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  1. no, i know, i put my soul in the remix of Pyramid Cave, the Sonic 1 Final Boss Remix was simple becuase only need to edit the drums nothing more, and joshua put the guitar at the ending. in the modern remixes i make my best to maked like the music team of generations.
  2. @Nemo when i say i played the drums, i mean i play it with a real drums not electronic, the thing is that i record myself playing the remix then i try copy all that i made in the drums and turn it into midi to maked some real. i have alot experience working real to midi... @VizardJeffhog thanks, in the future i can came up with more ideas to edit this remix(and yeah i guess katamari will help me). and the sonic 1 final boss i made it simple becuase i cant find a better vst's for the orchestra, and i was bored...
  3. Sonic 1 Final Boss Orchestra DLC Remix by Marvin & Joshua
  4. well, can i add the Sonic 1 Final Boss Orchestra Remix? PS:im to lazy to check what song are claimed...
  5. Flying Battery Classic Remix by Marvin Valentin
  6. Yeah thats right, for now is sound amazing! =D i want to add some of my remixes: StarLight Zone Modern Remix by Marvin Valentin & Joshua Taipale Green Grove/Windy Valley Classic Remix by Marvin Valentin
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