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    My favorite franchise is the Sonic series. I'm also into other games like Klonoa, Jet Set Radio, and the Mega Man series.

    I'm really big into movies, so much that I'm pursuing a career in, and aside from the mainstream films, I like the more obscure titles. My favorite film series would have to be the Godzilla movies, because they're so endearing to watch, maybe not from a film making aspect, but from the charm of the creative monsters.

    I'm also big into series like Dragon Ball, Gamera, and Battle Royale.

    As for hobbies, I'm a very imaginative person who likes to watch movies, read books, and sometimes write my own stories. I'm a very appreciative of nature and old-school music from the 70s and 80s.
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  1. Not really sure if the series has attempted this yet, but I would like to see a Sonic game with 2D sprites, but in a 3D environment, similar to the Paper Mario series.The series is already bright and colorful as it is, so experimenting with how the environment can be built like something you would make in art class would cool to see.
  2. My main complaints about the level decisions were mostly for the 3DS version where they didn't take any portable titles in consideration. I really wanted to see levels like Sunset Park and Egg Rocket Zone. Otherwise, I didn't mind the levels that we eventually got.
  3. Maybe as long as the inspiration doesn't go too far...
  4. Being a good fan means enjoying the franchise and deciding on your own personal opinions what's good and bad about the games you love or hate, simple as that. You don't have to like every single game, because there are some undoubtedly terrible games in the franchise. Reviews are pretty biased against Sonic games, so I just tend to ignore them and simply buy the games and see if it's good or bad and try to enjoy them for what they're worth.
  5. Off all the things today, I honestly did not see this coming. It seems so strange that a new Star Wars movie would be coming out. Besides, aren't the rest of the Star Wars movies still being rereleased per year in theaters? If they were going to pull a stunt like this, shouldn't they at least wait until they're done with all of them? Personally, the movie franchise was over and done with, but if it's going to happen, I guess that's cool and hope that it turns out to be good with the right people working on it.
  6. Yeah, I can agree. I already got Green Hill once on the Gamecube version, I don't know if I want to spend 50+ hours trying to get it again. A-Ranking every mission was just hell on me.
  7. I don't know, this free-roaming stuff just sounds like the treasure-hunting gimmick from the Adventure games to me. I don't care if I'm able to run fast, if I have to run around, just trying to find the goal or something, it would get boring pretty quickly. Maybe if they don't make the stages too big, it could work, I guess.
  8. Pet peeve: That some people think guns made Shadow look more badass. No, they didn't. He didn't need guns to begin with, why would he need them in his own game? Even before the game came out, I thought it was some kind of joke.
  9. I already made some posts on this forum, but it's never to late to introduce myself, right? I'm Daniel, a student who's looking for a career in the film business. I've always wanted to find some place to just talk about even the little aspects of the Sonic series, which I love to death. I've seen Sonic as my escape from reality and always saw it as a charming and extremely unique world, with the very imaginative locations to the endearing and personality-filled characters and hope to discuss these aspects among fellow members.
  10. So, was there any mention of when SEGA would update the game? I've already played the hell out of the three zones with all three characters, and now collecting rings for the upgrades, which is a pain to say the least.
  11. Definitely the statue outside the Station Square burger shop in Sonic Adventure. When I first picked it up, I thought I activated some kind of glitch, but it turns out that it was supposed to be a statue modelled as an actual person. Still find it weird to this day. It's also kind of strange in Sonic Generations that no one even questions the fact that there are two Sonics and they kind of just roll with it. The Time Eater may have brought in different zones from different times, but not people aside from Classic Sonic and Tails. There are some weird moments in the game when you think about it.
  12. For the Modern games, I should probably get back to Sonic Unleashed(HD Version), Sonic Colors, and Sonic Generations and S-Rank those stages since those are the only games I haven't fully mastered yet. (Sonic 06 can go die in a fire for all I care) As for the Classic games, I really need to beat Sonic & Knuckles as Knuckles with all 7 Chaos Emeralds since I haven't done so yet. That and probably Sonic 1 because I love that game so much.
  13. I used to love Heroes to death, but since I gotten old, I can clearly see this game is corny as hell. As if the main theme of the game being called "Sonic Heroes" wasn't enough, it's apparently a title of recognition and a certain kind of hero! "Guess what, Sonic Heroes?!" "Because we're Sonic Heroes!" It's like the game makers let their children write the script based on what they thought sounded cool! There were also some narmy moments like after you defeat the Egg Albatross with Team Sonic, the cutscene that follows the destroyed Eggman robot, laughing and gloating to the heroes, when Tails decides to say "It's a fake?!" There's also the other vocal themes, which are also very cheesy too, like "We Can", "This Machine, and "Team Chaotix". The only themes that have decent lyrics are "Follow Me" and "What I'm Made Of". But despite those grips, I still have fun playing the game. Yeah, it does have it's flaws, like it's ridiculous what's considered new levels for each team is rearranging stages to set a difficulty, but I thought the team mechanic was pretty decent and didn't necessarily drag the game to a halt. I loved the concept of characters "leveling up" and getting stronger throughout the stage, which makes defeating enemies a lot easier. The music is kinda underrated, IMO, since I think that the level themes were trying to integrate some Classic elements into the modern rock style, which I thought was neat. So all in all, Sonic Heroes, not a bad game, but it must be played with a tolerance for the game's childness.
  14. When Sonic met Chip, I never would have guessed that he was Light Gaia and that he wasn't supposed to be awakened yet, but I thought that he would still stick around with Sonic and his friends in the end. After the final boss, it was heartbreaking to see that Chip stayed below the Earth and returned Sonic above, resulting in the fact that we may never see him again. It was a sad ending to an otherwise upbeat game.
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