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  1. It refers specifically to different difficulties playing in different modes though as opposed to different acts within a Zone. Could they just be confused because of the way the demo was structured?
  2. Whoa: "The perspective is forward facing and offers the greater parkour-centric experience out of all of the levels. The second difficulty is in a 2D perspective and players are treated to a fast paced side-scrolling platformed. The hardest level is a forward facing perspective and caters to players who want to flash around the levels as fast as possible. It isn't populated with nearly as many platforms as the easiest level, opening up the track to an uninterrupted fast game-flow." I don't see how this could be possible using the same levels... does this mean there's essentially three different levels for every act?
  3. This is what I'm concerned about. For the first level, it's okay that there wasn't alot of extra stuff, as long as they greatly increase it later on as you progress. But from the other levels they showed it just looked extremely linear without anything else to explore.
  4. METAL GEAR SOLID V! Looks incredibly epic, can't wait to play it. Mirror's Edge 2 also looks fantastic. Also, super excited about Battlefront.
  5. Not a fan of the name, but totally stoked. I think enjoyed Xenoblade Chronicles more than Chrono Trigger, FF6, or any other JRPG I've ever played. Can't wait for the sequel
  6. That's really disappointing. I always really enjoyed the two tiered ending you could get. Even if you missed out on the emeralds you could still clear the game and have plenty of fun, but getting all the emeralds on one play through really have it an extra challenge and extended longevity. I always really liked how tense it could get if you were on the last possible zone to get your last emerald and you only had one shot left.
  7. The first level looks really nice for a first act, alternate pathways but not so much stuff to overwhelm the player. However, the other levels look alot worse. I would expect the levels to, in general, get bigger and more open with more gimmicks to interact with as the game went on when compared with the first level. But it looks like they're just completely linear with no freedom what so ever. I'm also concerned that nothing has been mentioned about special stages or chaos emeralds.
  8. I'm not sure I understand what you're getting at. Why would you have to stop? Couldn't it be designed fairly easily so that the player times his jump properly while running in order to hit the enemy and maintain momentum? I feel like this offers a range of possible outcomes in momentum as opposed to pushing A and then losing all your speed. It's just the loss of momentum based gameplay that bothers me. Homing attack feels very binary.
  9. Homing attack... I'm starting to think it will forever replace precision jumping at this point. Still, overall it look really fun - I like the less realistic areas, even if it looks somewhat bland compared to say, Generations.
  10. I'm more interested in the game structure to be honest. Is it actually going to be a game that is designed for a single playthrough? I miss tense moments at the end of S1 or 3 where you only had one more chance to get that last emerald, or where you only had 1 or 2 more lives an act or boss away from the completing the game. I also would really prefer big rings to red rings.
  11. Agreed. Alot of the boss fights have been bad because they're bad - not because you play as Super Sonic. There are alot of different ways they could use Super Sonic to create an interesting boss fight, I think. Still, I think it would be best reserved as an extra for collecting all the emeralds or something like that. Something that makes it feel truly epic rather than something that just happens along the normal course of clearing all the stages.
  12. I didn't like Sonic Colors Special Stages. It was permanently unlocked, so you could just retry as many times as you wanted, it didn't feel like a special opportunity you had to make sure you cashed in on in order to beat the game. I also didn't like the method of access... I think 140 out of 180 or something like that would have been more reasonable. I had to use a guide to find all the red rings. Or, they could have it accessible via giant ring in score screen after you S rank a level. I actually think that'd fit quite nicely.
  13. I think it's more about the platforming and in some cases exploration, although speed is definitely a good part of it. Speed is usually an important part of anything if you're trying to go for a high rank/score. However I don't think it's really the most important core element, although it definitely sets it apart from some other platformers that were in the same classic era.
  14. Great post Palas, very interesting read. I especially like the part about S3K's buildup to it's climactic point, and Sonic 1's wave.
  15. IMO, it's Sonic 3 and Knuckles, followed by Sonic 1, and then lastly 2. Sonic 1 is great in my opinion. It's fairly challenging compared to other classic games, and has great special stages. There isn't much to say about it imo - it's just a well made, well executed platformer with a simple concept - get through the level with at least 50 rings and get the emeralds. Sonic 2 is just not fun at all for me, I don't think I will ever see what others do in this game. It's heavily based on memorization, especially the special stages which deliberately obscure the player's vision at points to ensure solid reactive gameplay doesn't prevail over monotonous memorization. It's also impossible to know which lamposts are linked in alot of levels. Some are obvious, however there are others that inexplicably mutually exclusive. The levels are tiny, and the enemy placement is very bad overall. Last but not least, the fact that they take away your 50 rings after going into a special stage yet have all the rings you picked up respawn makes no sense and just makes the experience all the more frustrating for me. I feel like they wanted to encourage more exploration but the way it was implemented was awful. Sonic 3 and Knuckles is awesome. Gigantic, sprawling levels, with tons of secrets, most significantly hidden special stage rings. The blue sphere special stages are great - on par with the maze stages or even better, in my opinion. The story in S3K is also great, the way it's told is simple but effective and not overdone. The bonus stages are a nice pacebreaker, and they're completely optional, so if you are going for a time attack or just don't feel like playing them at the moment you can just run past. The finale is awesome, and was a much bigger reward for getting all the emeralds than just a different ending such as in Sonic 1. Extra characters are icing on the cake, letting the player have access to different paths, and in Knuckles case, some entirely different acts and bosses. Truly an epic, awesome game.
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