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  1. Lily giggled nervously as she looked up at Jessica. "I think one of us could do with a return trip home," she said, tugging her along with vines. Shade was all too happy to leave too, but... "Before you go," Alt-Shade said, "I want to elaborate. I thought I was pure evil once, but after the turnabout, I realised I wasn't. I saw no point in trying to prove my wickedness to everyone. Oh, I'll screw with people now and then, but I'm not a bad Elemental. No-one is." "B... But you spent literally your whole life trying to prove there are bad Elementals, and that you were one of them!" Shade replied, unnerved hearing himself saying these things. "Are you going to prove all those know-nothing philosophers right?! Render everything you've done worthless?!" "I don't see why you're this stubborn about being evil," Alt-Shade pointed out, folding his stubby arms. "After all, you were the first Elemental Jessica encountered on Enchantus, and you gave her Dark magic to help her there. Now, you're with the Skylanders, fighting against other villains... you even fired a lot of Truth Bullets at us just now, heh heh." Even when good, Alt-Shade kept his often sadistic side. Shade just went wide-eyed, and glared at him with utter anger. "No... you're wrong! You're not me! D'you hear that?! YOU'RE NOT ME! I WILL NEVER ACT LIKE YOU!" "You're only acting that way because deep down, you know I'm right." If Alt-Shade were in his transformed state, he'd be grinning like a hyena now. Shade snarled. He was right, and Shade had known this for quite some time. "...everyone, we're leaving, we're fucking leaving, and we're NOT coming back!"
  2. "Aaaaand the boy's gone mad," Shade observed, interrupting whatever Alt-Shade was trying to tell him. "Goodness!" Lily exclaimed, rushing over to Yuta. "Are you OK?" Jessica now stood silently still, mouth agape, as if Yuta's shock had jumped from him to her. To her, black was white and left was right was wrong.
  3. Alt-Jessica turned to Alt-Yuta. "S-So I know this is kinda sudden, but, uh... those feelings I had for you before? ...I... don't think they were part of your Ultimate Charmer talent or anything, eheheheh..." She was blushing a deep red as she held his hand. Jessica's pupils practically turned microscopic. This version of her was IN LOVE with someone, let alone Yuta, of all people?! Maybe this would shock Yuta back to reality - it sure as shit did for her!
  4. Lily overheard Alt-Yuta and smiled. "Y'know, Jess, if you can change in this universe..." "Not on your life," Jessica scoffed. "But you really did look cute!" she giggled. Meanwhile, Shade picked up his counterpart by the tail and held him upside down. "Yo, you dead, Ally-Of-Justice me?" he asked. "Who're you calling an ally of justice?" Alt-Shade snapped, his eyes quickly opening as he shook himself free. "Well... OK, I am an ally of justice, but I'm not Captain Virtuous or whatever I was just now." Shade breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank god, they got that nasty goodness out of you!" Alt-Shade just looked at Shade, confused. "They didn't put it in me, they simply emphasised something already there." Shade glared at his counterpart. What was this idiot saying?
  5. Alt-Jessica slowly came to, and looked down to see that her attire changed completely - now she was exactly like her counterpart, as were all of her friends. "Aww," she frowned, "I quite liked that outfit... especially my sandals..." "I didn't," Jessica said, bluntly and coldly. "Seems like someone's a big stick in the mud, eh, Lily?" Alt-Jess asked. "It sure seems like it," Alt-Lily giggled. She then turned stern. "Wait a minute, why aren't there any flowers here? We need flowers, stat!" "My my, she seems a lot more assertive than I am," Lily said, watching her counterpart using Plant magic to create beautiful flower bouquets. "And Jessica, you seem a lot more positive now!" "I guess I do!" Alt-Jessica cheerfully replied. "Thanks so much, you guys! You're the greatest!" she said, waving to the Skylanders. Shade, meanwhile, looked at his counterpart. What changed about him now?
  6. Jessica stared at Yuta and shrugged. She can't say she'd ever used Truth magic before... largely because such a thing never existed, but this was the next best thing. She held out her arm and fired a Truth Bullet like Yuta's. She even flicked her thumb as if her hand were a gun. Lily held both hands together and fired off her own Bullet. Even if she was winning with words and not violence, she wondered if they had to take the form of bullets. Shade, meanwhile, just fired indiscriminately. "BANG, BANG, BANGBANGBANGBANGBANG!"
  7. Jessica and Lily both nodded. "Absolutely, you're one of us," Jessica said. Shade, meanwhile, looked away for a moment. Eventually he shrugged and sighed. "Well, you do you. I doubt you'll succeed, but I won't stop you."
  8. "Yes," Lily said, walking up to Bootleg Asahina. "You don't have to be this way anymore; help will come along soon!" Shade hid himself in his wings as he transformed back into his familiar form. He flew over to Jessica and waited to see just what this "help" would accomplish.
  9. Both Lilys were drenched in water as Sonic successfully extinguished the fire. A few blades of Lily's hair were singed, but Bootleg Lily (havng received the full brunt of Bootleg Shade's fire blast) looked a complete wreck, with her once-bright suit now charred and damp. Even her expensive shoes had melted significantly. "Couldn't you have done this earlier?!" she snapped at the Sentinel, earning her a disapproving nod from Lily. Spotting this, she swiftly changed her tune: "But still... thanks. To both of you." Meanwhile, Bootleg Jessica fell to the ground as a Dark Matter sphere engulfed her, bombarded her with darkness, and spat her back out. Even with a power boost from Bootleg Shade, she didn't have the combat experience of Jessica. "Well, I think I'm done here," Jessica said, dusting herself off. Shade gave a thumbs up in response, kicking his weeping, defeated bootleg for the hell of it. Even Bootlegs Ivorn and Magearna couldn't help, as one was reduced to sentient liquid metal by Shade, and the latter's cheap body broke apart at the very start of the fight, leaving the Soul-Heart unable to do anything.
  10. "HELP MEEEEEE!" Bootleg Lily shrieked as she continued burning. As an Elemental (much as she would deny it), the fire wouldn't be immediately fatal... but Lily couldn't bear to see her in this much pain. But she wasn't going to stand still. Not again. Closing her eyes, she put her hands up against her bootleg's stomach and filled her with her healing energy, even as she herself started to burn. "Get... Shade..." she begged Bootleg Lily, concentrating on diluting her pain. "Sonic... anyone with power over water..." The businesswoman was very confused; this girl was injuring herself for her enemy... seeking nothing for herself out of it? As the scorching hot flames of the fire ceased to impact her, Bootleg Lily could only stand there, baffled by Lily's compassion and selflessness.
  11. Explosions of Dark magic surrounded the room as Shade and his bootleg dueled. The latter was deceptively fast and powerful in his combat ability, knocking Shade around quite a lot. "Every living creature is my friend," he said, firing a burning cross of shadows at Shade, "and I'll make sure you'll never bring terror to them again!" "Oh, SHUT UP!" Shade fumed, flying up into the air and blasting a torrent of black, sinister-looking high-pressure water at the hero, landing a critical blow. As Bootleg Shade lay on the ground, he threw a ball of dark fire as hard as he could... but to his horror, he struck Bootleg Lily instead! "NO!" he screamed in despair as his friend was engulfed in black and red fire, prompting Lily to freeze and stare in panic as her bootleg flailed and screamed. "Well, look at it like this," Shade said, unempathetically, "if you didn't light your pal on fire, I would've, heh heh."
  12. "HEY YOU CLUMSY NERD!" Bootleg Jessica yelled at Yuta, "LOOK WHERE YOU'RE THROWING MY SWEETHEART NEXT TIME!" She grumpily set the frozen Jessica upright, not noticing the ice surrounding her was cracked. "You know, you could do with some cutification to make you less frumpy, grumpy and mumpy," she mused, looking over Jessica. Black fire eminating from her hands escaped her notice, though, as she thought to herself. "I've got it!" she said, snapping her fingers. "We'll give you a nice ponytail, and a sweet summer dress... give you some volleyballs to stick down it, I suppose... oh, and those awful boots are going straight into the garbage incinerator, same wit-" *CRACK* Her fashion critique was cut short when she felt a sharp pain on her toes; namely, a defrosted and unnervingly quiet Jessica slamming her foot down on them. "Something's about to be incinerated, alright," she said, placing her hands on Bootleg Jessica's head and letting loose a blast of black fire, sending her flying backwards.
  13. Bootleg Jessica looked down at her ruined skirt. "OK, rude!" she shouted, firing a blast of cold black ice at Jessica, freezing her solid on impact. As she admired her new statue, Bootleg Lily walked by, punching her peaceful counterpart repeatedly while the latter didn't even raise a fist to defend herself. She wasn't enjoying it, but purely because it was a waste of time and getting her nice suit dirty. "For goodness sake, girl, you're the one with disgusting nature powers, the least you could do is use them!" she snarled. "Or are you just that much of an uneducated bush-dweller?" "I... I don't want to hurt you," Lily said, sore from the hits but unwavering in her resolve. Bootleg Lily frowned. "You really are a naive, suicidal idiot, huh?" She continued her beatdown on Lily, fuming about all the other things she could be doing now.
  14. Bootleg Shade put up a decent fight against his counterpart, but Shade swiftly overpowered him, sending him to the floor. "Hah!" he scoffed. "This just goes to show you that the evil counterpart is always the strongest!" Between Bootleg Yuta and the other bootlegs, he wasn't exactly wrong. "Your form... it is not your true one," Bootleg Shade groaned, staggering back up. "I have a similar Incarnate form, too... if we are to prove which of us is the superior, let me access it." Shade shrugged his shoulders. "Well shit, that sounds entertaining. Go ahead! But be quick, you've got five seconds before I Dark Bomb you." Bootleg Shade didn't take long at all. Transforming similarly to Shade, the bootleg likewise became a humanoid. This one, however, looked far more human, with a normal face and messy white hair. His eyes still looked like his original form's, even in their new human shape. "I will... save my friends!" he shouted defiantly, sounding even more like a human (more specifically, a heroic human). Shade narrowed his eyes and scowled. "...Star Dragon almighty, and I thought the boy was an absolute dweeb!"
  15. Pokemon Sun/Moon PLUS ULTRA (Alola Region Games)

    Given what we know of Ultra Space and how it effectvely solidifies the Pokémon multiverse concept established in OR/AS, I wouldn't be surprised if that's what they end up doing. Though really this would be more plucking the original Mewtwo from its own universe and not bullshitting a brand new one up from whole cloth like in That Which Shall Not Be Named. And ultimately these Legendary encounters are probably going to be non-canon bonuses for the player's benefit (I seriously doubt Brendan/May canonically holds like 85% of the Pokémon pantheon), so it'd all be rather moot.