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  1. Hi everyone! In this thread you can post your fave shows and talk and discuss them. I watch A lot of TV. The reason I'm making this is because I want to know what you guys watch too. Mine are: Horrible Histories (CBBC) Sorry I've got no head (CBBC) Tracy Beaker Returns (CBBC) Dani's House (CBBC) Horrid Henry (CITV) SpongeBob SquarePants (Nickelodeon) Fairly Odd Parents (Nickelodian) Miranda (BBC2) The Catherine Tate Show (BBC2) Little Britain (BBC3) Come fly With me (BBC1) The League of Gentlemen (BBC1) Psychoville (BBC1) The Inbetweeners (E4) Friends (Comedy Central) Two and A Half Men (Comedy Central) Anger Management (Comedy Central) The Million Pound Drop (Channel 4) Peep Show (Channel 4) I bet I have forgot some. I will edit this if i remember some.
  2. This is a scandal! Why would he do something like that? and now that he's dead, justice can't be done! and Esther Rantzen (Founder of childline) apparently heard about this, but did nouthing about it, and she is facing the sack from the BBC. F***ing ridiculous.
  3. The top line of my signature came from my old signature from a website that I used to be on, called chao island. The next two lines came from my username and my individuality. My avatar came from my username, I thought I needed a avatar with connections to my username.
  4. Sorry, the reason my fave power up is the invincibility shield is that it is very satisfying to run around for a while and not be in the danger of being hurt at all. I want this topic to discuss what our favorite power ups are and why. What do you mean by OP?
  5. A mon avi, the best powerup is the invincibilty sheild. My second is speedy shoes. ZOOM! Sorry. How about you.
  6. The reason I play Sonic games, is because I enjoy the style of gameplay (Homing attacks, Grinding and whatnot), but why do you play them?
  7. Since my first topic didn't work out, I thought I would set this up for discussion.
  8. Thanks Sly. And I forgot to say that you Can add punctuation within. Yesterday Over No Thimbles, So Ugly T H E O N E
  9. Hello all. I'm a newbie, so i'm not sure if forum games go here, and this game may be considered silly, but hey-ho, i'll give it a go (Rhyme!). In this game, one person posts six letters (Can be any) and the next person makes a sentence (Can be nonsensical) out of those letters. For example: 1st person's post: H A T T I E 2nd person's post: Heavy Athletes Treating The Idiotic Elephants H O R F G S I'll start the game off: T R I A L E
  10. Hello, my name is Jake, and I like playing video games, riding my bike and writing fanfic stories. Can you tell me how to fit in here? I am a huge fan of the sonic series. Not so much the old games, but the newer ones. Other game series that I like include: Mario, Zelda, Monkey Ball and Spyro. Here are the stories I have written, hosted on the website Lemmy's Land (Scroll down until you reach the user 'Yoshi's Clone' (me) to find my stories): http://www.lemmykoopa.com/lksection.php?PHPSESSID=1ef1332ffd9d431d0db835ab7c9cf06dThisSection=26&Letter=Y (TSAECS will be finished soon!)
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