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    a mystery got a reaction from C.J in Popular and unpopular Sonic opinions you agree and disagree with!   
    I think Jason Griffith is my favorite voice actor for Sonic.
    Yes, you heard me, Jason Griffith.
    I know his voice is practically everywhere, but as I never really heard him outside the Sonic series, I have nothing to say about that... However, I will say that I love his extremely variable tone and being able to fit to every emotion Sonic was applied to.
    In Shadow, Sonic was portrayed as a gung-ho upbeat guy, as far as I could figure... He really sounded extremely cheery and energetic when delivering his lines. I know some people hated him around that period, and even sent him death threats... I didn't get to feel the impact of the change, but... I doubt I would've complained at all. I loved Jason's voice when they changed him to Roger - I did miss Jason, but... I liked Roger's attitude-ish voice in context of the more humorous writing in Colors. We'll come back to that in a second...
    Rush! Rush is actually one of my three most favorite performances of Jason - the other two being Black Knight and Unleashed. He, again, just sounds so upbeat, energetic and happy - a cheery contrast to the relatively less so Blaze, in my opinion.
    Although I have never gotten the chance to play the two Riders to give my opinion on, I'll finish off with my opinions on Unleashed and Black Knight - I LOVE THEM LOVE THEM LOVE THEM LOVE THEM LOVE THEM LOVE THEM LOVE THEM LOVE THE-
    I absolutely LOVE Sonic's portrayal in the two games - a  laid-back and chill cool dude - but the cool was expressed in a non-attitude-ish way - a way that I completely agree with.
    Being yourself and proud of it. That's what Sonic was in the two games - Sure, he showed off here to there, but he didn't use any trendy talk or anything - just being himself. It's my favorite interpretation of Sonic, and I think that Jason pulled this personality off PERFECTLY. It's literally my favorite Sonic and voice EVER!
    *cough* no it's not because i think with enough practice, i could be a half-decent soundalike what are you talking about
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    a mystery reacted to generaloffensive in #SoTSSTropicalParadise (OUT NOW)   
    I'm in with an original and a remix!
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    a mystery reacted to Xtremer Sadiqachu in #SoTSSTropicalParadise (OUT NOW)   
    Now that I'm a better musician (and by better I mean I don't use midis) I am ON BOARD!

    also hey falk you said maybe you wanted to join this year hmm
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    a mystery reacted to DJ EAR in #SoTSSTropicalParadise (OUT NOW)   
    ..What is SoTSS?..
    SoTSS is a twice-yearly musical showcase of SEGA & Sonic Remix's from members of The SSMB. This project will be lead by myself :: DJ EAR :: with permission of VizardJeffhog as a means to breath life into the ashes of the 'TSSMA' album concept.  The goal is to maintain the fun, creative, collaborative spirit of that project - while building a stable & productive future for our community of fan musicians, producers, and listeners.       ..Lofty Goals..  
          ..TL:DR - GIMME the DETAILS..  
          ..The All Powerful Rules..  
          If you're interested in lending a hand, have suggestions, or questions - you can always contact me at djear.info@gmail.com   FOLLOW SoTSS! Twitter https://twitter.com/SoundofTSS Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SoundofTSS   *(templates/details/more-info-to-come)
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    a mystery reacted to Iggy in A Case of Deja Blue ~A Sonic Generations Rewrite~   
    Not bad, Spinny. Lighthearted and engaging dialog with everyone perfectly in character. However, it feels like your wording is lacking a bit of needed description in some parts. Like the part with the earthquake, for example. I think I would be better to describe how the earth seemed to shudder beneath their feet as a loud rumbling echoed around them rather than just an "MMMMMMM". Also, can I give you a tip? If you're not writing in first-person perspective, you need to be careful of where you put exclamation marks when it's not part of the dialog. From my experience, it makes the story seem a bit less serious. I'm looking forward to see where you're going with this!
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    a mystery reacted to KrazyBean in Unconfirmed: Sonic to get a new Sidekick, to be created by fans   
    Can't wait to see Sonic and Blonic!
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    a mystery reacted to Sean in Unconfirmed: Sonic to get a new Sidekick, to be created by fans   
    Hogfather I think you're literally the only person who thinks this is a big deal tbh
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    a mystery reacted to Rusty Spy in Unconfirmed: Sonic to get a new Sidekick, to be created by fans   
    Sega what are you thinking!?
    OK, taking a step back a little bi- You know that's a real nice title you got there. "The Search for Sonic's Sidekick"
    Hey Sega! Remember THESE guys?

    OK, to stop yelling for a second, I'm going to remain cautiously optimistic about this. I highly doubt this is a push for another new main character that'll be a major character in the next game, mainly due to the fact that they're using, of all things, a character creation app, and the fact that, well, they're letting a FAN create it.
    This might just be a hint about the next game's gimmick, which my guess would be a focus on having a large roster of playable characters and an added character creation mode similar to something like Soul Calibur. This competition might just be to have the winner's character be some bonus character that's part of the regular roster to promote the creation aspect.
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    a mystery reacted to azoo in Unconfirmed: Sonic to get a new Sidekick, to be created by fans   
    Please tell me that those animal designs are placeholder because holy God if we get anything that looks like that in the next Soni--BFFTHAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Why? Why though?! LOL
    Like seriously Sega what even is this. What are you doing. Stop drinking the gasoline, it's not good for you. Put that down. Last time you did that you put a "Z" in front of the word "yeti". Pull yourself together.
    But no really, it looks like a neat little marketing campaign, if not really just a weird idea. Is this for the next SegaSonic game, the Boom subfranchise, just mobile titles or.. what, even? Just as long as they don't end up looking like these templates in the end I (might) be fine.
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    a mystery reacted to Felix in Unconfirmed: Sonic to get a new Sidekick, to be created by fans   
    This is quite possibly the most hilarious Sonic-related thing in a while, seriously I'm laughing so hard that I'm actually crying.
    Remember the monkey my friends, always remember the monkey.
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    a mystery reacted to Cola in For Grammer's Sake   
    This thread title makes me so angry you don't even know
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    a mystery reacted to TCB in ‮‮‮   
    Omg u aliev
    So this is why you been away for so long, so you can work on this. Well it's nice to see you back in any case.
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    a mystery reacted to TCB in ‮‮‮   
    Listened to half the soundtrack, and I have to say I am impressed. I do get the sense of increasing process from the opening track onward builds that 'tension' (if that's a good word). Your knack for using this genre of music is well-versed, not to mention it does gives me vibes of the Sonic Advance series.
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    a mystery reacted to TCB in ‮‮‮   
    For some reason I'm getting this error message:

    Which sucks because the whole album isn't being extracted from the folder...
    EDIT: No worries now; just had to take each individual track from the zipped folder into a new one.
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    a mystery reacted to Sixth-Rate Soma in ‮‮‮   
    I've been giving this a thorough listen throughout the day, in-between heavy schoolwork. Very good work. Pardon me when I say so, but a good bit of it is reminiscent of the style used in recent Pokémon games, a sort of chilled groove. My only two complaints would be about two tracks: There's one by the name of Electric... uh... something (I reiterate: heavy schoolwork) that starts well enough but only seems to arrive in the air, if you catch me. The other is your Prelude; while quite good once it gets going, the opening bits to it... lack a sort of character evident in the rest of your work, I guess. It doesn't have your thumbprint on it.
    If I have any say in the process (which, with me being a much worse electronic musician, you are absolutely free to disregard), I would say to remix the former towards the end, and maybe either rearrange or edit down some of the latter's opening measures. Otherwise, I'm terribly impressed with the work you've put into this, especially at your age. If work like this qualifies for a demo, then I'm quite excited to see the final product. :]
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    a mystery got a reaction from TCB in ‮‮‮   
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    a mystery got a reaction from TCB in ‮‮‮   
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    a mystery got a reaction from Sixth-Rate Soma in ‮‮‮   
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    a mystery got a reaction from Milo in ‮‮‮   
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    a mystery reacted to Solkia in Microsoft's Build 2014 "Alakazam! Start menu is back!"   
    Tablets will never fully replace PCs. There are too many things a tablet can't handle that a PC can.
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    a mystery got a reaction from FourCartridge in ‮‮‮   
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    a mystery reacted to FFWF in Yoshi's New Island (3DS)   
    Looking at the trailer again, it seems as if there isn't any way to distinguish between regular coins and red coins, which is going to make collecting all of them a special little world of Hell.  I'm very confident that in the original, they were tinted slightly differently, so you could just about pick them out of a crowd.  Although, when you think about it, it doesn't really make any sense that they're only red when you collect them.  And this is kind of nitpicky, but Yoshi appears to be kind of... his idle animation looks a bit too rapid to me.  I want to say that he was a bit slower or a bit less animated in the original.  Other than that, I think I actually quite like the graphics, which makes me one of a select few, and I'm fairly keen to see the different art styles of the other worlds.  I won't argue that everyone else should like them, though.  Also, I hope all the bosses are culled from original Yoshi's Island enemies that didn't make boss appearances.  I'm not sure how many there are, though.  Shy Guys, most conspicuously (the Stilt Guy mecha from DS wouldn't I think count).  Maybe those sports fellows.  Bandits.  Hmm, those are all humanoid masked enemies...
    What is bothering me, though, I've finally realised, is the music in the trailer.  I'm going to cross my fingers and hope that it's either title screen only or trailer only, as it doesn't fit the levels at all.  For one thing, it's a bit too piercing, whereas Yoshi's Island music was originally a bit more... not ambient, exactly, but muted.  It wasn't overpowering, which is good, as you'd usually be hearing it for quite a long time while exploring the wide open levels.  Whereas the trailer music I wouldn't want to listen to for very long.  But the bigger problem is that tonally it's totally unfitting.  It's like baby's first Yoshi's Island TV show for small children.  Visually you might think that it's appropriate to the game, but Yoshi's Island has traditionally been quite difficult.  The original had music that was kind of jaunty and overplayed its themes a bit, but that was its concession to the childish aesthetics of the game, and it didn't really feel like it was talking down to the player.  Whereas the trailer tune seems fairly infantile in its sound and too slow and plodding in its pace.  It worries me to think that that's in any way representative of the music in the rest of the game.  To the extent that I'd be happy if anyone could convince me otherwise.
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    a mystery reacted to Patticus in Games You Cannot Go Back To   
    The Phoenix Wright games.
    For me, these games are all about the plot; the twists and turns, revelations and dialogue etc. These things are really important to the experience and make up a good 95+% of the fun in the series. I can't go back to them if I already know what's happening, what twists are coming etc. It really does lose something in being replayed. Perhaps if I leave it a good half decade or longer I might better enjoy another go, but certain plot points will always kinda stick in the memory.
    Great games though.
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