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    Well, that's pretty cool. a controller for the disabled that actually looks awesome and works with custom accessories, even has it's own Nunchuck you can buy for it. $100 is a bit steep though but again, it's not for the normal everyday gamer.

    Works on Windows 10 too so PC players can use it.

    1. MightyRay


      Ooo, I have a mate who's got cerebal palsy so this might be up his alley.

    2. Tara


      My favorite thing is the way it lets you plug in your own devices into it, allowing you to adapt it to the player's comfort and ability, rather than forcing the player to adapt to it.  This not only makes it highly adaptive for a range of disabilities, but even serves a good purpose for modding and home brew technology, making way for new and interesting ways to play.  As the video says, it looks and functions like a  game peripheral, giving it both positive associations and a sense of utility rather than being seen as something negative or even morbid.  Very nice move on Microsoft's part.  

    3. Candescence


      The best stuff for disabled people are stuff that looks like stuff other people might actually like to use. I won't lie, kudos for MS for making this.

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