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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Riff-making Love

    #SoTSSChallenge OUT NOW!

    I love this challenge. I already half finished what will most likely be my entry last night. Got excited because its a genre I've never done before. I'll be tackling the ex boss from sonic advance 3 again.
  3. Riff-making Love

    #SoTSSTropicalParadise (OUT NOW)

    I was tuning in and out because I was doing some work and at one point I thought I had misheard because it sounded like bemani but it turned out to be Ear's sick Sonic CD mix.
  4. Riff-making Love

    #SoTSSTropicalParadise (OUT NOW)

    Submitted in some stuff. Hope everyone gets their works in!
  5. Riff-making Love

    Colin Cowherd does nuts after seen ESport on ESPN2

    ESPN aired some DoTA 2 last year and it was met with the same results. Coming from a guy who transitioned from playing video games all day every day to watching and playing a lot of sports, it doesn't really matter to me. Like Cowherd said, going up against an NBA playoff game is not going to draw many viewers. A rival sports network holds the rights to what everyone in your demo wants to watch, unless it's equally as appealing nobody is going to bother anyway. There is the hypocrisy of a culture where creating, maintaining and even gambling on fantasy leagues is the norm, whines about people professionally playing video games.
  6. Riff-making Love

    #SoTSSTropicalParadise (OUT NOW)

    Man this topic is like back to the future. I'm assuming the deadlines for SoTSS15 are steady?
  7. Riff-making Love

    JAiRO does everything. (Art, Animation, and more.)

    I keep hitting the play button. Awesome.
  8. Have some chill jazz house

    1. Celestia


      But does it have a psychedelic guitar solo?

    2. Riff-making Love

      Riff-making Love

      Sad to say, I actually don't know too many of those.

    3. Celestia


      Fair enough :P

      Jokes aside this is sweet music.

  9. Riff-making Love

    Official Anime/Manga Thread

    SAOII looks like an animated GunZ Online drama. There was even someone butterflying in the OP.
  10. Isn't Vitaly still on probation for the russian bomb scare prank? I imagine streaking during the world cup final wouldn't be very good.

  11. that bomberman hero soundtrack tho~

  12. EVO 2014 is beginning. Ten year anniversary of the great Daigo Parry

  13. how does someone perform goonies like this on the piano? is it magic?


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