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  1. Why won't the "new content" button work?...

  2. @Shadzter: It seems that for every low score we get, another 8/10 comes out of the woodwork. it all evens out somehow.

  3. why do you have such horrible rep?

  4. awesome zero sig and display. best megaman game series!

  5. over 9000 dude.

    over 9000.

  6. DOOD!

    I didn't know you were on SSMB too.

    Its me gamerguy2002 from kotaku. I regonized your display right away. nice to see you here!

  7. Yes, ed likes to dance. you can just watch him for hours...

  8. thank you!

    the EEnE display is from a forum called "the3eds" from some random user. there allways making cool EEnE displays.

  9. Aww thanks for the comment! :)

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