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  1. Thanks guys. Here's some coasters I made for my boyfriend's brother.
  2. I could never get over Big the Cat grinding the rails with his crotch in Sonic Heroes. And he sounds so pleased about it!
  3. Hi guys! I like to craft, especially embroidery and cross stitch and I thought I'd show off a couple of things. I made these guys over the last week or so. Hand embroidery is a new thing I've been trying out and I like it! A Dark Chao will be coming as soon as I find some suitable fabric to stitch it on. The Sonic cross stitch below is the first cross stitch I did where I made my own pattern, I used the cover art of Sonic Adventure. Thanks for looking!
  4. The rail grinding in Sonic Heroes, just trying to switch rails and failing. I really enjoyed playing that game until stupid Rail Canyon.
  5. Hi! I'm Emma, I'm a crafter who has been making video game inspired handcrafts for a few years. I've been a lurked on the site and the forum for some time now and thought I should get around to joining up, as there's such a strong community here. My favourite Sonic game is Sonic 2, though I've not yet managed to beat it :/
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