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  1. Yeah but Elsa almost murdered the Duke's henchmen. Elsa was going to push one of the side of her ice castle, and stab the other with a icicle. If Elsa can realize that she was doing wrong, so can Hans imo, it would just take so much work and he won't be completely good, just morally grey.
  2. I always assumed that hanging/ beheading was you know, hinted. Regicide attempts wouldn't go down well. Prince or not. Or he would die in prison, as it was hinted that his brothers never gave a toss about him, so they would just forget about him and he'll slowly die. Though his voice actor Santino has hinted that they have plans to redeem him, for a future Frozen project.
  3. Agree so much. Also didn't really get emotional during Anna's freezing either, because if you watch Disney movies alot, they seem to do a - is that character dead ?? Thing, like Jungle Book, Snow White, Enchanted, and Pinocchio. Also Kristoff and Olaf not getting too much emotional didn't get help either, the only one that showed sorrow and heartbreak over the loss of Anna, was Elsa. Kristoff and Olaf were like " well, damn........... this sucks " Kristoff is supposed to love her, and Olaf is supposed to love her like a family member. If it wasn't for Elsa being the only one that showed realistic emotion, it would of had the same problem as the parents deaths. ..... How ??? Disney Parents drop like flies. How was it supposed to be surprising when it's a cliche as old as Snow White ??
  4. abrupt to the point it was almost unintentionally comical. I dunno, even just giving it a few more seconds and showing what was happening on the boat might have made it seem a bit more serious. XD I did find the first chunk of the movie had at least three moments where I said to my boyfriend "...well, that escalated quickly". XD Yeah kinda agree with you, that it was almost comical, but only because of how common it is to have Disney parents or Mothers die so often. It was almost like yaaaaay both parents, and they're okay ! oh lol oops .... nevermind....
  5. It probably wouldn't look too bad without the wing....but the wing looks so STUPID... Characters like Tidus and Leon turned out better in Kingdom Hearts than they do in other things IMO But male characters having one wing within the Final Fantasy VII universe is kinda normal though. So imo, it fits ? Sephiroth and Genesis coming to mind.
  6. I wonder if gaming journalism is extra tough on Sonic and uses Sonic as it's punching bag, because most journalist these days would be about 23- 30 years old, and would of grown up during the whole Sonic VS Mario thing. Alot of them still bloody see the other gaming mascot as the enemy, don't believe me, look up somebody like Brentalfloss, who tries to make a jab at Sonic whenever he can. Game Grumps ? I think they are about that age right ? I have never seen them play any Sega games, unless it's Sonic 06 to make a mockery of it and they played Genesis/ Mega Drive Aladdin once and gave up, and Jontron makes a jab at Sega whenever he can too. Not trying to insult Mario fans, or Nintendo fans, but those are main examples I can think of right now. Maybe just being paranoid here, but my conspiracy theory hat is on.
  7. I don't mind Elsa being sexy either, because she's confident now and she's comfortable within her own skin, where before she worried what everybody else thought. It doesn't matter what you wear, as longs as it's sensible, and your confident within your own body and everything.
  8. Yeah like the second Spyro game the best too, because always liked Ripto, always thought that he was a more threatening villian towards the beloved purple dragon.
  9. Penta is a boy ??? Always assumed that it was a girl, childhood ruined. I loved the Crash series, but I was always disappointed in the lack of female characters.
  10. They are wasting too much time on making too many silly cellphone games imo, and not enough time on FF XV and KH 3 All The Bravest was just a massive insult, and Final Fantasy VI cellphone has a glitch where the game cannot be even winnable.
  11. The Box Trolls -can't really say much...but it looks...interesting? Big Hero 6 -Disney Looking forward to these the most, not a big fan of Dragons, sorry. Also plan to catch The Lego Movie on DVD/ Bluray pretty soon.
  12. HippyAmy

    Rio 2

    Wouldn't worry too much about it, we all know that HTTYD 2 is going to be the big animation money maker this year, and maybe Big Hero 6.
  13. Boom is going to have to be pretty big and massive to make the critics shut up and stop picking on Sonic like the loner by the lunch table.
  14. * snorts loudly * They wish. Though it's most likely a bit of a smart marketing tragedy as naive parents will believe it and go see Rio with their kiddies. Thinking that they are going to enjoy it as much as they did with Frozen. I really believe that Jen and Bobby Lee hated and despised Hans' character, because of the terrible and ill treatment of his character, from when Anna and Kristoff met the trolls and start singing out that horrible Fixer Upper, everything about the movie goes down hill and Hans' character goes down the gutter, just for a two second plot-twist. Plus people on Tumblr have put up pictures of the way Hans looks at Anna when nobody else is around, none of them say " hahha I'm going to use you for the throne " they all say " I care " I'll never ship Kristoff x Anna sorry. It's like what you say, they give Anna shit for falling in love with Hans too fast, but with Kristoff it would of been okay, and when she was still engaged ? You're kidding. Hans/ Anna for life. Screw the trolls and screw the stupid plot-twist.
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