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  1. Looking at the Fractured Hills screenshot already gives me Bagpipes ptsd along with the chemist... it's sad too because I love the way the world is design but the missions in it always frustrated (and annoyed) me as a kid. Though I guess the reward would be to see the Earthshapers dance to the pipes. (and i'm ready to burn the trees/bushes assaulting and scaring my child self)
  2. I LOVE the concept art for the worlds. So far I believe i've gotten the majority of the artwork and they're used as my wallpaper. I hope to see more in the future. And if there's a 3D model character i'm waiting for, it would be either Buzz, Spike, Sorceress and Bianca. I want to see how they turned out.
  3. I've been playing with Devil May Cry 4... and DMC4:Special Edition... So far that's the two games ive been playing and spending most of my time just cause for the combat and how flashy/stylish you can be. (Both on PC) Another game I've been play has been Tomb Raider (2013) on PC as well so I can try and adjust to playing keyboard and mouse(for shooting related games anyways). Difficult to switch from controller to key/mouse but I now see how accurate you can be so that's cools.
  4. I'm happy to see the way the Reignited trilogy is going. Or just happy that this was a thing so for me, it feels like a win-win situation.
  5. Just the type of music I listen to whenever I play Devil May Cry 4.

  7. Nice to see the Forums got a new look and style. Feels fresh.  (Yeah... pretty late on this)

  8. Asking Alexandria - Creature http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_Ki0eYr9Vg
  9. This is the one song I enjoy hearing. And bother asking about the singers teeth x) The Casualties - We Are All We Have http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtbyamGepu4
  10. I LOVE this show! There is not one thing I hate about it! I know what i'm buying... Dat CD cover! I know it's kinda late for me getting it now, but better than nothing! =D Regular Show forever! Not to mention their quote "It's anything but" Btw Gabz, I just love that gif! ^^
  11. Sorry if I made a desktop repost but this is a funny 4/20 pic that I just love xD If you're curious on what it says, it says: Silver - "I'm NOT a marijuana Plant!!" Knux - "Hello Ganja leaf..." Too funny xD.
  12. JPunxR


    What is this, dubstep you speak of? (Hell no!)
  13. ... Yes! >:3 I would really appreciate it if you do!
  14. ... Nice art work Acid! Now draw me Jet the Hawk >:3
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