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  1. what the sonic franchise, (what that guy was thinking) was that its all about guns and amours and aliens. that was just ONE of what SEGA wanted to do. they wouldnt do they every game. in fact, shadow wasnt even going to be bothered with his past, and he destroyed all the GUN stuff, and he killed all the aliens. so why would the next game be about it? that was just one thing SEGA was getting at.
  2. i said right in my 1st post that hedgehogs arent rodents. they arent even related to rodents i dont know why you would think they are, but they arent. look it up. you will see that they arent. yugi said that his biggest regret what just what you noted, sonic being silly and all that. he just wanted to make sonic fun. but he overloaded on it, and now people think he isnt even that strong. all he does is run fast. originally, sonic was really for teenagers. and yugi didnt like the fact that little kids were becoming more and more fans of it. thats why he made shadow to change it all. but turns out you want the silly little kid version of sonic and not on what yugi wanted in the 1st place. i understand why you dont like it, but this is what the sonic franchise was supposed to be like.
  3. thats when you are sadly wrong. shadow is immortal. he wasnt "brought back to life" eggman lied to him. so yeah i agree shadow being brought back to life sucks.....if it was even true. like i said, the characters in shadow were supposed to be very annoying. this is what they where like in "SHADOW'S EYES." if you read ll of my post, you would see that i know the characters are extremely annoying. they supposed to be.....this is shadow's game, and they were showing what they looked like in HIS VIEW. i grew to even almost HATE the characters, but that was how shadow felt about them. what are you talking about it being serious? shadow was serious in SA2, also, but i dont see people complain about it. its just anothter thing they can pick on, thats all. and shadow revealing he's a planet buster is crap....????????
  4. no. the storyline and the way shadow appeared. thats what! thats what ALL people say about it. yugi WANTED it that way. he said so. but you all grew up with "all smiles sonic" and when SEGA really wanted in the 1st place comes out, you hate it. anyway, i see i cannot try to make any of you see on how i like shadow the hedgehog, so i guess its bye for now.
  5. oh and thanks. you are doing what i dont want you to do. you are looking at the engine and the gameplay. im not looking at that. im looking at how shadow appeared in the game and how the storyline was. think about it. if you never saw the gameplay, or the graphics and it was turned into a movie COMPLETELY made into an anime styled movie, would you like it? speak honestly.
  6. @ Luigi and Rush and Horsaroni Luigi: i am, in no way,defending the graphics of this game. in NO WAY. NO WAY am i doing this. i think they are terrible. but you are thinking on the side that i dont want you to. i dont like the game, as in graphics, levels, and guns. i am liking it because of the game ITSELF. if it was made into movie mode, do you think you would like it? think about it. push the gameplay out of your mind. because thats what im doing. im thinking about the scenes only. thats why i like the game. the game itself. not the gameplay and stuff like that. if you do the same for 06, it STILL sucks. thats what im getting at. Rush,try to forget about the gameplay and engine and camera and all that. if you do that, then you wont understand why i like the game. take it all out, and then you will see why i like it. i like it because if itself. i read the story line, and then i looked at it. the storyline, and the way shadow appears in this game is why i like it. if you think im defending the graphics or controls in any way, you will just get angry at me. thats not why i like it. im not defending those. its the STORYLINE and how shadow IS. thats why i like it. Horsaroni: shadow is one of my favs. im not being a retarded biased fanboy.
  7. @Vertekins and External X i really dont like the shadow of now.....hes too...unshadowy. if you know what i mean. but he's still one of my fave chars. and i WAS brought up to think of the swearing thing, but really, sometimes it can get annoying. i dont curse. i CAN. but i dont. too smart for it. i use real words. but i understand what you mean. and it doesn change the fact that you need soap in you mouths. ALL OF YOUUUUU!!!! XD oh and thanks, Eternal X. i think...... @DevilDoom thanks! thats all i was saying!
  8. Diz

    Welcome! I was going to notify you that your topic was merged with another one, but you seem to have found it anyway! XD

  9. @Vertekins no, the fact that shadow has guns and curses and rides motorcycles doesnt make him cool. in that case old men in motercyle gangs would be epic. NOT! i find shadow cool because of the way he is. the guns were just something i think looks cool on him, but not what MAKEES him cool. shadow being shadow. thats what i like about him. his guns, vehicles and cursing can go burn. its not what makes him cool. im not 8. -.- i have a mind of my own. we have a lot of dirty mouths here >.>
  10. @Eternal X i agree. also unleashed was GREAT. @The Fifth Rate i dont quite understand you. are you talking about the engine? @Diz thanks Diz! ^.*
  11. @Soniman "cursing like a 13 year old?" but arent you just cursing? everybody has their own reason for hating or liking the game, but your reasons apply to just what everyone says. i mean, what do you mean, "his backstory is bad?" what was so bad about it so much that you had to use the F word more than once? its not really that specific on what you are talking about. im not trying to attack you, but what is your personal opinion?
  12. @VGMBuff yes, but why do you think it sucks? 06 sucks, but of course, there is a reason why.
  13. @the joker if you read the link i gave below, you will see how epic he really is. just out of curiosity why do you think SEGA failed at making shadow look awesome? i think they did fairly well.
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