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  1. Yeah but Elsa almost murdered the Duke's henchmen. Elsa was going to push one of the side of her ice castle, and stab the other with a icicle. If Elsa can realize that she was doing wrong, so can Hans imo, it would just take so much work and he won't be completely good, just morally grey.
  2. Imagine sending your own baby brother to death and finding out that he's come back as a attempted murderer. You just wouldn't know how to cope. Though if they have thoughts on a Hans redemption story then I take it that the brothers were douches. Who ignores somebody for two years straight anyways ? I'm personally the youngest of 3 brothers, and .... just can't imagine it. Not trying to excuse Hans, but you have to admit, that's just so abusive. Worse than what Anna/ Elsa's parents did, because if they believe that Hans can atone, then they did it on purpose. I would love and adore Hans to become a better person and everything, though I'm worried that if they go through with the idea, how are they going to pull it off ? Hans was a very selfish, self-centered man, that wasn't afraid to commit murder, and almost did, more than once. I can only see Hans lying about banishment, escaping from prison, keen for revenge towards the sisters, and then getting his cold heart thawed per say. And in the end, heading to prison for real.
  3. Yeah same here. Though I plan to keep a open-mind with this and hope that things will work out when fully animated.
  4. I always assumed that hanging/ beheading was you know, hinted. Regicide attempts wouldn't go down well. Prince or not. Or he would die in prison, as it was hinted that his brothers never gave a toss about him, so they would just forget about him and he'll slowly die. Though his voice actor Santino has hinted that they have plans to redeem him, for a future Frozen project.
  5. Spyro 2 and Spyro 3 do have better characters and slightly better story-lines. The worlds and levels are more vast and adventurous too.
  6. Agree so much. Also didn't really get emotional during Anna's freezing either, because if you watch Disney movies alot, they seem to do a - is that character dead ?? Thing, like Jungle Book, Snow White, Enchanted, and Pinocchio. Also Kristoff and Olaf not getting too much emotional didn't get help either, the only one that showed sorrow and heartbreak over the loss of Anna, was Elsa. Kristoff and Olaf were like " well, damn........... this sucks " Kristoff is supposed to love her, and Olaf is supposed to love her like a family member. If it wasn't for Elsa being the only one that showed realistic emotion, it would of had the same problem as the parents deaths. ..... How ??? Disney Parents drop like flies. How was it supposed to be surprising when it's a cliche as old as Snow White ??
  7. abrupt to the point it was almost unintentionally comical. I dunno, even just giving it a few more seconds and showing what was happening on the boat might have made it seem a bit more serious. XD I did find the first chunk of the movie had at least three moments where I said to my boyfriend "...well, that escalated quickly". XD Yeah kinda agree with you, that it was almost comical, but only because of how common it is to have Disney parents or Mothers die so often. It was almost like yaaaaay both parents, and they're okay ! oh lol oops .... nevermind....
  8. It probably wouldn't look too bad without the wing....but the wing looks so STUPID... Characters like Tidus and Leon turned out better in Kingdom Hearts than they do in other things IMO But male characters having one wing within the Final Fantasy VII universe is kinda normal though. So imo, it fits ? Sephiroth and Genesis coming to mind.
  9. Yeah going to go with Rooftop Run Day from Sonic Unleashed HD/ Sonic Generations, because of reasons already explained, like the break-neck speed and the running up the clock tower.
  10. I wonder if gaming journalism is extra tough on Sonic and uses Sonic as it's punching bag, because most journalist these days would be about 23- 30 years old, and would of grown up during the whole Sonic VS Mario thing. Alot of them still bloody see the other gaming mascot as the enemy, don't believe me, look up somebody like Brentalfloss, who tries to make a jab at Sonic whenever he can. Game Grumps ? I think they are about that age right ? I have never seen them play any Sega games, unless it's Sonic 06 to make a mockery of it and they played Genesis/ Mega Drive Aladdin once and gave up, and Jontron makes a jab at Sega whenever he can too. Not trying to insult Mario fans, or Nintendo fans, but those are main examples I can think of right now. Maybe just being paranoid here, but my conspiracy theory hat is on.
  11. Got to a top 13 list. Princess Anna- She's my fave, because she's brave, adventurous, a bit dorky, and just to be happy with her sister and less alone. She never really let's sadness or anything get to her, unless it's just too much to handle, and she's quite adorable. Belle- I just like like how she's able to see through Gaston's shallowness and doesn't fall for him just because everybody does else. She's different, and she doesn't follow the crowd and she tries to at least see the good within everybody. Mulan- She's brave, kick-ass, strong and was willing to risk everything so her Father wouldn't die due to his weakness and injury, being unable to fight in a war. She doesn't really fit in society's box, and struggles because of it, but she finds her own way, and ends up becoming a stronger person because of it. Elsa- Brave, mentally- strong, a good role model, and she's quite intelligent. I think that she's a healthy role model for today's society, for to just, to love yourself and not really care too much what other people think, as longs as your happy with who you are. Cinderella- I may get hate for this, but I like Cinderella because I really believe personally that she's mentally-strong as Elsa, and doesn't let her Stepmother's abuse or Stepsisters abuse get to her, that's pretty mentally-strong and tough. Also I think that alot of people forget that Cinderella didn't go to the ball, just to get herself a man. Cinderella wanted a dress, a day off, and to have a fun time with her Step-family. Jasmine- Jasmine is pretty smart, intelligent, and it's nice how she wanted to marry for love and actually soft of know him first. Sadly they ruin her character, by not letting her fight and battle Jafar and just trap her within a suffocating sand hourglass. Pocahontas- It's nice and awesome how she wants to fight for rights of the earth, animals, life and race. She becomes a good teacher to John Smith and she's a nice role model for children and even older viewers too. Though I just personally find Jasmine a bit more interesting. Tiana- Again like Jasmine they destroy her character by the end, because like Tiana was ambitious and hard-working and she didn't need a man to help her get her dreams, but in the end, she needs a man ??? She could of been a much stronger character, but imho, her needing Prince Naveen's aid, her character and message sort of gets lost. Though she's up higher than some other princesses, because she still manages to keep some of good character points, and the message that family love is important. She's also one of the princesses that defeats the villain. Ariel- I don't hate Ariel at all, but her character and giving up her voice, it's just a bit of a iffy message, because even though Ariel wanted to be happy and everything within the human world, just feel uncomfortable with the way it was done. Though that is how the story goes originally, the mermaid gives up almost everything, though Disney makes it happy, while the original story, is much sadder, but deeper. She's not awful Disney Princess or anything, just, yeah almost giving up everything on true loves kiss ? yeah, urm.... Snow White- Like Ariel and Anna she's a bit naive, but unlike Anna her naivety doesn't have a message to be this naive and why, and same with Ariel, she gets rewarded for being too innocent. Though she's kind-hearted and sweet, and quite mentally-tough for a young teenaged girl that's been hunted down by her murderous and envious Stepmother. So many people would break down, and let it take over their lifes, but nope, Snow tries to focus on the good. She's awesome for somebody who was created so long ago. Rapunzel- Yeah just don't like her all that much sorry. Just hate how she modern speaks too much. BEST. DAY. EVVVER. She just feels too DreamWorks-y than Disney. Like trying to be pop culture to be cool. I find her annoying. Anna modern speaks sometimes too, though imo, she sounds less annoying. Merdia- Just didn't like her character, and found her to be a bit whiny, childish and bland. Though she is unique. Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)- Didn't do much expect sing song, look pretty, dance and then get under Maleficent's spell and then sleep. Speaking of Anna and Elsa, I heard that a certain ice- harvester and scheming Prince is going to be at their coronation. Anybody know if this is true ???
  12. I don't mind Elsa being sexy either, because she's confident now and she's comfortable within her own skin, where before she worried what everybody else thought. It doesn't matter what you wear, as longs as it's sensible, and your confident within your own body and everything.
  13. No, plus there is alot of Disney females out there who have been sexualized so much worse, like Esmeralda from HOND.
  14. The only thing I've seen is that they say that show's target audience it's boys aged 7- 11 or something.
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