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  1. Hrm, on the one hand, getting BOTW on the Wii U is the cheaper option, but on the other, I'm more inclined to play on handhelds these days, and my Wii U has been collecting dust for years (still haven't played MK8 or Splatoon despite owning them)...

  2. So the shitty Mega Man cartoon continues to prove itself as shitty.

    1. Forte-Metallix


      I kinda want to go back and watch the Ruby Spears cartoon. At least that show's theme song is tolerable.

    2. Nix


      Overreacting people continue to overreact.

    3. Ryannumber1gamer
    4. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      It's sad that the Mega Man cartoon with genies and lion men that turned people into other lion men is looking to be the more faithful cartoon.

    5. Nix


      so which Mega Man is this supposed to be faithful to again?



      Battle Network?

      It's almost like it's a new take on the character or something in series that has multiple variations of the same character.  Let me grab my pitchfork and torch so I can join the riot.

    6. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      It's meant to be faithful (or at least draws a lot from) the Classic series. I mean, the 8-bit sprite's used in the title.

      And really, if you're going to use the "ooh it's supposed to be a different take" defense, then why don't they just go all-out and make it completely different like Transformers and its multiple brands?

    7. Ryannumber1gamer


      Oh do not even start with that shit. I could use that very same bs argument to defend the Brazil comics that had Roll as a fucking Mary Sue who was naked 80% of the time and is arguably the worst adaption of Mega Man ever as "oh but it's just a different version".

      And for the record, it's very clearly based on the Classic games only bastardising them into total fucking shit. 

    8. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      Besides, it looks like it'll be pretty unremarkable at best no matter what it's trying to be.

      *Ninja'd by Ryan

    9. CottonCandy


      To be fair, isn't the new series suppose to be a different take on megaman? Kinda like what Boom is? So, does it really matter if it's a faithful adaptation or not? 

    10. Ryannumber1gamer



      If I took Sonic, removed a lot of what made him interesting and unique, turned him into a cynical smug prick, would it be alright if I then turned around and said "but it's ok because it's a different version!"?

      And once again, it's very clearly the classic games.

    11. Forte-Metallix


      We're not giving this new show flack because it's different.

      We're doing it because it's bad on its own merit. Between putting a beloved character in school where he doesn't belong, the questionable redesigns, the horrible intro, and the bad animation, this show doesn't look good as an adaptation of an existing IP or on its own merit.

    12. Ryannumber1gamer


      Don't mention the generic kids show tropes that's totally unneeded. It screams of a good idea that was changed by shit. 

      "Well the chart says high school is popular, lets put this character who doesn't fit into it into school! The chart says we need a generic sidekick character! We need a generic catchphrase!" Etc 

    13. CottonCandy



      Honestly, I would say "yes". It would be alright. 

    14. Ryannumber1gamer


      Well I'd disagree because at that point, you're taking a character people like and completely altering him into something unlikable. You can't qualify as a different version of a character when it's not even that character anymore.

    15. Nix


      Don't get me started with this shit.  Ever since this show's been announced it's been a bunch of bitching and moaning about how he looks like Tron and that somehow ruined the series.  Then we got a brief synopsis of the show and everyone cried and complained that his name was Aki and that he goes to school and that somehow ruined the series too because it was "unfaithful".  And how we got a brief clip of a transformation sequence with a cheesy catchphrase and everyone goes on about how that's ruining the series to even though we still have been shown little to fucking nothing.

      It's like how we always joke about the "Sawnik has green eeeeeyes waaaaahh" except now people actually are complaining about it.  People have been overreacting since day one and I'm pretty fucking sick of it.

    16. CottonCandy


      See what your saying. I've seen examples where characters acted differently than their original counterparts. The idea isn't new or a big deal to me personally. 

    17. Ryannumber1gamer


      Yeah, we've been shown absolutely nothing! Except a design that looks incredibly generic, said "brief synopsis" being called out for being the same generic tripe of superhero going to school, a sidekick who isn't needed, already sounds like he had a ear grating voice, or the fact that even the intro animation we were just shown doesn't seem exactly stellar, or the fact that we already know it's 11 minute episodes so we aren't exactly going to be getting some great in-depth story telling. Quote frankly, what the fuck does this have to justify people looking at it optimistically when everything and I mean literally fucking everything is screaming of placing these characters in with elements that doesn't fit and feel generic because there's no confidence in what's already there. Everything else looks like low budget generic shit as a stand alone product, and a shitty adaption as a adaption. So I'm sorry, what reason exactly do we have whatsoever to give this the benefit of the doubt when literally everything about it screams "bad". Name me one, just one aspect of anything from this show that suggests why everything shown and everyone is wrong and it'll actually be amazing.

    18. Nix


      If you're going to act like that, then there's literally nothing I could say that would change yours and everyone else's minds.  I can tell you what I thought though.

      I think Mega Man's design is fine.  The initial drawing was poorly done, but the 3D render we've seen in the transformation sequence looks fine.

      I think the school life idea can be fun too, depending on what exactly they want to do with the setting.

      And get the fuck out of here with that "11 minutes can't have in-depth story telling" trash (and this Mega Man which I'm sure is lauded for its in-depth storytelling).  Some of the best shows out now have 11 minute episodes.

      Oh, and I never said the show was going to be amazing, so it'd be nice if you'd stop putting words in my mouth.  It's possible that this show will be bad, horrible even.  I personally haven't seen anything that would suggest such.

    19. Ryannumber1gamer


      You literally went off on everyone for judging the show based on every single pre-release thing we've gotten. Hyperbole on my part sure, but so is claiming that we shouldn't judge a show based on everything released on it to date. 

      And furthermore, yes, 11 minute stories can do that, but that's in shows like Steven Universe and Adventure Time with a whole bunch of creativity behind them, and had character arcs and relationships span multiple episodes. I somehow doubt the show that starts with "MEGA-IZE ME" and ITS MEGA TIME" and fucking Mega Mini is going to come anywhere near any of the character driven plots we've gotten out of those shows.

    20. Nix


      It's fine to dislike what we have, but I find it tough to actually make a judgement on the show proper when we still have so incredibly little.  People are acting like it's horrible because it's "unfaithful" it is to the series, when it really doesn't look like it's trying to be any of the other variations of Mega Man.  I don't buy it.  We have some character designs, a brief synopsis, and now a transformation sequence.  Man of Action isn't half bad either; Ben 10 and Generator Rex are certainly fine shows too.  I really can't make a proper judgement here when we're missing so much context.  We don't have any ideas of how Aki's relationship with other characters and how he's going to interact with them.  We have a little glimpse of how the action might look towards the end of the transformation sequence, it lacks context, but overall it looks fine.  We don't even know what the setting it going to look like, sure it's going to be school life, but are doing some sort of psuedo cyber town or is just going to be something more grounded like in real life?

      And I don't see why Mega Man can't have character arcs and relationships that span multiple episodes because of some cheesy writing.  Adventure Time has its fair share of cheese too.

      I'm waiting for an episode to actually air before I make any harsh criticisms of it.  It can easily be bad, sure.  But they've really shown nothing to suggest such.  

  3. Which far-too-long film series decayed to the greatest extent: Land Before Time, or Pokémon?

    1. Forte-Metallix


      Land Before Time.

      Those guys are all gasoline by now.

    2. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      The toppest of keks to you, my good sir.

    3. Kiah


      I was thinking more like fossil fuel with Land Before Time but that works too ;) 

    4. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      It doesn't help that after a while they started teasing us with likely doomsday scenarios.

      "Uh oh, those guys are finally gonna get hit by the comet!"

      "Uh oh, the ice age has finally arrived for those guys!"

  4. >tfw you have no idea of how to make music, but then you come across a half-finished track from 2012-ish in WarioWare DIY and it sounds kinda decent

  5. Today I learned Big really likes KnuxRouge:


    1. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude

      Is he doing what I think he's doing?....

    2. Scott


      Big is tugging his "froggy" 

  6. So I just saw some Pokémon Sun and Moon concept art and holy shit Pikachu can't catch a break. (spoilers)




    1. Marcello


      He deserves it.

    2. VEDJ-F



      All the Pikachu abuse.

    3. Ernest-Panda


      Yellow rat's had it good for far too long...

    4. Ferno


      fuq i still gotta beat moon i forgot about that game wtf i am so sorry nintendo

  7. Guys, I think I know what the third gameplay style is.

    Sonic Forces.


    As in, the Force.

    That thing Jedi use with lightsabers.

    Which are swords.


    1. Forte-Metallix


      Featuring Darth Metallix and Omo Chao Kenobi.

    2. SenEDtor Missile

      SenEDtor Missile

      So basically Silver the Hedgehog meets Sonic and the Black Knight.

  8. Just found my old WarioWare DIY cart. Man, I made some weird games with it :U

    1. Forte-Metallix


      Anything based on Sorceress of the Stars?

    2. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      No, this was long before I had the concept in my head.

  9. Over here, there's ten minutes left before it stops being Pi Day. So...


    1. Boomer


      It's never been pie day here though...

    2. Forte-Metallix


      Seems I'm not the only fan of coconut cream pie showers.

  10. So uh, did Firefox's font change or...?

    Like I just restarted my computer and now the font on a lot of websites like YouTube is looking different.

    1. Solister


      For me it's normal. Look if you have some unknown extension. If not, save everything you think important, and try resetting Firefox by clicking here to see a tutorial. If you still having problems, try looking for some unknown program in the Control Panel.

  11. Sometimes I'm amazed at how my art improved over four-ish years.


    1. Forte-Metallix


      Jessica doesn't seem too impressed :V

    2. ShroomZed


      I was in your art topic the other day and I was thinking the same thing tbh. 

    3. Kiah


      Jess' facial expressions...even amid improvements some things never change! :P 

  12. >tfw no-one will ever hear this public domain track the same way ever again

    1. SenEDtor Missile

      SenEDtor Missile

      That is one awesome song...I must have it.


    2. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      Congratulations, you own the unofficial theme song of Digital Homicide :U

    3. SenEDtor Missile

      SenEDtor Missile

      I didn't mean I'd actually buy it, just download it.

    4. Tara


      I mean, the song has probably been used in countless projects.  So it's not fair to associate it solely with Digital Homicide.

  13. Jessica's group had remained silent for quite some time, their situation of powerlessness and threat of death clearly affecting their mental stability. While three of them stared blankly, trying to see Sonia's death as more than just another body on the pile, one of them spoke in a now-rare moment of clarity. Unfortunately, that one was Shade. "To be honest," he said with a resigned shrug and grin, "I never liked Sonia. I mean, I'd sooner listen to Lumina's music than whatever it was that that creature pumped out, and here I thought that outfit of hers looked stupid when it was in pink and white!" If the other three heard him, none of them reacted.
  14. Well at this rate, it looks like I have no reason not to ask for a Switch + BoTW as a birthday present come April.

    1. Dejimon11


      Do you have a PS4? 

  15. Art topic update: