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  1. im still on time, right? i got the ocean base remix done
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49IOd2nas9s my first entry :3 this an original, not remix from another game...
  3. im making green forest from sonic adventure 2 remix
  4. when did i say that the title of sand oasis white remix is going to be "let the whiteness mend it"? but nevermind thanks for this =D
  5. Pyramid Cave Modern Remix Title Opening Original Sand Oasis White Remix Now i want to add a Original Song made by Me: I can add this, right? is inspired from Sonic and the Black Knight and SAO(a anime).
  6. sounds great but there some parts that u need to fix in the vocals, and u should add some 2nd vocals... if u need help, just call, im good in helping with vocals. PS: if u dont understand what i mean...sorry im not good in speaking english too much...
  7. that means is open? i can make a remix of it? or no?
  8. oh... well is Milky Way from Sonic Drift 2 is available?
  9. is there a list of all the songs to know what is available?
  10. hey Joshua u not say anything about the Ocean Base remix!
  11. i allways come out with something but it allways need a electric guitar, and my guitars settings are not good(effects too). KatamariParadox got banned?
  12. no i understand, well i was thinking to redo this but Joshua...i dont know is busy and i was going to make some synths that katamari paradox it was helping me but i dont know either, in that time i was going to redo the bass and change the drums first part and fix some other things but u know... there are previews?! where? dont worry im almost finishing this and i want to add it in my remixes.
  13. im making a remix of Aquatic ruin in salsa and i wanna ask u if u can help to let u make a solo in it. well i guess i finish the intro, i forgot...check it and tell me what u think? https://soundcloud.com/marvinvalentin/tss-titleopening
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