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  1. i dont know...i dont think is a good idea remove that part... is there somebody else who think the same way as thapoint09?
  2. what do u think is the problem? the melody instrument? the mastering? and What it need to make a white world remix? i mean if i didnt make this and im going to start making the remix...
  3. dont worry im going to worked out to get u the felling u want, ok?
  4. ok i use a Sitar(suggestion of DJ Ear) and i guess is alright now: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yqidfgik2zy5seb/SandOasisWhiteRemix.mp3?m Check it Now!
  5. check it now: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yqidfgik2zy5seb/SandOasisWhiteRemix.mp3?m
  6. https://www.dropbox.com/s/yqidfgik2zy5seb/SandOasisWhiteRemix.mp3?m
  7. ok i adjust somethings and change the banjo to a Koto... https://www.dropbox.com/s/yqidfgik2zy5seb/SandOasisWhiteRemix.mp3
  8. ooohhh... im new when its mean working with music in english.
  9. but u can tell if the guitar is too low or the bass too high. can u send me a message? im going to search about the idian instrument.
  10. what it need? a better real banjo? what it need to low down and high up the volumen? and getting alot of problems trying to master it...
  11. I need opinions about this White World Remix: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yqidfgik2zy5seb/SandOasisWhiteRemix.mp3?m The Drums Intro is Going to be Changed
  12. I guess the midi thing becuase the synths im using...but i dont know what to add to this
  13. Done! something Simple but cool! http://soundcloud.co...ss-titleopening Composed by Joshua Taipale. yeah i know, he help me Hey Jeff! the Ocean Base from Sonic Advanced is open? i was thinking to create this, a Modern Remix =D
  14. talking again of the opening title, Joshua compose a Opening Title Song that i going to edit. i need to know what Sonic going to say to finish this song...hmmm... and that of the SEGA idea is not a bad idea!
  15. ok, let me talk with Joshua to see what we can do...
  16. Hey VizardJeffhog! did somebody made something for the opening of the cd? i mean in the 2011 cd they put the title opening song of sonic in the 1st cd and the 1st song. did somebody make something, becuase i was thinking to create something and saying sonic something to start the songs of the cd.
  17. of course, but my question was if somebody made the song of eggmanland...well if nobody maded it... remember i made pyramid cave remix, thats is claimed...
  18. well, if someone has an idea in ​​how i can be the lead synth thing, send me a message and we check what i can be done.
  19. @Toad i made the sonic 1 final boss simple becuase the other remixes i made, there not going to be in the album, thats why i came up with something fast and with my boring life... @Marine the Racoon ok, and no i dont got Skype, i will wait for the helping respond =D
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