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  1. "Gwaah-OOF!" As Jessica and Voidica eyed the portal Star had made, they were surprised to see someone stumble out of it. A dark-skinned boy in a red hoodie; and one very confused by where exactly he was right now. Star lept back out from the portal, and struck a dramatic pose. "Ahem," she coughed, "presenting the newest member of the Skylanders... MARCO DIAAAAAZ!" Star cheered, sending small fireworks out from her wand. Jessica raised an eyebrow at the new arrival. Was he even an arrival? He looked more like he'd been abruptly pulled away from a snack. "Star, what are you talking about with this 'Skylanders' thing?!" Marco asked, dusting himself off as he surveyed the area. He'd been to many weird places with Star... but this was perhaps the weirdest place he'd seen yet.
  2. "Welp, guess we'd better get to the E.P.F. H.Q.," Amber said, smiling and waving with her paw. "Jessica, I'd ask you to visit... but we both know how socially active you are, hah." "Y-You bet I'll visit when I can, Miss Amber!" Voidica piped in. "An-And I'll drag Jessica along if I have to!" With a giggle, Amber and Tesla made their way to the E.P.F. to head back to Enchantus - fortunately, a Charn-free Enchantus, thanks to Jessica's actions before any of them joined the Skylanders. Star frowned and nibbled her wand. So many people were coming, but just as many were going, too... ...just then, a brainwave hit Star. Why hadn't she considered this before?! She dug into her bag for her dimensional scissors, and cut open a large portal. "Don't tell me you're going away, too!" Jessica said, confused at Star's actions. "Nope, quite the opposite!" Star retorted, with one foot in the portal. "Just stay right here - I'll B.R.B.!" With that, she disappeared into the portal, which remained open. Voidica and Star looked at each other, equally confused as to what Star was doing.
  3. "H-Hey!" Voidica protested, stomping her foot down into the snow. "M-Miss Amber may be sleepy, b-but she helped us defeat Junko! She and Miss Tesla!" As if on cue, Tesla flew over to the group, carrying a surprisingly large briefcase that clanked and clinked as it moved. "Hmph, I see an upside to leaving already; we don't have to deal with your petulant brattiness any longer!" she said, disdainfully turning her (non-existent) nose up at Hiyoko. Jessica ran up to the group, coming to see the two off. "This life not really cutting it for you, I take it?" she asked. "Got that right," Amber replied. "But even so... it was fun while it lasted. Maybe we'll come back someday," she added with a smile. "After all, where else are ya gonna get Fire or Electric magic to blast the bad guys to bits?" "Oh, come on, Amber," Tesla scoffed. "That last mission wasn't fun at all! It was grimy, and dirty, and filled with children and death and robots! ...robots that were fun to tear apart and burn out, admittedly... b-but still!" Star had to admit, she didn't really know the two all that well. But she still felt that their absence would be noticeable... even if it was only because no-one would shout at the penguin bartenter demanding more booze.
  4. Close by, Voidica and Star looked on as Tesla finished packing up an assortment of drinks from Club Penguin's restaurants and bars. Amber was sitting with them, and was talking with the pair. "Aww, you're really leaving?" Star asked sadly, a big frown on her face. "But Voidica told me you were both super cool heroes just now!" "Sorry Star," Amber said, licking her paw, "but I just don't think I'm really cut out for this high-energy superhero business. It's too much work and running around for someone like me." She yawned, and then continued, "I'm better off as the Elemental who gives someone Fire magic and sets them off to save the day."
  5. Disney right now:


  6. "Wow..." Voidica cooed, the warm lights of the Christmas Tree glistening in her eyes. "I-It's nearly Christmas?!" A large smile crept up on her face. "Oh, wow! That's my f-favourite Earth holiday! We never had anything like this on Enchantus! I'm so excited!" "Eh, it's OK I guess," Jessica said, standing in the snow with Sayaka. "The problem is the older you get, the more things you struggle to want and ask for." A flash of magic appeared as tinsel and baubles appeared over other trees, as if to not let them feel left out. The culprit was eagerly dancing and humming to herself as she did so. "Doot doot doot doot, doot! Doo-dele-doooo! Doot doot doo-Oh hey, guys!" Star cheered, waving at the returning Skylanders. "Didja have fun? We did!"
  7. Voidica smiled. "Oh, joy! Now I can finally ask Lumina what a phuckar is! ...but I think I'm gonna try and c-cool off after this," she added, the death and madness still fresh in her mind. Amber was all too happy to start relaxing as well, and she hopped through the portal with Voidica. Before she went through as well, Tesla, having inferred what Yuta and Lumina's "friendship" was like, simply looked him in the eyes. Then, she smiled wickedly and nodded slowly. She didn't need to say anything to let Yuta know he'd better watch his back.
  8. Voidica raised an eyebrow in confusion as the mean-looking Teddie ran off. "Iiiiiiiis that bad...?" she asked out loud. She had no idea what "ratings" were, but they sounded like a nice thing to have. "Look," Tesla said, "anything that gets us away from here, and from them, can only be a good thing." She had a rather open disdain for L.O.G. and his associates, not helped by the trials and horrors the Skylanders had all been privy to.
  9. "I thought you were amazing, Mister Pixels!" Voidica said, giving a thumbs up to the fox. "And yeah, I'm... upset by all this... b-but Lumina always told me, no matter how bad things get, y-you can always try and make it better for everyone! S-So don't be so hard on yourself!" Amber scratched her left ear with her paw, and said, "You know, she's got a point. I thought you were a real hero throughout this." She giggled as she stretched herself out. "Definitely got a better drive and passion than I do, anyway." Tesla ran her fingers through her hair... or rather, the volts substituting for hair. Like Amber, she didn't think she had the gumption to be a major front-lines hero like everyone else. Still, she was happy she at least made the effort.
  10. Voidica clapped and jumped for joy, happy to see the end of Junko... for now, at least. Still, she was disappointed she never got to ask her friend what exactly a 'phuckar' was. Amber breathed a sigh of relief, and her body glowed a calm, welcoming orange once again. "Finally, I can get some rest," she beamed, like a man dying of thirst only to find water. "Good riddance to the both of them," Tesla said, taking a victory drink. This "hero" business was a lot of work, and not something she could say she really enjoyed... but she had to admit, it was fun tearing down Junko and her Hydra mech.
  11. Noticing the Jataro head flying off, Amber lept onto the Kotoko head's neck, clinging on by forcing her glowing red claws inside the armor. As she climbed up, she searched for the seamline, intending to fire another flamethrower into it. "H-Hey, we're winning!" Voidica cheered, watching the mech lose more and more limbs. But... "Gwaaah!" she screamed, sending out a spray of Void Bullets to help Komaru out. She didn't expect THIS to happen. Nor did Amber expect the number of heads to go down this quickly. Taking aim at the final head from the vantage point of the Kotoko head's old neck, she shot out a purple and green flamethrower blast, hoping to melt and damage the seamline.
  12. "Th-This was all pretty common for much of my life, you know," Voidica giggled, firing Null Blasts into the gaps in the armour. "I guess after a certain point, you just get used to it, tee hee!" The machinery inside took serious damage from both that, and Tesla's Electric magic short-circuiting it (to say nothing of the other Skylanders' laying waste to it). Seeing Kyubey's strategy, Amber had a similar idea. Leaping back to the edge of the arena, she flew into the air with an Infernal Strike straight towards the Jataro head, slamming into it with the force of a meteorite. Once she made impact, she clung onto the mechanical neck, ready to attack the head again, or even leap to another head if she wanted.
  13. Voidica staggered back to her feet as she coughed and spluttered, the smokescreen getting to her. Even Tesla and Amber were affected as they searched desperately for the mech. Voidica tried to clear the smoke for the other Skylanders by holding a large ball of Void magic over her head, but she heard Junko threaten Makoto. She couldn't see what was happening, but she knew what was going to happen next. "L-Let him go, you big J-JERK!" she shouted, throwing her Void Ball into the mech.
  14. With Kurokuma distracted, Voidica took the opportunity to throw her Void Disc at the tail's joints. Surely, it would completely slice through it and render the profanity-spewing bear helpless! ...if poor Voidica didn't accidentally slip on a rock, causing her to throw it into one of the Hydra's heads instead as she fell to the ground face-first. "Owie..." she groaned. Amber, however, picked up the slack by delivering red-hot slashes to the tail, leaving blazing blue embers as the armor melted and buckled. She couldn't, unfortunately, find a good weak spot.
  15. Noticing the tail flailing around, Tesla shouted at Voidica. "Girl! Try and destroy this infernal contraption's tail! One of those bears is controlling it from inside!" She focused her efforts into sending lightning into several of the Hydra's heads. Voidica, meanwhile, ducked and dodged as she fired Void Bullets and Null Blasts at the flail. But they didn't seem to be doing much. But maybe, if she tried to remove the tail from the rest of the mech... Amber helped Voidica out by firing a Flare Beam at the flail, making it hot for Kurokuma even if it didn't do too much damage. Meanwhile, Voidica charged up a Void Disc, preparing to throw it at the tail's joints...