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  1. THERE.




    Reaching for Stars - Wolfblur


    Just an acoustic interpretation on Reach for the Stars from Sonic Colors, vocals and all. Got some lead bits from Sonic 2's ending, Cool Edge Day, and a tad (as in 4 notes repeated lawl) of the map music for Planet Wisp). Tried the best I could at vocals so I hope it's acceptable. I have a hunch I'm the only vocal song this year?


    So yeah, hope it's cool beans. I also go a .wav ready for ya Jeff if you need that instead of the 320 mp3

    sounds great but there some parts that u need to fix in the vocals, and u should add some 2nd vocals... if u need help, just call, im good in helping with vocals.


    PS: if u dont understand what i mean...sorry im not good in speaking english too much...

  2. Well, at least you do understand it. I've seen Joshua been busy too. XD

    KatamariParadox... um, got banned and I'm not sure if he or she can still help you.

    Well, I hope you can fix it and stuffs. If not, why not go for something all by yourself I guess?

    i allways come out with something but it allways need a electric guitar, and my guitars settings are not good(effects too).

    KatamariParadox got banned?

  3. Okay, first up, sorry, I don't mean to come off as that guy but yeah.

    First up, while both Joshua and you are certainly talented, I think this piece is really not that good.

    Okay, firstly it sounds bland and inspired. I can see you were going for the S1/S2 title theme kinda approach and well, this just kinda falls flat for this piece. The tempo is a bit too slow, and it sounds just really weird.

    The SEGA, while a nice touch, seems to be really awkward in this piece. The "Sonic Stadium..." thingy sounds really... I don't know what to say. pet peeve of mine: i hate the "Sonic stadium..." blabla thing cos' I can see that this is that album and I want a real good piece without that and stuff to kickstart the album.

    Last year, we had Wolfblur rocking out with something that we were like going "Oh yeah, this album's gonna rock!" or something. And when I imagine myself, listening to this piece of the album first, I don't feel excited at all.

    I mean, I am nobody to say "No, sorry." or stuff liddat, but if this was done by me, I'd really ask and take in feedback and go re-do this.

    Also, people often look up at the intro as a sample of the whole album. Wolfy did that great, Sonic Paradox's Race to Win did that great... this...

    Yeah, I hope this is not just me saying this eh.


    I have feeling it's just me.

    Also, is...



    Cos if not, I think I got one of my final song ideas fixed.

    It's just an idea for now... so yeah.


    EDIT: This song has 4-5 drum kits. My drums are already atrocious. I can't do this D:

    no i understand, well i was thinking to redo this but Joshua...i dont know is busy and i was going to make some synths that katamari paradox it was helping me but i dont know either, in that time i was going to redo the bass and change the drums first part and fix some other things but u know...

    Sorry Marv, but what I heard at the listening preview party thing, Aquatic Ruin was already taken sad.png

    there are previews?! where? dont worry im almost finishing this and i want to add it in my remixes.

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