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  1. Hi guys,

    Just want to say thank you to whomever replied to me last week. still reading through them but you are all the best and I'm grateful to be in a community like SSMB. you guys made me cry seriously.

    I've been coping, along with you guys friends and family have been helping. I got his ashes back a day or so ago so at least he's home now. still bizarre to think he's gone and it's only been a week. I miss him dearly.

    Anyways, is a new Mania short is out? I guess I got some news to catch up on.

    1. DanJ86


      The new Mania short is Mighty fine, in fact you could say it's like a Ray of sunshine on a...…Metal Sonic?




    2. goku262002


      oh aren't you soooooo punny.

    3. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      A lot more than just the Mania short. You also have comic previews and solicits if you're interested, the reveal of Amy is Team Sonic racing, and the ever crazy debate around the movie just to name a few.

      Glad to see you back and seeing how the community has your back.

    4. Failinhearts


      Welcome back. Glad to hear of your recovery, as loss is something incredibly hard to deal with.

      Just stay strong, and sorry for your loss.

    5. goku262002


      Thanks guys. I'll stay strong.

      Yeah I have to dive back in the IDW topic. but I'm probably 100 or so pages behind at this point. has anymore TSR gameplay been shown since E3 or am I all caught up on that?

    6. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Just E3 gameplay that I'm aware of. As for the IDW thread if you're not concerned about arguments about Shadow's character between Shadow fans you can probably skim through a lot of what you missed if you haven't missed too much since issue 5.

    7. Kiah


      You're very welcome, goku. You know SSMB has your back and that's one thing I love about this community. 

      Glad that you are recovering. Remember that these things take time and it's okay to grieve no matter how much time passes.

      As for the IDW topic you might want to spare yourself the headaches. Seriously I don't go into that topic unless it's for moderator purposes so I honestly can't tell you what you missed let alone what's going on with the comics.

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