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  1. And that's my issue. Many 2D platformers are just the same shtick. I can appreciate many of them as great games, but all of these repetitious indie games are really overrated.
  2. I see your point, and I seriously hope more 3D platformers like the ones we got back in the 6th generation will make a comeback, because those we're really deep and fun to me.
  3. I really can't stand all of these 2D Platformers coming out in recent times. For one, most of them don't offer anything new besides a gimmick, which is interesting at times, but get boring quick. On top of that, these retro callbacks have really overstayed their welcome. Back when Megaman 9 and Bionic Commando: Rearmed came out, these games we're interesting, fun, and nostalgic. But now, because it's all we see, it seems like all the devs are becoming lazy and focusing too much to catering to old gamers. And while there still is some 3D platformers, do I need to mention that literally 90% of them are just 2D platformers in 3D?! Games like Super Mario 3D Land/World and Sonic Lost World are just 2D platformers in 3D. Similar stage design, boring level tropes, very small scope, linear stages, unappealing visuals, not a lot of "wow" factor, very underwhelming (especially compared to gems like Super Mario 64 and Sonic Adventure) There's no worlds to explore or objectives to do, two key factors to 3D platformers. This is why the 6th generation of gaming was the best in my eyes because they had a slew of interesting 3D platformers that capitalized on what the 5th generation brought us. They had worlds to explore, objectives to complete, basically having more, oh I don't know, EFFORT! All the 3D platformer goodness that we got from the last generations are slowly fading and I don't see them making a return sadly. So all in all, the platformer genre is getting really boring because they just keep doing the same shit they've been doing for decades now. I'm getting really sick of this trend and it needs to stop.
  4. If Sega was to confirm a Sonic Adventure 3, this would be a great idea. It would let people remember the classic games, fix issues in the games, and reintroduce the games to a newer generation of gamers. This would not only be great for fans, but financially as well.
  5. Honestly, I would want to see a mixture of the Adventure formula and the Hedgehog engine. For example, the mach-speed sections in Sonic 06. There can be a regular stage using the Adventure formula, then it can switch to the Hedgehog engine for a second act. This can really work with Sonic Adventure 3, using both engines for Sonic's gameplay.
  6. I loved Sonic Advance. Each stage was fun and IMO, this was the best Advance game in the series. Sonic Advance 2 had too much speed, and Sonic Advance 3 had too much cheap deaths. This one had the perfect balance of everything, and really felt like a true Sonic 4, minus the super forms. Sonic Advance 2 and 3 we're great games, but not as good as the original.
  7. Being a Sonic fan, of course I have those guilty pleasures. 2 in fact! Sonic & The Secret Rings Now, before you reply to me telling how horrible this game is you have to hear me out. I played this game when it first came out in 2007. I was 7 at the time, so I had some pretty low standards. When I got it, I was amazed. I loved the game... for the two minutes I played it. I got stuck on the tutorial level. I know, I was a complete idiot. Later down my life, I eventually got past the dreaded tutorial stage, and completed the first two worlds. But I got stuck again. So I put the game down for another few years. Finally, back in 2013, I picked the game back up, and played through it entirely. And I hate to say it... but I actually enjoyed myself. The controls while terrible in other's eyes, we're fine to me and I continued playing the game. The music was awesome, the story was cool, the upgrade system was nice IMO, and the scenery was just beautiful. Sonic Adventure I really love this game, and I can't even say that I'm really nostalgic for it, because I played it back in 2011. To this day, I never got the issues people find in this game. People say this game is dated and mediocre, but I just can't help loving it. I love the story, I love the stupid voice acting, I love the gameplay (for the most part), I love hub world, I love almost everything about this game. This game just defines my childhood... even though I played it 3 years ago. I love games where there is more to it then face value. The game is a true adventure, having you play as multiple characters who all tie to a storyline. You go from awesome area to awesome area, finding chaos emeralds or destroying robots, defeating bosses, running away from a crazy robot. It's just the definition of awesome. Sadly, there hasn't been a game quite like it. Adventure 2 is great, but it lacks the charm and well... ADVENTURE (gameplay-wise) of the first one.
  8. I loved Generations, but I do admit the novelty has worn of a lot. Unlike Adventure, I really don't need to come back to this game. Adventure had charm, a cheesy, but awesome story, and an interesting world for me to explore. Generations had fun levels and challenges, but I don't find myself picking up a copy years from now. Still a good game in my eyes.
  9. I think Solkia sums it all up. Story is cool, pretty graphics are cool, a great soundtrack is cool. But they all don't make a game alone. A video game is called a video game for a reason. You are supposed to play it, not glance at the pretty visuals.
  10. I agree with lots of people here, an issue I'm seeing in the modern Sonic games are definitely the lack of ambition. Games like Sonic: Lost World don't seem like anything but a bland platformer with bland levels. 1st world is another Green Hill knockoff, a desert area, a beach area, a forest area, an ice area, a sky area, and a lava area. All of these locations are painfully overdone in both the Sonic series and platformers in general. What ever happened to the extravagant adevntures across new and interesting locations? Whatever happened to the charm of the story and characters?
  11. I agree with KingIgort, gameplay makes a game not story. But your also forgetting that S&TBK is a hack and slash platformer, not an RPG. An RPG's story serves a major asset to a story because that's what drives you to not only play the game, but to immerse yourself in the game's world. A bad story can ruin an RPG, but can't make a shitty game better. On top of that, S&TBK's story isn't anything to write home about, either. It has it's moments, but it doesn't wanna make me endure the terrible gameplay just to make it through.
  12. The classic Sonic games are so overrated IMO. A lot of issues that people complain about in newer Sonic games are present in the older games. 1. "Not enough speedy sections. - Remember Labyrinth Zone, Marble Zone, Oil Ocean? Those zones are slow, and half of Sonic 1's zones are slow too. 2. There's only a few good games in a pile of lame ones. - Most of the crappy Sonic games nowadays are spin-offs. And I don't know if you forgot, but the classic Sonic spin-offs we're mediocre or terrible. Sonic Blast, Sonic Labyrinth, Sonic 3D Blast, the Tails games, the list goes on. And while 3D Sonic has had huge stumbles, it still has great games. Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, Sonic Advance 1-3, Sonic Rush and Rush Adventure, Sonic Colors, Sonic Generations, Sonic Battle, Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing... Honestly, most people who hate on modern Sonic are seriously being irrational and unfair, and can't seem to look at the pure facts. I know there is some really bad modern Sonic games, (Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic '06, Secret Rings, Black Knight) but when you're gonna hate on a series, AT LEAST know what you're talking about! While I love the classic games, I still have to say that the Modern games are better, but hey that's just my opinion? What's yours? P.S: Sorry if this topic has been done to death before.
  13. I used to have dreams of Amy getting sick of Sonic running away from her all the time. So she finds him and rapes him. I know, I know. I'm a weirdo.
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