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  1. COPYPASTE: Well, since you're confirmed to not be a proxy, allow me to more formally welcome you to the Sonic Stadium, Metaru. Hopefully the rest of your stay won't leave the same impression, haha.

    1. Metaru Sonikku

      Metaru Sonikku

      Man, these guys are brutal. I feel like an idiot.

    2. Sixth-Rate Soma

      Sixth-Rate Soma

      Heh, don't. Everyone has a tough start here. Just stick it out, it gets better.

    3. Metaru Sonikku
  2. A rather rough start on TSS.

    1. Sixth-Rate Soma

      Sixth-Rate Soma

      We've had a recent repeated trolling here, so everyone's a bit on edge.

    2. Winston


      Probably because you posted a topic about two franchises that have hardly anything in common and you didn't even put that much effort into your post. If you want to be respected, put alot more effort into your topics and make them make more sense than "Sonic x Castlevania".

    3. Metaru Sonikku
    4. Emmett L. Brown

      Emmett L. Brown

      Here's a pro Tip:

      DO. NOT. MAKE. THREADS. until you've gotten accustomed to the environment.

    5. Carbo


      Might I suggest taking a break from making topics and just post a bit normally?

      It's not really beneficial of you to start up discussions for the sake of discussions.

    6. Metaru Sonikku

      Metaru Sonikku

      Ok, ok. Sorry, jeez.

    7. Emmett L. Brown

      Emmett L. Brown

      Too many proxies and ban dodgers spamming threads lately. If you're not one of those, ya gotta work on that impression.

    8. buba


      What where you expecting with shit like Sonic x Castelvania?

    9. Carbo


      Not a proxy fyi.

    10. Emmett L. Brown

      Emmett L. Brown

      Ah, sorry about that.

    11. Wraith


      don't tear him apart guys. jesus.

    12. Metaru Sonikku

      Metaru Sonikku

      You guys are great.

    13. Jix Hedgehog

      Jix Hedgehog

      *holds Tmsp back even thou he's not rushing to beat Metaru up* easy now!

    14. KittyNakajima


      Basically, the aforementioned, but I'll try and say it more tactfully. Board has had its share of trolls posting nonsense lately, so people are wary of new members posting for the sake of posting.

      You're still new, so why don't you try and get yourself better acquainted with the forums and the way people post on this board? You could introduce yourself in the Introductions topic in the General Discussion sub-forum, for starters. Or you could merely lurk through, browsin...

    15. Metaru Sonikku

      Metaru Sonikku

      I assure you I am no troll. I asked a question I hoped would get some decent feedback, but instead, I get treated like an idiot.

    16. KittyNakajima


      To be honest, I didn't bother with the topic(s) that you made. I only saw this, and the fact that you seem to be a bit upset. As a resident lurker who only speaks up, I have one very sound piece of advice:

      Don't sweat it.

      The folks who have commented so far on your status are only genuinely trying to give you some advice so you enjoy your time on this forum. It might sound brash, but in the end it's all well meaning. Don't take it as a personally, and ju...

  3. .....Just, disregard this topic. I must be loosing it. Sorry guys. Metal Sonic was playing too much SoTN.
  4. Do you think Somic and Castlevania can be perfectly mixed together to create an outstanding game? Or will a game like that fail?
  5. I'd just like you to know that your avatar is almost as amazing as mine. Almost.

  6. I am Metal Sonic. I trust you all know who I am.
  7. So, how about them Sonic racing spinoffs? Like Drift, Riders, ASR, etc. Like them? Hate them can't seem to figure out why Sonic's in a car? Your thoughts!
  8. I read somewhere that I was, at one point, going to be in Sonic 06. Looking at how that game turned out, thank goodness l'il old me didn't make the cut.

    1. Celestia Ludenberg

      Celestia Ludenberg

      The game would've been complete if had been in it, with a few other bug fixes to make it more like the BETA version

    2. Xenos


      But your 06 design could have been potentially badass.

    3. Celestia Ludenberg
    4. Metaru Sonikku

      Metaru Sonikku

      That godforsaken steaming pile would have soiled my reputation.

  9. I still don't see how G.U.N mistakes Sonic for Shadow. It seems everyone shares Amy's colorblindness.
  10. Funny how Sonic 4 borrows from previous games, just like Pocket Adventure, yet it's bashed by so many. Anyway, I'd say it's out there with the classics. Great game, but not the best.
  11. We all know the Sonic Adventure games, the two Dreamcast gems. They're often regarded as the last good console Sonic games before Sonic Colors showed up. Now, what do you guys think of the Adventure games? We're they good? Should there be an SA3? Would they have been better if I was a playable character? (Besides SA2B multiplayer and all that). Your thoughts!
  12. Who's preordering ARST?

    1. FourCartridge


      I have my receipt right next to me.

    2. Debug Ring

      Debug Ring

      Already got pre orders for PS3 and Vita. I'm getting the Wii U one for Christmas.

    3. TheOcelot


      Debug Ring. 3 Copies, wow! I hope you like it.

    4. Debug Ring

      Debug Ring

      Hope I do. I can always cancel Vita if I don't.

    5. Felix


      I'm pre-ordering it for 360 and PS3 this weekend. Getting the Wii U one for Christmas.

    6. XD375


      I'm still not sure which version I want. Either 360 or Wii U.

    7. Alex2Beta


      Getting the Vita Version, then the PC.

      But if the PC version gets delayed to hell, then I'll get the PS3 version.

    8. Agent Jack

      Agent Jack

      Got my brother to pre-order it for my birthday.

    9. Metaru Sonikku

      Metaru Sonikku

      Now, who's excited to play as me?

  13. I liked my Neo form, it's too bad I never got the chance to showcase what I could really do in that form.
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