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  1. FFfft, I just saw your avatar and what it actually was..lol

  2. It always seems like there's no one to talk to at this time of day. x_x Why do all my friends live in different countries? =/

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    2. x-The Devil's Reject-x

      x-The Devil's Reject-x

      Omg, really? :D I love it sooooo much. I send the youtube version of it to all of my friends so they could listen to it too. xP I don't have many Sonic friends though, which is just sad. What are your other top five favorites? Yeah, dad kicks me out of the living room. He says I'm Sonic-obsessed and that he wants to watch TV. xP I would definitely guess Jet.

    3. JPunxR


      Top 5 Sonic Songs: 1.It Doesn't Matter(SA1, 2.Catch Me If You Can 3.Live and Learn 4.UnGravity-fy 5.His World(Game Version, Zebrahead and Crush 40 version)I I hardly have any Sonic Fans, my friends say that Sonic are for kids, I call Bul sh*t to that, nobody ever said it was meant for kids. And how did you know Jet was my fav :3 is like you know me.

    4. JPunxR


      Sonic Friends, not Sonic Fans, Typo...

    5. x-The Devil's Reject-x

      x-The Devil's Reject-x

      Oh god, we are so similar! xD Your 3rd and 4th favorite are on my list of favorites too. ^^ My parents say Sonic is for kids too, but I don't care! I love Sonic and I'm 17. There's nothing wrong with that. My dad teases me about it alllll the time, but I ignore him. Well...your icon and your username sort of give it away. xP

    6. JPunxR


      Huzzah for similarities! I'm 16 but oh well x). I just say to them "It's your opinion" because I don't care if Sonic are for kids, if its for kids, then explain the game 'Shadow the Hedgehog' he cusses in the game! but yeah you get my point. And Obviously x)

    7. x-The Devil's Reject-x

      x-The Devil's Reject-x

      Similarities ftw! ^^ You're 16? Cool! That's pretty close to 17. I actually don't have any friends outside of my few internet friends and only two of them like Sonic. D: Hehe, yeah, Shadow the Hedgehog is not for kids unless the game makers want kids swearing. xD Mm, yup! What do you like most about Jet?

    8. JPunxR


      Jet has that cocky attitude where all he wants to do is win and at times he has a change of heart kinda like me, also, somehow he's related to Bean the Bird(I think thats what hes called)

    9. x-The Devil's Reject-x

      x-The Devil's Reject-x

      I love his cocky attitude. xD So do you think you're similar to him? I'd actually say he's the character I'm most like. I have a Tumblr dedicated to him and Sonic. Do you have a Tumblr? I'd love to follow you on there. Oh, it talks about Jet and Bean in the archie comics! ^^

    10. JPunxR


      I HAD a tumblr but I dont use it anymore, I dont see the appeal of it, I dont hate it, I just prefer using Facebook, YT and other social media. And i'm sorta similar to him, i just dont ride a board, but besides that then yeah, im similar to that. Imma get off right now, i'm REALLY tired, I'll chat with you later, okay ^_^

    11. x-The Devil's Reject-x

      x-The Devil's Reject-x

      xD I like Tumblr because I can keep all my favorite pics and gifs on there and find them really fast when I want to look at them. I like youtube, fanfiction.net, and deviant art. Do you ever use those a lot? Yay, we're both kinda like Jet! I wish I had a board like him. xP Mm, okay! I should probably go to bed too. Talk to you soon! ^^ It was really nice meeting you today!

    12. JPunxR


      Same here ^_^, And i'll try to remember to add you on Skype, and no, im familiar with those sites besides DeviantArt, and yeah, we are kinda like Jet, well i'll chat you later. Nights!

    13. x-The Devil's Reject-x

      x-The Devil's Reject-x

      Okay, that would be cool! I'd love to chat with you on skype. I'm youthanasia13 in case you're wondering. You haven't heard of deviant art? It's actually a really fun place. I've met a lot of sonic fans on there! ^^ Oh, and do you ever read fanfiction? I'm just curious. xD Talk to you soon! I hope you sleep well. :3

    14. JPunxR


      God dammit typos, its the other way around, I'm NOT familiar with the other sites besides Deviant Art, I gotta read the message/reply before I enter it >.<

    15. x-The Devil's Reject-x

      x-The Devil's Reject-x

      xD Don't worry about it, I make typos practically every other sentence. Fanfiction.net is a place to read Sonic stories. I spend a lot of time on there. Do you have a Deviant Art account? We should friend each other on there if you do! :3

    16. JPunxR


      I do but I forgot my password... Sorry. But when I get my laptop i'll change it and i'll add you =3

    17. JPunxR


      Oh yeah, and I add you on Skype.

    18. x-The Devil's Reject-x

      x-The Devil's Reject-x

      It's okay! I forgot my passwords for things allllll the time. xD I'm really forgetful. Are you the same way? And okay! That sounds great. I can't wait for you to get your laptop, you know. Thanks for adding me on Skype! :3 Do you think we'll be able to talk on there soon or should we wait until you get your laptop probably?

    19. JPunxR


      Ummm I don't know, I think I may have some problems with it at first because its brand new, like for example, I'm getting the new HP laptop that has the Squares on the desktop so I think it MIGHT take me like 1 or 2 days to get it up and ready. but yeah, as soon as I get the laptop up and ready with skype, we can chat ^^

    20. JPunxR


      And sadly yes, I always forget my passwords when I just join a site, it pisses me off >_<. And damn this status has a lot of comments.

    21. x-The Devil's Reject-x

      x-The Devil's Reject-x

      Oh yeah, I definitely know what you're saying there. I'm terrible at trying to set up new laptops. I got confused with my last one and had to wait for my dad to get it running for me. I hope you're able to get it ready without too many problems though. ^^ I can't wait to skype with you. :) Haha, same here! It's so annoying to forget passwords. I try to have the same password on every site I'm a member of, but that's hard to do. I think mine are all di...

    22. x-The Devil's Reject-x

      x-The Devil's Reject-x

      Crap, it cut me off. What I was saying was I think all of my passwords are different. And yeah, this status has a lot of comments! xD Should I make a new one?

    23. JPunxR


      Why another status? why not message/PM? so our messages/replys wont get cut off. And I can't wait to Skype with you too ^^

    24. x-The Devil's Reject-x

      x-The Devil's Reject-x

      Oh, that's a really good idea! Then we won't get cut off. I hate getting cut off because I usually forget what I was writing by then, lol. xD I have to get offline for thirty minutes or so, but I'll be back after that if you want to PM with me then? And aw, yay! ^^ It will be lots of fun! I love your skype icon, it's so awesome! ^^

    25. JPunxR


      Same, I always end up forgetting what I wrote down. And thanx! I like/love yours too! ^^. I'll send you a PM. K!

    26. x-The Devil's Reject-x

      x-The Devil's Reject-x

      I got your PM, so we can just chat on there from now on. ^^ I hate that feeling when I write something done and then forget it. That happens to me all the time. D:

  3. It doesn't feel much like Christmas this year...

    1. Ferno


      try living where it feels like summer all the time and there's palm trees everywhere

    2. Strickerx5


      Finals, the only reason keeping me from going full out.

    3. Gregzilla


      Being stuck in school this close to Christmas kinda takes me out of the spirit. I think vacation should have been moved a week earlier.

  4. God, I need to get on here more often. If anyone wants to talk to me on skype, please add me! I swear I have no one to talk to these days. x_x

    1. Neon


      Are you related to VEDJ-F?

    2. Wentos


      I'm still here. ^_^;

    3. Crow the BOOLET
  5. *is listening to Marilyn Manson too loud and is getting weird looks from my mother* ;P

    1. Chibinuva


      Headphones are a necessity these days.

    2. Frogging101


      I hope you're not wearing headphones/earbuds :P

  6. *is wasting time looking for Vecpio art* God, I wish I could draw...

  7. Anyone want to talk to me? *is bored*

    1. Jango
    2. Wentos
    3. Sarah Jane Smith

      Sarah Jane Smith

      You're not on Skype.

    4. Diz


      I would if I was not going to bed in five minutes. Another day if you're still bored. ;3

  8. Finally got Shadow the Hedgehog! Can't wait to see the Chaotix moments in it...

    1. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      Good luck with that. You only get the Chaotix moment (as a whole anyway) once outside of the final story where Charmy saves the world.

    2. x-The Devil's Reject-x

      x-The Devil's Reject-x

      Lol, I probably won't get to that part until next month then. xD

  9. So I was playing Heroes and my dad thought Espio was a girl...*facepalms*

    1. Enderwoman


      He should have an award for even taking interest.

    2. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      Heroes? It'd be understandable if it were Generations, but not Heroes.

    3. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      Is it because of the ultra deep voice? it's gotta be the voice.

    4. Gregzilla


      To be fair, picturing Espio with a female voice isn't THAT much of a stretch.

    5. x-The Devil's Reject-x

      x-The Devil's Reject-x

      He thought Charmy's voice was Espio's voice...*sighs* I tried to explain the voices and characters to him, but he got bored after that. xD

  10. If anyone is bored or wants to skype, add me! I'm so bored (again)...;P

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