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  1. HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO RANT ABOUT ORCHESTRAL MUSIC HOW MANY TIMES Please, orchestras, while sounding good, are not necessary to make good music. I actually love the simple style Generations 4 and 5 went for, and ever since that becoming the norm in Pokemon music, I was immensely off=put by the orchestral style of Generation 6. I know video games are slowly starting to spoil everyone music-wise with their fancy orchestras, but... Just take a breath and see what the other genres have to offer, please?
  2. Sorry, Sean... It's just that it annoys me to see everyone thinking that anything short of an orchestra in games is terrible, ya dig? Also I was joking about the jab on my music part.
  3. ...I'm assuming all my music is underwhelming then? Jokes aside, it... really saddens me to see this statement. I mean, making music isn't just pressing a few buttons and voila'ing, it requires a lot of effort when it comes to composition, arrangement and all that jazz. (pun not intended) Sure, I wouldn't blame you - They might have spoiled your expectations a bit. But still... Please don't tell me you can't appreciate anything but orchestral music? (On second thought, please do - I wouldn't want to know if you like mainstream synthpop music or not.) I, for one, appreciate this relatively minimal jazz style that's been sticking with Mario since 3D Land, and although I wouldn't mind a different style, (such as Galaxy's orchestral style) I like this style for what it is, period. Really... is a huge orchestra really required for impressive music? Beautiful, beautiful things have been made with a piano and an amateur - ever heard of VizardJeffhog, for instance? (also if you need an orchestra in your mario plz take Dream Team's main theme I don't need it)
  4. This music. I know it's not a full-blown orchestra, but who needs that? (Read: not me) I... it just warms my musical heart to hear a new installment in the Mario themes. Ever since Super Mario 3D Land, my love for the saxophone has increased immensely, and then Sticker Star sparked an unquenchable thirst. This, however... THIS THING AHHHHHHHHHHh It feels oddly... victorious, nostalgic (as in, looking back after a successful adventure) and adventurous at the same time! I don't know, I just can't explain just HOW I LOVE THIS THEME MUCH MORE THAN WINDY HILL YES I SAID IT I LOVE THIS THEME OVER WINDY HILL Also, if Princess Peach is playable... What the heck is the plot going to be?! *hypes* I know, it's gonna be simple, but a twist is a twist~ o3o EDIT: Oh yeah, graphics look awesome. I'm not much of a visuals guy, but hey, this looks nice!
  5. I don't want to think, because every time I do, I turn into an emotional wreck.

  7. I figured, actually, ahaha. The homing attack's replaced by the instashield (albeit with buggy graphics - or was that intentional?) and the special stages are left intact as they are in Sonic 1, sooo.... It'd be safe to assume nothing was stolen, yeah? : D I like it! I like the level design you're going for. I can't say much because I haven't played too much, (music does that to ya) but the abundance of those half-pipey things in Dark Forest Zone really reminds me of Sonic Rush/Advance 2's exhilarating speed! I really love stuff like that - maybe change the physics a bit to accomodate? (Of course, this is all my personal opinion.) One thing - the /only/ thing - I loved in the original Green Snake was Silver Sonic, (slightly relating to what I just said) but I assume it's still there as Turbo Mode? Overall, I like this! It looks like it's changing for the better to me, and heck, if it isn't fun!
  8. Eh? Hmm, seems like either of us got something about the point wrong... *checks* Ahh, my genuine apologies, I must've gotten something wrong about it. Yeah, I also want a main theme (more along the lines of a simple leitmotif like the classics, though) that's original, and not some licensed music. Just... I can understand on how the licensed-music=no-main-theme thing would be logical, yeah. Still, Generations was because it's bringing Modern and Classic together, and they simply used the best theme to imply "Man, Sonic's grown so much along the years, but there's still so much to do, so let's keep moving on!" - the ending theme of Sonic 1. I actually have a relative distaste of vocal themes - call it a 90s vgm japanese composer bias, but... I could honestly say that aside from Toot Toot Sonic Warrior, my favorite Sonic tracks are mainly instrumental. I really, really love the simple yet ingenious 'riffs' the classics have, and I can't have enough of them. Still, even such a theme'd be better than licensing. Licensing a music track, in my eyes, is rather unoriginal and looks so unprofessional. (...I think that's what iPhone game developers do, anyway.) It's just...... Bland. (I don't even know if my posts are making sense anymore... @_@) also, i wonder what'd happen if i pretend some of my originals are actually from lost world... i kid (it's funny how i'm on a musical hiatus/artblock atm and call Sega out as unoriginal, bleh)
  9. Ooooh, Green Snake. I'll have a go on it, and I'll put my thoughts up soon.
  11. Welp, now that the music's actually out, can we like rename it to "General Lost World Music Discussion Topic" or something like that?
  12. WHAT?! Also, I think it's Ohtani, though I'm getting a bit of Hataya and/or Jacques vibes too. Exactly what I expected, so no disappointments there. Wished the rhythm in Windy Hill was a bit more dynamic, but oh well.
  13. I think the music's being directed by Ohtani, Hataya or Jacques, that's what the musical style reminds me of - I'm happy with all three! Lovin' the Double Jump, by the way. Always loved one.
  15. AHHHHHHH HYPE (Note to self: put opinions later)
  16. Looking back at the graphical style arguments, I'd love to say that simpler graphics isn't necessarily worse and a cartoony style may be deliberate... But so could be said of the music, and it's prolly being shown within an hour or so so I'm shutting up. *hides under a table and shudders*
  17. I... think so, unfortunately. There's a few drop-outs, though, and with the next chapter starting soon, maybe you could ask Wario/Ridley about it, who knows.
  18. Cooleo, I get to actually make my mind up on what to do (and hopefully grab Cola and Place).
  19. Wait so after we're done with the list it's you then VIzard and then bam?
  20. Hey, why not we do a bit of a collab of sorts? We could assign roles to a (especially bad/long) fanfic's cast, and combine them altogether (hopefully someone who has audio editing software) into one epic castastrophe thingamajig. I dunno, just sayin'.
  21. I think I'll be Sonic, if I can (in the worst case scenario) drop out (leaving my character for someone else to pick up) if I seriously can't keep up. EDIT: Also, thanks for calling me CoN and not Can, Crash.
  22. I might go for... Sonic or Ristar. Hmm... Also, what about Beat?
  23. Thanks for catching that vocoder thing! Also, let me just say that the remix of Death Egg Robot is the ultimate Eggman battle theme in my opinion. Something about it is... you know. The instrumentation, the steady progression... everything!
  24. Eh. So you'd rather have licensed music instead of an original (albeit short/instrumental/dubs- BLIMEYNOTDUBSTEP) main theme? I'm a very big fan of the classics' main themes, and if they did something like that again (one reason I actually like Sonic 4) I'd be a happy Canda. Granted, vocal songs are nice, but... I don't need them, frankly, just gimme my short-and-brilliant-omg-C-BbProgression-HOWDIDTHEYMAKETHISMELODY-HOWDIDSOMETHINGTHISSIMPLENOTEXISTBEFORE Sonic 1-esque riff and I'm sold. I can understand wanting vocal themes, though, most people /do/ like their lyrics in their songs, don't they? ....Right? Right? *gets reminded of that one person saying music isn't music without singing and shudders*
  25. Ahhh, I'm generally taking it slow and easy, trying to establish my motive (or lack of) in the whole shebang since Sonic was locked up and my 'team' was all away and stuff.
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