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  1. Well it'd certainly smell like it too. Sulfur smells like fart.
  2. To shatter a gem is shattering their mind. They don't die when they're shattered but instead continue an existence of confusion, constant pain and unable to remember who they are or what they looked like. Essentially turns them into those zombie-like forms. The strawberry field exists because their forces were obliterated rather than shattered.
  3. Isn't that what puberty is, though? The show's done being a child, it's growing up just like Steven is. He's growing stronger and more mature and the show is following with that maturity the same way as Adventure Time follows Finns maturity. It's one thing being able to have fun and live life like a child, but you've still got to grow up and face reality.
  4. Morio Kishimoto did. He was the lead designer and director of Sonic Colours. ...He was also the lead designer for Black Knight and Secret Rings, though. It doesn't list him as the lead designer for Lost World, but he is still the director of the game. The credits sequence probably has the lead designer's name somewhere. Edit: Ah, found a page that kind of gives an idea, but it seems all the levels were designed by individuals separately.
  5. Shadow should come back since he is Sonic's rival, honestly, but this also applies for Metal Sonic. Being able to play as Metal Sonic would be pretty awesome mechanically too (and would make Jun Senoue happy, that's for sure). Been a Sonic fan since the very first game (I'm old D: ) and I gotta say...I like the 3D gameplay. I would rather half the games be 2D and the other half 3D but not switching between the two into 2.5D. As much as I like the old 2D games, they still have heavy flaws that have existed since the first game so making all of them 2D is also something I'd have to disagree on. Sonic's friends haven't been possible to play in a main storyline since Sonic 06. I'm pretty sure those people who wanted that got their wish for that long. I think the fact that Tails and Knuckles are coming back is what has me really excited for Sonic Mania. Sonic Team have viewed the franchise as their baby, it's Sega who are the problem most of the time, honestly. Sonic Team really do try hard and you see that in every single game they've made, but Sega are very pushy with dates and demand the games be out by that time rather than doing what Nintendo does and delay a game if it's needing tweaking. That being said, I hope this game doesn't suffer from that problem as there's already a season announced for its release instead of simply '2017'.
  6. Hey hey now. Who is they? Every idea is worth listening to as well. The game isn't Sonic Team, the game is more of a commission involving several indie developers so you should be thanking those indie developers. The ones you are probably referring to as 'they' are working on Sonic 2017.
  7. It looks like a fangame because Taxman has been making fangames for a while. He's proven himself to Sega through the mobile ports and now he's made it into the big leagues because of his game making experience.
  8. Hmmm it could be, but the problem with a word like Resistance is it'll probably get called Sonic R for short, which'd be amusing. I don't know about that name though, it seems too much like you're trying to resist Sonic.
  9. Are you the same guy on Reddit who keeps saying he's calling it 'Sonic Resistance from now on' too? Cause I saw that same comment in both the PS4 and Games thread for the game.
  10. When the trailer mentioned help, I did hope it was going to mean you could play as the others again, but ehh...if they're saying it's not a sequel to Generations and is a 'whole new experience', maybe there's a chance we'll get to play as the others too. It'd be pretty fun if it meant there was going to be 3D and 2D sections depending on which Sonic you played as, but maybe we can get to play as the other characters too? I just want variety, man, not the same old 'GOTTA GO FAST' mentality the press has people believing that's what the most important element in Sonic is.
  11. It looks absolutely amazing, my concern comes from the misinformation people seem to be having for the game as you can see in this thread. It's not a Sonic Team game, it's a Taxman game. This man's game. My disappointment comes in not being able to see Tails and Knuckles in these lovely sprites, but that's a tiny fan disappointment cause hell I miss playing as those two in new games without having to revisit the classics
  12. No, they said they approached the developer of the game to make it (already forgotten their name but ehh it's late I'm sure someone else remembers).
  13. Well I guess that's alright, but I can't help but think 'is that it?' I mean...that's kind of what ROM makers have been producing for years.
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