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  1. "Pfft," Star brushed off Knuckles's Warp Ring, taking out her scissors. "I have a pair of scissors that can take you to any point in space in any dimen-siiiion!" She sliced through air, and a portal was created. "C'mon guys, let's get dancin'!" she cheered, leaping into the portal with a groaning Jessica in tow. The Elementals, Magearna, and Robinson followed close behind. They landed in the Dance Club, and Star's attention was captivated as Jessica slammed into the ground on arrival once Star let go of her. "Well, it's not the Bounce Lounge, but I could get used to this!"
  2. "Aww, I bet you'd absolutely rock it on the dance floor!" Star said. "What about you, Jessica?" "Er... I'm really, uh, not the party type..." "First time for everythiiiiiing!~" she happily sang, taking a reluctant Jessica's arm and pulling her to the elevator.
  3. Lumina suddenly smacked her head. "The Dance Club, gargh! They said someone was waiting there for me!" "Wooooah, there's a dance club?!" Star jumped up and down in excitement. "We gotta go, you guys!" "Please tell me there's a bar there," Tesla groaned, "I could use a drink."
  4. Tonight's Episodes: Episode 21: Reggie or Not Episode 22: It Lives in the Sewers Episode 23: Dream Girl Episode 24: Green-Eyed Madness Episode 25: Cinemadness
  5. https://cytu.be/r/Motobug

    Stop by Riverdale for Archie's Weird Mysteries, starting in 10 minutes!

  6. "So, uh, who is that fine lady demeaning herself by appearing on these... ech... tech-no-logi-cal... windows?" Tesla asked Jessica. "That's Alter Ego, and, er, he's not a lady. Also he's kind of an... A.I.?" "Y-You mean this... thing was created? AS A PRO-" "Yes," Ivorn glared at Tesla, shutting her up. "And he's a very nice friend, so don't act like him being an A.I. is a bad thing!" "Whatever you say, you detestable degenerate."
  7. Jessica and the others watched as Star flew all the way into one of the walls. "Goodness!" Lily panicked. "Are you OK, Star?" The Mewman simply jumped down and dusted herself off. "Oh yeah, yeah, I'm OK... I think..." Jesus Christ, Jessica thought, you were sent flying into a wall like you were hit by a truck, and you simply dust yourself off?!
  8. "Hi, A.E.!" Robinson tweeted. "You liking your new home, then?" "I'll get it!" Star sang, dancing happily to the door.
  9. Star saw Trunks turn Super Saiyan. Huh, that's cool. Too bad I'm already blonde, though... what if I could do that, though? She imagined herself doing something similar: ...yeah, I like my hair down anyways, she thought with a smirk.
  10. "Awww, he does look like a giant Skittle!" Star smirked, looking at Sonic. "What's your name, little guy?" "He's Sonic." Lumina said. "Er, not to be confused with Sonic the Hedgehog. I mean, he is Sonic the Hedgehog, but a differe-it's complicated." "OOOOOOH, VIRTUAL REALITY?!" Ivorn was immediately looking around like an excited puppy. "I WANNA SEE! I WANNA SEE!"
  11. "OK, but we're not calling ourselves that," Jessica sternly said. Tesla gagged and spluttered. "W.. W... What is all this garbage?!" she exclaimed, her tone dripping with contempt. "Cum-Pyu-Tors?! Tee-Vee?! Have none of these plebs ever learned of books and crystal balls?!" "I don't see what the problem is," Star shrugged, "I think it looks cool!" "You said you are a princess of a magical kingdom, you should not stand for such horrid 'science'!"
  12. "...a phone with a very conspicuous glowing siren atop it,"Jessica pointed out. "So much for that 'secret' entrance being secret." "Well, y'know Jess," Star said, "it helps to have reminders." "Maybe, but not right next to said hidden entrance!" "Who cares about questionable security?" Ivorn squeed, "let's go down that lift!"
  13. "Oh? Then what is it, then?" Amber asked, leaping up onto a desk and curling up on it, ready for a snooze. "Yes, enlighten us, brainbox," Tesla dismissed Shuichi.
  14. "Is this some call centre?" Jessica glanced around the room. "My god, I can feel the soul-crushing horror just standing here." "Oh, you have a soul to crush?" Shade snarked. "That's a shocker." "At least it looks nice," Lumina opinioned.
  15. "What about it?" Ivorn asked, as Star and Lumina jumped up and down in excitement, eager to go skiing. "You wanna come with us... er..." Star mumbled. "Jessica." "-Jessica?" Jessica fidgeted with her hair. "Thanks, but I think I'll stay here." "Aw, come on! It'll be fuuun!" the princess attempted to persuade her. "Don't tell me you're always this boring!" "Do either of you even know how to ski?" "Well... um..." "We were gonna learn through experience?" Lumina shrugged, smiling nervously.