please stop throwing about musical terms - they're heavily inaccurate.
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