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  1. nah

    1. FriendBot
    2. Shikushi
    3. Milo


      wow, i haven't seen you in quite a while! welcome back!

  2. So in terms of critical reception so far, the PS4 version is currently at 77 on Metacritic while XB1 is 74. All things considered, that's not bad.
  3. My impressions on the game so far; Simple but fun, and its authenticity to the Star Wars franchise is unparalleled, however it should not have been priced as a AAA game. The game feels as though it doesn't have enough meat to it in terms of maps, I'm fine with the lack of campaign but there isn't really enough multiplayer content to compensate for that. While there are two free maps (a big one us confirmed) coming next month, I feel that Walker Assault and Supremacy should have had at least six maps rather than four. The season pass is something of an insult because of this. However the game is a lot of fun and certainly has its moments, and basically everything aside from the shortage of content is great. 7/10: Recommended but not at full price.
  4. Looks like PS2 classics might be coming to PS4 next week, starting with Star Wars Bounty Hunter, Jedi Starfighter, and Podracing Revenge. 

    1. Mando-Whirl-Wind


      I still need to get Racers revenge on my PS3

  5. I think making fighters power ups was a really good call. It would be cool if AT-ST's were also just placed on the map but that could cause similar issues to what you said. It worked for Speeder Bikes as they were used by both the Rebels and the Empire in RotJ.
  6. Endor looks absolutely spectacular, in terms of map design and visuals. Seems that speeder bikes spawn on the map too, as opposed to being tokens (unless they are getting rid of tokens for ground vehicles, which would be preferable for me). I really just want this to come out already, I'm having withdrawal symptoms.
  7. So is Lost World PC's game logic actually tied to framerate or is it only an issue for some? Reason is, I wouldn't mind picking up the PC version as I could run Generations at a relatively playable framerate on my laptop, but I can't trust it to run Lost World at a full 60fps. Shame there's no demo either...

    1. Kaze no Klonoa

      Kaze no Klonoa

      If it wasn't tied to it's game logic then the game could had easily been playable at other levels of framerates

    2. WhoWhatMan




      SEGA added some command line that unlocked the FPS if you are worried about it.

    3. Wil348
  8. %7Boption%7D



    Uh what 0_o

    1. Osmium


      my favourite 

    2. E-van


      GOTY 1936 right here, lads.

  9. Black Ops 3 actually sounds really damn good. I'll be sure to get it for Christmas, Treyarch are a great developer.

  10. Do we know if the PC version will have a demo? That might be a good way to see if your PC is capable of running it.
  11. So Lost World PC is good?

    1. Ryannumber1gamer
    2. Wil348


      TSS are saying that it's a big improvement over the Wii U version. 

    3. Metal the Mario

      Metal the Mario

      They said the controls were better, but they haven't yet clarified how. I'm hoping they're actually improved, but it could just be the feeling of playing it on a non-GamePad controller.

  12. I'm quite happy with The Walking Dead, I bought both the PS4 and Vita versions of season 1 this week so it's perfect timing. I've heard that Magicka is a decent co-op game as well.
  13. I think Internet is the main problem with Now, not so much the pricing. However as Gabe said, thanks to Cell, native BC would probably not be possible. Even with the PS3, they had to stick PS2 hardware into the system so it could do BC, raising the cost and probably contributing to the wierd form factor. In my case, I still have my 360, so it's not really a problem for me. I bought a new system for new games.
  14. Remember when some fans wanted get Hunnid P out of jail even though there might have been a reason he was in there? Of course, when you are so passionate about things that are ultimately trivial then priorities are bound to go out of the window. (I'm also aware that he's out now)

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