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  1. "We'd better be ready," Jessica said, spitting Void magic from her mouth. After all, if Amber could do it... "Oh, those poor things..." Lily pitied the hyenas. "...girly, how did you last this long with that nerdy dweeb of a minion for your sole companion and not get killed?!" Shade groaned furiously as he tried to recover.
  2. "BUGGER OFF, YOU, I'VE GOT THIS HANDLED!" Shade bellowed, with the exact tone of voice one uses when they do not have a situation handled at all. The hyenas kept dogpiling him, but no-one was jumping to help him. "Woooooaaah..." Lumina cooed. In her unfathomably long life, she'd never seen a lion up close before.
  3. "You mean for once I'm allowed to attack animals and not get chased by vans with acronyms printed on them?" Shade asked. If he could grin, he would right now as Dark magic shot off all around him. "I AM YOUR EVIL OVERLORD, IDIOTIC BRUTES! KNEEL TO ME OR FACE MY WRATH!" Lily looked around in concern. She could clearly see something was wrong with the hyenas... but all the same, they were still animals...
  4. "The hell are you all worried about?" Shade asked. "I have a robo-lion for a minion!" "He's not your minion, Shade," Lumina sighed, "and he's not going to be your attack dog, either." "HOW DO YOU WALK LIKE THIS SO FINE?!" Jessica asked stumbling around as she tried to cope with walking on four legs.
  5. "Great, we land here, get turned to animals, and the place is on fire," Jessica growled. "The story of my life." "Oh, if only we had Walter here; a Water Elemental would be brilliant!" Lumina sighed. None of the Mystics present were very capable of puttng out fires, least of all Lily, who hid in fear of the burning landscape.
  6. So does anyone here play Pokémon Sun and is willing to help me evolve two Pokémon (those being Porygon2 and Cosmoem)? They're among the last Pokémon I need for my Dex.

    1. Eevee of the Everstone

      Eevee of the Everstone

      I'm assuming you have Moon and you want a Solgaleo?

    2. Spin Attaxx
    3. Eevee of the Everstone

      Eevee of the Everstone

      What level is you Nebby at?

    4. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      Right now it's at Level 52 and holding a Rare Candy.

    5. Eevee of the Everstone

      Eevee of the Everstone

      Alright, I'll dig out my 3DS tomorrow and message you my friend code.

    6. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      Cool, thanks!

  7. Good thing I got Tapu Koko and Lele when I did; when fighting three times for the Hoenn starters' Mega Stones, everyone I fought either had both of them or a Celesteela. The last fight was pretty fucking close, too.

    1. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      Also that second fight made me glad I put Protect on good ol' Jupiter. A Sludge Bomb followed by a High Horsepower; they really wanted it dead.


    1. Jetronic


      Oh god, the part where he stepped on the branch XD

  9. The Mystics stepped out of the Gummi Ship to admire their new forms. Jessica was a black cat, Lumina a smaller white one, Shade a mouthless bat, and Lily a small mantis. "Well... at least you don't look like Charn anymore!" Lumina smiled as Jessica was obviously peeved at her small form. Perhaps the most striking change of all came from Ivorn, who was now a large mechanical lion, with his single red eye taking up the entirety of his face. "OH COME ON!" Shade cried, "HOW COME THE MINION GETS THE COOL LOOK?!"
  10. Jessica glared at Neptune. "I was humiliated. I could've offed him, but I didn't. Oh, but trust me: I see those cards again, he's a goner in more ways than one."
  11. Jessica staggered to her feet. "OK, so what was that guy's name again?" "Well, we-" "Oh wait, I remember; DEAD MAN." Jessica sounded furious, to the Elementals it seemed only a few quarters away from the fury shown by the very figure she currently resembled.
  12. "Hm, does this mean she... die-d...?" Shade cackled. "TURN HER BACK, YOU ASSHOLE!" Lumina shouted, two balls of Light magic forming in her hands. "L-Lumina, please don't," Ivorn timidly said. "You just saw what happened to Jessica!"
  13. Lily looked on in shock and horror at Oogie's demise. "...yeah, good riddance, frankly," Jessica shrugged. "Dude tried to kill us, and the only downside is this Null Blast didn't do him in. Plus I hate bugs. Oh well, may as well not make it a total waste..." She aimed towards Luxord.
  14. "OK, so we find and blow up these Organisation guys," Jessica said. "Can't be too bad." "...Jess, that Data-Axel thing gave Lily a PTSD attack on top of being hard to take down," Ivorn pointed out. "Yes, well, that was a robot. I'm guessing the rest are all fleshy humans what don't take kindly to magic and axes n' stuff. Plus, there's... how many of us right now? Way more than thirteen, for sure. And hey, if all else fails, remember this: at least they're not Charn."
  15. Jessica's currently static Null Blast still lingered in her hands. "So your Hot Topic pals are trying to get Roxas back into their ranks, I'm guessing. Right, now tell us how we undo it."